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  2. Bart says

    Now if the governor can sign a bill to give dead white people a chance to vote for up to 20 years after their death, he would be in hog heaven.

    As the Republican party continues to dwindle nationally, the in-fighting between the conservatives, the moderates and the Tea Party crazy, tears it apart, all they have left are ways to limit the voting pool to favor their angry, selfish constituants.

  3. says

    I don’t mind the allegory — voter fraud equals robbery — but guv must know there’s only been one suspected fraud case in North Carolina in the last twelve years. Clearly it’s more truthful to say, “Just because only one dude has been robbed in North Carolina in the last twelve years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock your doors at night.” Because, you know, it kind of DOES.

  4. Walt NYC says

    It amazes me how conservatives howl with disgust when Mayor Bloomberg wants to do away with obscenely large soft drinks, but see a totalitarian megalomaniac like McCrory, who is actually taking tangible rights away from his constituents, as some sort of hero. I moved from NC to NYC some time ago, and I can honestly say I have absolutely no inclination to ever return.

  5. Jack M says

    I guess if you can’t win an election fairly, you have to cheat. Now the GOP can’t complain about other countries rigging their elections.

  6. anon says

    The new law also eliminates early voting on Sunday. So, no more “Souls to the Polls” on Sunday.

    And, NC has the most LAX requirements for absentee voting. This is because the vast majority of those voting absentee are white. Now, please explain how you verify the picture ID of a person voting absentee? Even if you make a copy of your driver’s license and include it with the ballot it doesn’t prove the ID is that of the person who filled out the ballot. People could be filling out ballots for their relative in Nursing homes and no one would ever know.

    The reason they are shortening early voting is because the majority of early voters are democrats and blacks.

    They want likely democratic voters to just decide it’s too much hassle and not bother to vote.

  7. AG says

    It’s entirely normal in most countries to require to present a photo ID at a polling place.

    There are two reasons why Democrats are so opposed to common sense voter ID laws. First, voter fraud. Second and most important, complaining about the voter ID laws stirs up racial tensions in the country. The Democratic party is a racist, race-baiting party that would have stopped being a national party long ago if it hadn’t stirred racial resentment and anti-white racism.

  8. jean says


    You have it backwards. Completely.

    Proving once again, you, like your party, is Brain Dead.

    Take a hike.

  9. Lymis says

    What I honestly don’t understand is why the courts, if they aren’t willing to void these laws outright, don’t interpret them as requiring that the state provide state ID free of charge to anyone who provides the appropriate documentation, and to require that that documentation essentially be the same as what used to let you vote.

    Poll taxes are illegal. Dodges like requiring stamps to vote but charging for the stamp are illegal. Why isn’t requiring someone to pay for an ID they need to vote equally forbidden?

    I acknowledge that it adds a hoop to jump, but if it’s on you can do for free at any point during the year, that lasts five years, it might pass muster.

  10. Hagatha says

    We have had to show a valid ID to vote in Florida as long as I have lived here. California requires ID to vote. What is the big deal?

    Is there something special about black people that they can’t show ID? Do they not show up in mirrors and photographs?

  11. Moz's says


    I can 100% support voter Id

    BUT!!!!! the state must then pay / provide all transport, time off, and time period large enough to make sure all who are eligible to vote are able to get the ID

    Otherwise it is a poll tax if citizens (especially elderly, poor, rural, college students, and minorities)must pay out of their own pocket to comply with such a law

    But cons don’t want to do such because their effort is not fair elections but voter suppresion otherwise if it is truly fair elections then the cons would add the cost to the state in their bills so not a poll tax

  12. Lee says

    MOZ’S its 20 dollars tops 25 its not going to bankrupt anyone and its called a car/bus/your day off everyone gets one. All they are asking for is an ID not the holy grail anyone and everyone can easily get one.

  13. Albert says

    Let’s not get it twisted: a reasonable ID requirement is not onerous. However, NC Repubs have rigged the game, so that only certain IDs qualify. So, for example, college IDs, even issued by a state university, do not meet the requirement. Furthermore, this goes way beyond ID requirements to include outright voter suppression measures, like stripping out same day registration and curtailing early voting. This law is ripe for a constitutional challenge.

  14. Moz's says

    LEE say that to elderly people on fixed incomes in nursing homes

    be honest, if your cause is truly fair elections then cover it thus not a poll tax

    otherwise the real goal is disenfranchisement

  15. Kevin says

    The laws against early registration for 16 and 17 year olds are meant to cut down on out-reach programs meant to register teenagers and prepare them to vote. It’s all part of the ultimate goal: make it more difficult for demographics that lean progressive.

  16. Jason B. says

    I have to have an ID do just about anything. Fly, drive, buy over the counter drugs, cash a check(who does that), pick up someone in a homeland security controlled area. I can go on and on but this is not an onerous requirement. Some of that other stuff in their bill is undoubtably designed to restrict certain voters. If i was running the party in charge and could make rules that gave my side an advantage i wouldnt hesitate. is it fair; no but no one said life and certainly Politics was fair.

    Although, there used to be one day to vote and plenty of Dems were elected back then. I think this is just one side making a raucous to rile up their base.

  17. ratbastard says

    Voter fraud is not a rare occurrence, and it’s not ‘disenfranchisement’ to require legal, picture identification, and to demand a person be able to positively identify themselves, when doing something as important as voting. EVERY person who is old and responsible enough to vote should have proper identification. It’s basically impossible to function as a responsible adult in this or any other advanced or even semi-advanced country without proper identification. And proper ID in the U.S. IS NOT difficult to get, and it’s not expensive [the state of NC is apparently even going to give them away!]…so, what’s the problem? There’s only one group of people who would be angry with laws that require voters prove who they are at the voting booth: those groups and individuals who are interested in voter fraud and maybe have have committed it or assisted in committing it in the past. Another reason is it gives some political groups and those with certain ideologies an excuse to rile up their ‘disinfranchised’ base, and keep them radicalized by pointing to this law as another example of their ‘oppression’. It’s all BS.

    And to those who think this law will ‘disinfranchise’ so-called ‘people of color’, GROW UP…’people of color’ aren’t any more stupid than us translucent people. Most know perfectly well what’s required to function in a modern society, and already have proper identification or can easily get it.


  18. Red says

    Republicans go on and on about loving “democracy”, but their intense zeal to strip voting rights from those who would most likely vote for a Democrat tells a very different story. This is disgusting, un-American and has to be stopped.

  19. ratbastard says

    What!!!! The nerve requiring voters prove who they are and have proper, legal I.D.!!

    Seriously, who the F, what adult old enough to vote, doesn’t have proper, legal I.D.? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to function without it.

  20. ratbastard says


    ‘Outreach’ programs are designed to one thing only: Get warm bodies [i.e. so-called low information voters] into the polls after instructing them how and who they should vote for. Both major political parties do this. If Democrats and ‘progressives’ rely so heavily on ‘outreach’ programs aimed at ‘low information’ voters, there’s a big problem here.

  21. ratbastard says


    Democratic machines and ‘progressives’ need to get those disinfranchised elderly people in nursing homes proper I.D., so they can vote. Problem solved.

  22. ratbastard says

    NC has ‘lax’ absentee voting laws because it has a HUGE number of military personnel who are often posted all over the world, but based in NC. It’s an issue unique to a small handful of states, mostly southern.

  23. SamIam says

    If you can’t manage to get an ID, you don’t deserve to vote. You should be able to identify yourself. If you can’t handle it, you’re a wasted vote anyway.

  24. Sean says

    People need IDs to board a plane, to enter another country, to buy alcohol or cigarettes, and a zillion other reasons.

    If you don’t drive or can’t afford a car, you don’t HAVE to get get license. You can still get a govt-issued ID.

    That being said, it you don’t have ONE form of ID, my guess if you’re pretty lazy or stupid or both.

  25. Albert says

    You have to also wonder why Repubs have done nothing to tighten up the use of absentee voting. Wouldn’t be subject to fraud? How would you require ID for that? Oh, let me guess, Repub voters tend to use absentee ballots more often, so no problem there, right??

  26. kodiak says

    Why don’t they just make it illegal for non republicans to vote? Voila! Problem solved!

  27. JohnAGJ says

    Not seeing what the big deal is about requiring ID. NC even offers a state ID for free if one is needed. If you can catch a ride to the polls you can do likewise to the DMV. As for the rest, not sure. Early voting in person seems odd to me regardless, kind of defeats te purpose of having an Election Day.

  28. Moz's says

    Hagatha, samiam, rick, ratbastard, etc etc etc ( all same person whoever you are)

    Wallace was a DIXIECRAT and as the dixie crats were chased out of the party they took over the repubs and are destroying the party of lincoln

    I think it was Barbara Boxer who said “we got rid of our crazy dixiecrats and sorry repubs they have now taken you over and driven you insane”…or some such

  29. Lee says

    MOZ’S my grandparents are in their 70’s and live off just social security and savings but even they have a frickig drivers license.

  30. Hagatha says

    Moz – “Wallace was a DIXIECRAT and as the dixie crats were chased out of the party ”

    Incorrect and incorrect. Wallace was a Democrat and did not walk out on the convention with the “Dixiecrats” in 1948. These words have meanings. Look them up before repeating what you think you know.

  31. Hagatha says

    Oh, and Barbara Boxer is hardly someone to hold up as an example of a fine American. Her contempt for the Constitution is documented.

  32. jjasonham says

    What in the world are you people talking about? There was never a time you could vote in NC without an ID, so try to make the point that there before this bill anyone could vote without one. BS argument. Not having a driver’s ID is no reason to be deprived of your right as a citizen to vote. Just because many people have them means anyone who doesn’t is any less of a citizen.

    #2… There is no justification for reducing the amount of time to vote, ending pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds through a student civics program, eliminating state registration drives, etc. Can you explain to me how that “helps” anyone but the people who put through the bill?

  33. jjasonham says

    In the first paragraph above: justifying the choice to limit qualifying ID’s by saying ID’s are good is a straw man argument. NC has always required ID’s for registration and voting.

  34. common sense says

    Wait a second…when i go into Walmart to return a pair of pants I need to
    show my drivers license. Why wouldn’t I have to show ID to Vote? NO ONE is stopping minorities from getting a state ID by showing legal documents that they are US citizens. If they are NOT us taxpaying citizens…they have NO RIGHT to vote. Voting is a privilege of citizenship. I don’t go to China and tell them I have a right to vote. I’d be shot. There is becoming NO point of being a citizen anymore. Non-citizens are getting all the rights and privileges over time and DON”T have to pay taxes. Soon…illegals will have the same rights as taxpayers. of the last few things left for taxpayers…is the right to vote. We have already given illegals free medical..and TONS of other taxpayer funded services…at least let us keep the right to vote to taxpayers and law abiding citizens. And let’s make this more simplistic…what is to stop people from other states coming in to vote for people who don’t show up if a state doesn’t require id to make sure the real person is voting? person can go around to every voting district and vote 100 times and no one would know or be able to stop them.

  35. Carlie says


    What is lazy and stupid is your comment.

    In states like North Carolina, birth certificates, required to get voter IDs, have not always been universal. Therefore, many residents do not have one.

    There are many residents of Pennsylvania, for example (who BTW have successful lives, successful careers, successful offspring, etc.) born in NC who do not have birth certificates. They, in order to get a PA voter ID, have to hire an NC attorney to petition a NC court to issue an ex post facto birth cert.

  36. Carlie says

    Voter fraud is a myth. PA, for example, conceded that fact when they were sued. They stipulated that that there had been zero documented cases of voter fraud in the commonwealth when they enacted their voter ID requirement.

    PA enacted a law that would affect, at a minimum, tens of thousands of voters, to solve a problem they admit did not exist.