NYC Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn Objects to Assertion by Rival’s Wife That She Can’t Relate to Mothers

NYC City Council speaker Christine Quinn issued a statement this morning following remarks by rival Democratic mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray, in a column published by Maureen Dowd.

DeblasioWrote Dowd in the column:

At the Good Times coffee shop in Greenwich Village on Monday, de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, sat down to talk, pleased that they were no longer “laboring in the vineyard,” as the candidate dryly put it.

Asked why Quinn was not rallying women, McCray, a mother of two, replied. “She’s not accessible. She’s not the kind of person I feel I can go up to and talk to about issues like taking care of children at a young age and paid sick leave.”

Last spring, McCray did an interview with Essence magazine about her feelings about being a black lesbian who fell in love with a white heterosexual, back in 1991, when she worked for the New York Commission on Human Rights and wore African clothing and a nose ring and he was an aide to then-Mayor David Dinkins. With her husband, she was also interviewed by the press in December and was asked if she was no longer a lesbian, and she answered ambiguously: “I am married. I have two children. Sexuality is a fluid thing, and it’s personal. I don’t even understand the question, quite frankly.”

QuinnSaid Quinn in a statement today:

“There are women all across the City who don’t have children for any number of reasons, whether they simply can’t, choose not to, or circumstances don’t afford them the possibility. I have taken a number of shots in this race from the men running against me, and I accept that as par for the course in a political campaign. But to criticize me as not understanding what young families go through because I might not have children, is over the line and I take great personal offense to the comment, as does my wife. As young teenage girls, both my wife and I lost our mothers and the decision to have children is a deep and personal one that we should be afforded the opportunity to make, without aspersion.

Here’s what I know about raising a young family: I know that young families struggle every day to provide for their kids, make sure they have a good education, and can afford to give them everything they need. It’s why I led the fight for mandatory kindergarten city-wide, it’s why I increased the number of pre-K slots available in New York City, it’s why I have been a staunch advocate for ensuring that children get access to breakfast at school, and it’s why I have made reforming our public education system one of the cornerstones of my campaign.

I have spoken fondly of Ms. McCray and Mr. de Blasio’s family. It’s unfortunate that they cannot do the same about mine –no matter how different it might be from theirs. But for anyone who is interested, I have a large, loving family of Catullo's and Quinn's, with 10 nieces and nephews who I absolutely adore, like they're my own."

Recent polls show Quinn and De Blasio in a dead heat.


The NYT has now updated the Dowd column with a longer quote from McCray, presumably in response to the headlines it created.

They write:

An earlier version of this column incorrectly quoted a response by Chirlane McCray, the wife of Bill de Blasio to a question about Christine Quinn. The column has  been updated to reflect the full response.

And update the quote:

Asked why Quinn was not rallying women, McCray, a mother of two, replied: “Well I am a woman, and she is not speaking to the issues I care about and I think a lot of women feel the same way. I don’t see her speaking to the concerns of women who have to take care of children at a young age or send them to school and after school, paid sick days, workplace, she is not speaking to any of those issues.  What can I say?  And she is not accessible, she is not the kind of person who you can talk to and go up to and have a conversation with about those things, and I suspect that other women feel the same thing I’m feeling.”


  1. andrew says

    NYC politics is so much fun. You have a heterosexual white guy married to a black lesbian who is running against a white lesbian and another white guy who likes to show photos of his junk to women on line. The noise you hear in the background are the heads of good old boys in Alabama exploding!

  2. Ryan Hartley says

    All I know is whenever gay people in New York City are attacked it is Christine Quinn who is front and center raising her voice against the sick homophobia that permeates our society. If we want something done about Homophobic violence in NYC we need to make sure we put Mayor Quinn in City Hall.

  3. ratbastard says

    De Blasio’s birth name is Warren Wilhelm. He changed it to William De Blasio because he claims he wanted to honor his mother, who raised him after his father returned from WW2 and went into a downward spiral. I suspect Mr. De Blasio had other reasons for changing his name to something more ‘ethnic’. But other than that he’s a typical Cambridge/Boston [where he comes from] ‘progressive’. Watch out, NY. I don’t trust this guy.

    And the snark from Ms. McCray was unnecessary. This comes from a person who is hardly a huge fan of Christine Quinn.

  4. Matt says

    I would say that both de Blasio’s wife and Quinn’s wife have been distractions to the campaign and a detriment to their spouses with the things they have said. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to avoid being needlessly inflamatory.

  5. WillowBay says

    The truth hurts, Chris. You’re not only unacessible, you’re also unlikable & unrelatable. Now let’s discuss the truth regarding term limits, hospitals, paid sick leave, and your fancy real estate friends. No LGBTQ person I know is voting for her. She is not the one to break the female/lgbt barrier and, besides, that’s a dead issue. The people want some empathy after the Quinnberg years and we’re going to get it.

  6. David says

    Unfortunately, there’s no way I’ll be able to support Quinn until she makes it clear that Stop and Frisk would end under her, as de Blasio has, and that she’ll also be getting rid of Ray Kelly.

  7. David says

    Unfortunately, there’s no way I’ll be able to support Quinn until she makes it very clear that Stop and Frisk would end if she were Mayor, as de Blasio has, and that Ray Kelly would immediately lose his job.

  8. ratbastard says

    and David,

    What NYC police do with stop and frisk PALES by comparison to what police in Paris can do [they can and do sweeps of the streets of ‘undesirables’, without charge and hold them legally for two weeks at a time. And everybody in France must have national ID on them at all times and be ready to show it to police if asked.

    British police also have draconian methods unavailable to American police.

    The progressive, social democratic European democracies would never tolerate the level of violent crime we in America tolerate. You want to go back to NYC having 2000 murders a year, MOST committed by young urban youth, good luck to you,pal.

  9. Billy says

    There is a huge population of anti-gay immigrants in nyc. I’m sure Ms. De Blasio isn’t anti-gay but WAY TO PLAY INTO THEIR HANDS.

    I’ll be voting for Quinn.

  10. David says

    No, Ratabstard, I don’t want more crime and fortunately there is absolutely no correlation between Stop and Frisk and crime rates in NY. I also value all of our constitutional rights, unlike you, who would prefer that they only apply to white men.

  11. keating says

    Can’t believe anybody would say they know no LGBT person who is voting for Quinn. Such a person lives in a bubble. I know lots of LGBT people who are voting for her. And I know a lot of LGBT people who are voting for de Blasio. And a few who are voting for Thompson. LGBT people aren’t a monolithic block.

  12. Hey Darlin' says

    There are scores of people without children or grown children for that matter who still pay taxes for the people with children, without getting a benefit from our tax dollars at all. I call it even. You chose to have your children, they aren’t to be used a defense against someone who chose not to subject theirs to the hostile environment YOU are creating Ms. De Blasio.

  13. Brian1 says


    Liberal progressive europe doesn’t tolerate the level of US violence because it doesn’t have to. That’s due to strict gun control laws naturally resulting in much lower murder rates, not because of any mythical “draconian methods” of policing. Almost every sentence in your little summary of European policing is a lie, which you somehow think will sound true if you say it very authoritatively.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    I’m too busy to post comments today. Yes, I’m actually working for my employer today (unbelievable, I know?). But two things I wanted to say to Ratbastard.


    I’ve read that the crime rate in New York started to go down before Bloomberg made Stop & Frisk an official policy of the NYPD.

    And think of this: Stop and Frisk has been going on by police officers for decades. But there was no one who was going to sue the police–especially minority youth.

    Once Bloomberg made Stop & Frisk an OFFICIAL police policy he gave us liberals (ACLU, NAACP, etc) someone (something) to take to federal court: the city of New York.

    Sometimes men who are running for president do stupid things to get that “law and order” or “tough on crime” vote.

  15. says

    My fellow gays benefit the most from stop and frisk but would rather take a back seat to the NAACP and race hustlers. That’s back of the bus for you. No matter what lies your hetero masters feed you, stop and frisk has brought down crime. Just connect the dots.

  16. ratbastard says


    Guess what? With a few exceptions Europe doesn’t have quite the extreme level of diversity we have in the U.S. Even the UK, arguably the most multicultural and multiracial in Europe, is still something like 90% white and British [or Irish, European descent people]. But even there they have very serious violent crime problems and assaults. You are correct in saying the difficulty in getting handguns [not so much rifles; even in the U.S. the overwhelming majority of firearm related violent crime is committed with guns] keeps their ‘gun violence’ and murder rate low, but they do have a very serious violent crime rate other than that.

    In France and elsewhere, they do indeed have serious violent crime problems in their ‘ghetto’ areas, which is often not located in the city proper but in a surrounding ‘poor’ suburban town.

    THE VAST MAJORITY of violent crimes including murders committed with guns [mostly guns, very few rifles] in the U.S. is committed with ILLEGAL firearms. THIS IS A FACT. The U.S. is a huge country compared to much smaller European countries [minus of course Russia], and has established laws that allow law abiding people to legally own firearms. This only becomes a problem in mostly urban areas, among mostly ‘urban youth’ with illegal guns. This is the problem that needs to be addressed, not harass legal and law abiding firearm owners. A prime example is the latest outrage committed by some alleged b’bored’ urban youth in Oklahoma [urban wannabe gangsters], who decided to drive around and find somebody to shoot and kill…for fun. They did, killing an Australian baseball player living in the U.S., who was out jogging. Google it if you want more info.

    It is impossible to seize all the firearms owned by citizens in the U.S. Why aren’t they combating this violence by targeting the main offending group? Yeah, I can hear some of you choking on your latte and biscotti. Too bad.

    EVERYBODY reading this, who is American, knows perfectly well what the problem is.

  17. ratbastard says

    In case some of you latte-sippers are too dense to get it, the problem is black people. Black men with their big penises are responsible for killing my father in a freak gang-bang gone wrong and I’ll never forgive the well-hung black community for robbing me of my father, who was the best piece of tail I ever had. Also, the only piece of tail I’ve ever had. His love of black penis may have been my dad’s downfall, but it won’t be mine!

  18. ratbastard says

    In case some of you latte-sippers are too dense to get it, the problem is black people. Black men with their big penises are responsible for killing my father in a freak gang-bang gone wrong and I’ll never forgive the well-hung black community for robbing me of my father, who was the best piece of tail I ever had. Also, the only piece of tail I’ve ever had. His love of black penis may have been my dad’s downfall, but it won’t be mine!

    POSTED BY: RATBASTARD | AUG 21, 2013 3:39:35 PM


    The above is courtesy of Little Kiwi, AKA Raymond Miller.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “My fellow gays benefit the most from stop and frisk but would rather take a back seat to the NAACP and race hustlers.”

    Race hustling? Well, isn’t that what Mayor Bloomberg did with Stop & Frisk. Trying to appeal to a certain (as Ratbastard would say) DEMOGRAPHIC. That’s hustling too.

  20. Brian1 says


    Sorry I think you misunderstood me. I wasn’t responding to your well known hatred of blacks, I was responding to the various errors in your post about the draconian police tactics in Europe vs the US and the resulting crime rates.

    Stripping out the racist stuff, your post seems to argue that Europe is just as violent, just not as murder-y, as the US. If that’s your case, then you just completely argued against your first point, which was that Europe’s draconian police tactics are responsible for the lower crime rate. Seems much more likely given the “facts” you’ve presented, that police tactics make no difference between europe and the US, but that availability of guns explains the murder rate differential. Which was exactly my point.

  21. Tim says

    What Ms. McCray said was completely true. She was asked a question and answered it honestly. Shocking, I know. Christine Quinn does not care about the average New Yorker, she cares about herself and the sleazy politicians she surrounds herself with. Just look at her work to abolish term limits so Bloomberg could get a third term. Also look at when she secretly funneled money to organizations that helped fund her previous campaign. I don’t care if she’s “one of us”, she is corrupt, self-serving, and honestly sucks.

    De Blasio is our best bet for a truly progressive mayor (the only candidate raising taxes on those making upwards of 500,000 to fund universal pre-k and after school programs, ending stop & frisk, and getting rid of Ray Kelly). He’s a friend of LGBTs as well.

  22. Ken says

    Something tells me the right wing is going to get a lot of mileage out of this “ex-lesbian” as fist lady of New York City. And DeBlasio looks like the clear front runner. I can hear them already, see, this proves it’s a choice……

  23. walter says

    so does that mean deblasio’s wife can’t relate to caucasian mothers or to hispanic mothers . her statements are no less bigoted if somebody attacked their interracial marriage. she should remember it wasn’t that long ago that her marriage was illegal.

  24. Tim says

    As City Council Speaker, Quinn eliminated Teacher’s Choice, the stipend that teachers received to purchase classroom supplies. Last year, she revived it, but giving only $45, which isn’t enough to buy the supplies mandated, or supplies to help with Common Core. But she had enough City Council funds to bribe the City Council members to vote for things SHE needed.

  25. j says

    it seems pretty clear what fluid ex gay wifey is saying –
    it’s the classic that is pulled time and again against the childfree –
    “you don’t understand you don;t have kids” submessage: you are a big lesbo dyke – and I dumped the lesbo life along with my african garb for a passport to the land of straight privilege. I married a man and procreated – you never did and you just don’t get it –
    the full quote is just as bad – not sure why the times felt the need for a clarification

  26. andrew says

    Can TOWLEROAD do nothing to make this blog a more respectable place for legitimate discussions? A good place to start would be by preventing Little Kiwi from posting vile sexual comments about people he disagrees with. And prevent the anti-Kiwi people from posting things in his name. I don’t recommend this site to my friends because it makes gay people look immature at best and sickos at worst.

  27. chris says

    Wow, I think people are really misinterpreting her statement. I don’t think it’s meant to be homophobic at all. Quinn is not speaking to these issues, because she is not about working people. She is like Bloomberg, who only cares about the wealthy elite. McCray did not say that it’s because Quinn does not have children. Quinn has been against paid sick leave. Yes, NYC has become much safer, but it has also become extremely boring compared to what it once was. If you want to have a city that is only for the rich and successful, then Christine is your girl. I personally would prefer to have a little edge back, and with that some of the creativity and vitality that 1st brought me to NYC.

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