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NYT Endorses Corey Johnson, Mel Wymore, Carlos Menchaca in City Council Race

The NYT made some endorsements of LGBT candidates yesterday in the NYC City Council race.

JohnsonAs a resident of District 3, I enthusiastically agree with the Times' endorsement of Corey Johnson, a former contributor to Towleroad, and the strongest candidate in this race.

MANHATTAN’S DISTRICT 3 (Chelsea, the West Village and Clinton): In this race to replace Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is now in the race for mayor, Corey Johnson, a gay rights activist and community board chairman, is running against Yetta Kurland, a civil rights lawyer. Mr. Johnson, who has worked in public relations, has helped tenants faced with eviction by landlords who wanted to raise rents. He has been involved in bringing public schools to the neighborhood and fought to scale back growth in commercial developments that threatened to overwhelm the area. These accomplishments make him a better choice. We recommend Corey Johnson for this seat.

WymoreMANHATTAN’S DISTRICT 6 (Upper West Side): There are plenty of good candidates in this race to replace Gale Brewer, now running for Manhattan borough president. They include Helen Rosenthal, a former official in the city budget office; Marc Landis, a lawyer and Democratic Party leader; the education activist Noah Gotbaum; Debra Cooper, an advocate for women’s issues; and Ken Biberaj, a businessman. But the leader in this field is Mel Wymore, who in recent years has headed the local community board and the West Side Y. Mr. Wymore, a systems engineer and entrepreneur, was instrumental in persuading a developer to build a large school as part of a housing project, and he helped develop new zoning regulations that limited the ground-floor width of stores to help small shops survive. We prefer Mr. Wymore in this race.

MenchacaBROOKLYN DISTRICT 38 (Red Hook and Sunset Park): This race is between the incumbent, Sara González, whose enthusiasm for the job seems to have waned, and Carlos Menchaca, a 32-year-old Mexican-American who has worked in city government over the last decade. Ms. Gonzalez has had a spotty attendance record and very few legislative successes in her 11 years on the job. Mr. Menchaca, who grew up in public housing in Texas, promises to work for better public housing in his district and to improve schools, especially after-school programs. When Hurricane Sandy flooded much of this district, Mr. Menchaca energetically organized volunteers. We endorse Mr. Menchaca.

Check out all the NYT endorsements here.

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  1. IMO, Correy Johnson is a bad role model. He came out early in a positive environment and had plenty of access to information about HIV and safer sex. He understood the magnitude of the problem and the importance of safeguarding one's health. But even with all that information and support and even 3 decades after we first learned about HIV, he got infected anyway.

    And until the news came out in the election, he never talked about it or used it as a way to teach young people to avoid his mistakes.

    In fact, he now tries to use his HIV status as some sort of reason to vote for him, like getting, and possibly spreading, a deadly virus is a sign of good character. Very warped. Hope he loses.

    Posted by: Ben Chait | Aug 31, 2013 3:14:13 PM

  2. Ben Chait: Really? Reality is not black or white. Is it sad that he's HIV+? Yes, but it doesn't means he's a bad person. Also, while this guy's super cool ( I mean, coming out while on the Football team in high school, shouldn't his policies be what makes you vote for him, not anything else?

    Posted by: Rorty | Aug 31, 2013 3:28:04 PM

  3. There are numerous reasons to vote against Corey Johnson. Don't bring his HIV status into it. Yetta Kurland is far more qualified, much smarter, and more knowledgeable about the issues in the district. However, she had the cojones to run against Christine Quinn, and all of Quinn's henchmen are out to get her and put Johnson in instead. The wrath of Christine is loud and powerful, and even though she will not become mayor, she still has a lot of power.

    Posted by: bravo | Aug 31, 2013 9:23:30 PM

  4. Was on the phone with Lisa who's working the phones for Yetta..we were talking for at least 20 minutes and then I realized I already knew Yetta from her emails...Yetta did so much for the Sandy victims, the St Vincent's rallies & much more..wish she was running for mayor this year.. that girl is always on the move and she reports back via emails with her contributions to this community and to some not living here...

    Posted by: Tony C | Sep 1, 2013 2:16:44 AM

  5. I have to agree with other commenters about Johnson. He has been promoted by the Quinn machine and represents a continuation of that inbred, career politician that fills city hall. It will continue a lot of quid pro quo policies that have caused the Chelsea area to become overtly real estate friendly to the detriment of the inhabitants. He represents the kind of candidate motivated by ambition over the well-being of his constituents. Just knowing he's officially supported by Wall Street and real estate entities should make anyone concerned about the future of the neighborhood question his motives. Yetta Kurland represents a true break from the Bloomberg mafia. She's smart, capable, and has a proven track record of working on concerns that make a neighborhood better for the residents, not just the businesses that hope to take advantage of the residents. She represents sustainable, healthy, smart growth for the neighborhoods she would serve. And now the Johnson campaign is sending out nasty, heresay postcards about Kurland. I wouldn't vote for someone who does that.

    Posted by: Countervail | Sep 1, 2013 1:22:32 PM

  6. Countervail - I think you are right re. Johnson. However, Johnson is cute and is running in Chelsea. People know him and like him. I fear that he will win over Yetta Kurland, a much better candidate who would be a moral and intellectual leader on the council instead of being a legislative barback.

    Posted by: bravo | Sep 1, 2013 9:36:16 PM

  7. Carlos would be a more pro tenants' rights council member than CM Gonzalez.

    I want an engineer with problem solving abilities and pro small business builder as council member like Mel elected to the Council in November.

    Posted by: rensen | Sep 4, 2013 6:44:15 PM

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