1. Moz's says

    Gregory so to would Peter the great and Cathrine the great

    Peter tried to wrest power away from the orthodox church by not appointing a new head when it was time and instead empowered a group to spread out its power (and cause trouble between the group members to debate and fight each other)

    Cathrine went after by confiscating church property and monasteries…when she came to power there were close to 4,000 monasteries and when died there were only about 1,500. She redistributed the land holdings, spent the wealth on of course strengtheing and expanding the russian military but also to open public schools

    both would be turnging over in their graves because of how putin has sold himself to the church and thus strengthened it to get legitimacy to rule

  2. Moz's says

    Oh & PS

    Both Peter & Catherine considered russia backwards and barabaric with european customs and systems being far superior and enlightened. Catherine especially tried to modernize russia and complained in correspondence to Voltaire of how backwards russia was but step by slow step she was bringing russia into the modern world

  3. gb says

    “insulting the religious sensitivities of believers,”
    So does this law mean Orthodox Christians can’t insult Muslims,Muslims can’t insult Jews,Hindu’s can’t insult Sikhs,on and on and on? Isn’t that the pasttime of religions, to insult one another? Or is this law for the benefit of Orthodox Christians only.Nothing Christian about this.

  4. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Moz’s – I was actually thinking of the 70+ years that Russia was officially atheist, and all of the anti-atheist measures taken by the US — adding “In God We Trust” to money and “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance, among other things — as part of the Cold War. But yeah, your examples work, too.

    Russian culture is just bizarre, at least to this American. Russia was the last country in Europe to eliminate bound serfdom, and all three of the government systems they’ve had in the last century were totalitarian and absolutist. With the growing power of the Russian Orthodox Church, I don’t think an Iran-style revolution is very far off.

    Hail the new Czar, same as the old Czar.

  5. Moz's says


    yeah assumed you were talking about USSR times but wanted to point out that the battle with the Orthodox church for power , enlightening the people, etc goes much farther back than that

    and yeah, Russia seems to have an inherent cultural bias towards totalitarian and absolutist systems……One can conjecture that it might have to do with the people having to be more unified under a strong leader due to mongol invasion of RUS, harsh winters, etc

    history and environment creating such a situation in the long term cultural psyche of the people

  6. woodroad34d says

    What happens when childish religious folks, who obviously realize that religion is a falshood and feel ashamed of themselves, have to resort to bashing everyone into believing their fairytales. This is what religion is all about–brutality, egocentrism,and politics. Nothing godly here; keep moving along.

  7. DannyEastVillage says

    How DARE you make fun of the Stupidity of the former Soviet Union–I mean, the KGB–I mean Putin–I mean Russia–I mean–goddam who ARE these people?? They’re just like a bunch of teabagger idiots, smugly self-satisfied with their own ignorance and cluelessness.

  8. PastafarianTodd says

    Pastafarians are practicing a legitimate religion. We have ordained priests and priestesses, we preform weddings, we have ceremonies. And we have just as much a right to practice our religion as we see fit as anyone does.

    My heart swells with Alfredo when I see my brave and noble Pastafarian Russian Brothers and Sisters confronted by malignancy, hate, and anger, as they maintain their Holiest of composure in the face of potential great physical threat and harm.

    Watch the videos and see for yourselves how they exude Pastafarian Kindness and Good Cheer ! I have never been so proud of my religion !

  9. MickyFlip says

    Pasta-farian?? Uh…I don’t know. I mean…I keep thinking some Jamaican Spaghetti dish. Or Dreadlocks made out of pasta noodles. At least the Rasta’s had ganja to back them up. What do Pasta’s have besides a spaghetti gimmick??

  10. Curlyhammad says

    I lived in Moscow in 1995 when Mormons, Krishnas, and other “religious” groups were running all around trying to find converts. Finally, Russia decided to send them all packing and make the Orthodox Church the only acceptable superstition.
    If you want to see something silly, look at the Patriarch’s costume and big hat. It is far sillier than a colander full of spaghetti.

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