And in some Spanish dialects “putin” means “little f4gg0t”. The jokes were on long time ago when his name was first known. I guess they get ironically relevant again.

  2. Bill says

    Also check out

    It’s a scene from “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”. After a performance, Holmes gets a request from the head of the ballet for a meeting with their prima ballerina, and it turns out she just wants Holmes for mating material. He suggests Tchaikowsky, but is told that women are not Tchaikowsky’s cup of tea. To get rid of her, Holmes suggests the same about him and Watson.

    Meanwhile, Watson is having a ball dancing with the ballerinas. But then the director tells one of the ballerinas and rumors start to fly. Then the male dancers hear them and react, shall we say, a bit differently. What follows is hilarious.