1. Mike in the tundra says

    I just had a great laugh. Google ads will pick out information on a page to determine what ads to place. Well, I have a google ad for depends showing up.

  2. woodroad34d says

    @PLAINTOM — exactly…

    I’m sure her son feels personally offended by her personal offense and her whole venal and acidic attitude. The trouble is, she’s so mean that she’ll live a long and unfruitful life on just her meanness alone.

  3. UFFDA says

    No no no Miss Shabby, it isn’t the hate in his heart, it’s the hate he has noted among the the homophobic far right. It has nothing to do with his heart. It’s yours, or somebody who’s pretty much like you…your hearts are noted for their intolerance, which is real nasty! Get out of your glass house.

  4. James in Hollywood says

    What a putrid little brain this lady possesses, to trash gay people and deny trashing them. She’s such a butthole! There seems to be a very small but growing list of people whose deaths I will celebrate when their time comes. I never thought I would be that person, then along comes Phyllis.

  5. Anonymous says

    Normally it’s not right to speak ill if the dead. However, when she croaks I’ll sing a nice chorus of “Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead.”

  6. Steve Talbert says

    She’s right. A lot of gay people won’t get married, and they deserve respect for that. They’ve preached for so long about bad parenting making people gay that it’s the cross she has to bear..

  7. Steve Talbert says

    She’s right. A lot of gay people won’t get married, and they deserve respect for that. They’ve preached for so long about bad parenting making people gay that it’s the cross she has to bear..

  8. Kenneth says

    I’m deeply insulted that SiPhyllis Shitfly thinks anyone is stupid enough to buy her bs. I’m even more offended that she has a platform on which to try and sell it.

  9. Brad says

    No animus? Let’s roll the tape: “Congress decided to reflect and honor a collective moral judgment and to express moral disapproval of homosexuality.”

  10. Adam says

    ” … the idea that anybody who stood up for traditional marriage is guilty of all th …”

    If any of these wingnuts ever ONCE STOOD-UP for their “traditional marriage”, it would be the FIRST time. They have never done anything other than attack marriage for same sex couples.

  11. David says

    Justice Kennedy didn’t actually say all those things in his decision. But – Phyllis, honey – for the most part you just described yourself.

  12. Brian says

    I agree with Phyllis about most gay men not wanting to get married. The figures prove it.

    However, Phyllis’s real fear isn’t so much to do with homosexuality as it is with men in general. As a woman, she fears men and their power. Two men together in a loving embrace doubles male power. Her fear of us stems from the fear of men.

    This is why she obsesses with male homosexuality.

  13. Mary says

    All Phyllis really said was that people who take her political position don’t all have an animus toward gay people. And I know this for a fact because until not too long ago I took the same positions Phyllis does. Most people on the right are afraid of social change because it is in the nature of conservatives to be skeptical about policies that change society. The truth is that most people on the right gave little thought to gays (in either the good way or the bad way) before gay rights emerged as an issue in national elections in the 1980’s.

    I know that people are aren’t going to like Phyllis – understandably. But she really isn’t as bad as you think. She is close to her gay son. She could have disowned him or distanced herself from him. This is a woman born in 1926, after all.

  14. StevyD says

    Well finnally she knows how I’ve felt about her since the 1970s when she was the organizer of the “STOP ERA” campaign. She gives total meaning to the fact that the good die young and the bad go on for ever. She’s nothing more than a trogloditic coprolite.

  15. Bubba says

    Phyllis, why didn’t you say so? We didn’t know you would be so insulted when we got the same rights as you. OK boys, give ’em back. Don’t want to inconvenience Phyllis.

  16. Kenneth says

    Oh great, mary the apologist is back. Sorry, you are wrong, she is as bad as we think. She doesn’t think her son is equal, she doesn’t want him to be equal, she has actively and publicly spouted her nonsense in her effort to keep her son a lesser man than total strangers. I don’t know what world you live in, but in my world that cannot be described as “close.” In fact, she may as well have disowned him, because she has and continues to discount him – as a human, as an equal, as capable of true, honest and open love. Please stop trying to equate conservatism and hate, it is insulting and disingenuous.

    Thanks Jonna, I thought it had a nice ring.

  17. nick says

    Aunt Blabby (apologies to Jonathan Winters) needs to get her depends changed and call for a prayer circle as she is known to do- to pray away the gay….. perhaps Franklin Graham can help if he isn’t attending a National Socialist Party meeting.

  18. Onnyjay says

    Why does anybody — including T’road — give that demented old hag a second thought? Time to let someone with a functioning cerebral cortex have the floor while Phyl gets ready for the long dirt nap. Old conservatards never die, they just go on each other’s two-bit radio spots. Next thing you know she’ll be chatting up Rush Windbag and Shawn Vanity. Zzzzz, wake me when it’s over.

  19. Paul says

    This creature has been making trouble since the ’70’s when she managed to kill the ERA protecting women. She hates everyone and she’s supposedly a “constitutional lawyer”.

  20. GRivera says

    YEAH!!! An Anti- Christian RULING!!! They have made homosexuals life miserable for centuries. SCREW THOSE CHRISTIANS! They choose those stupid stories to live their ridiculous lives by! I know, I was born a homosexual. That tops their fairy tale god any day! GO AWAY! YOU ARE THE FREAKS NOW.

  21. Bill says

    As they say, men are from Mars and Phyllis Schafly deserves to live on the surface of Venus, which is jokingly described as hotter than the Biblical Hell.

    At least she won’t need a sweater to stay warm in her old age. It’s dry there too – the sulfuric acid rain evaporates before reaching the surface.

  22. disgusted american says

    .she proves that ONLY the good die young….the old hag aka CRONE of CALDOR (bewitched reference) … what a pathetic sad dried up woman

  23. ThomT says

    I feel “personally insulted” that Phyllis Schlafly, the mother of a gay son, is still out their pandering to the wingnuts to keep her son a second class citizen. The woman is older than dirt and so are all of her ideas. Believe me, she’s only in it for the money because she’s way to old to change careers now. Phyllis, you’re losing the battle and need to retire.

  24. ThomT says

    August 15th is Phyllis Schlafly’s 89th birthday. Hopefully this will be Ms. Schlafy’s last. So many good people die so young yet people like Schlafy and Pat Robertson just seem to live forever – maybe God doesn’t want them either.

  25. db says

    Poor dear. She feels personally insulted? Poor thing–she has such tender feelings.

    It’s amazing coming from someone who has said the kind of vile crap this harpy has been spouting for decades.

  26. anon says

    If ever you interview convicts after their conviction, they fall into two groups: the judge was doing his job or I got railroaded. PS falls into the latter category, unable to see her own guilt or the collective guilt of conservatives over the years and drowning in a sense of personal injustice at the hands of the “system”. Her reaction is just emotionally self-serving. The real thrust of the issue is whether or not this message of clear animus has made it out to the broader public and in a sense she is spreading that message despite herself.

  27. jamal49 says

    Phyllis, honey, I’ve felt personally insulted by you for years, mainly the fact the you exist at all.

    But, Phyllis, I regret to inform you that your comments pretty much encapsulated Justice Kennedy’s on-the-mark reasoning for DOMA being overturned.

    You’re a hater, Phyllis. Own up to it. Then, deal with it.

  28. Jimmy Palmieri says


  29. SoLeftImRight says

    Oh Phyllis, you dried up old c*nt, it’s all about you, isn’t it? Personally offended? Yeah, well I was personally offended when the president I voted for signed DOMA, in a rather bigger way, I would imagine, that you have been offended by its repeal.

    This hate-filled b!tch is on the list with Jesse Helms and Jerry Falwell…it will be a happy day when her poison-filled heart stops beating.

  30. andrew says

    The nearly endless list of hateful, vile, vulgar and mean spirited post about the bigoted Schlafly is depressing. We are winning the debates on LGBT Equality on the merits of our cause. We are winning on the high ground guys. You don’t have to tear everybody you disagree with a new a**hole!

  31. Mary says

    Kenneth, you accuse me of equating conservatism with hate, but what I was trying to do was just the opposite. It is true that most people are not right-wing activists like Schlafly, and never have been. But her position on marriage was the standard one until 2003 and is still the law of the land in most American states today.

    Why can’t a person simply be wrong on gay marriage – mistaken, overly-pessimistic about the future of marriage as an institution, etc..? I myself took the position Phyllis takes now up until May of last year (when I announced my change on Towleroad.) Was I “hateful” also? I had spent several decades opposing gay rights. And if I was hateful, what caused me to give up the “hate?” Was I an evil person who became a good person? No. I was just a social conservative who became more liberal on one particular issue (gay rights) after reading, asking a lot of questions, and learning more about the subject.

  32. Hagatha says

    Schlaffley has a right to say what she wants on the subject. And I fully defend her right to free speech. Which is why I feel guilty for wishing that someone would slap the crap out of her on national television.

  33. Jerry6 says

    Ms Schlafly: Where do you think “Gay” people come from? Homosexuality is inherited from one’s parents. You should know that by now since YOU have a Gay Son. (Or do you really believe that he made a decision to be Gay on his own?) My Father’s Father was Gay; My Father was Gay (I accidentily met his lover when I was 26); I am Gay; and my second Son was Gay(He lived in NYC at the wrong time); and one of my Sister’s sons was Gay (Until his bigoted father hounded him so much that he finally hung himself at 16.)

    Ms Schlafly, just who do you think you are helping with your Bigotry?

  34. emjayay says

    Kennedy: “The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity. By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal statute is in violation of the Fifth Amendment.”

    Since when is being Catholic anti-Christian? They invented it.

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