1. JWL says

    He looks like every tired politician that you’ve ever seen. A face like a slapped pussy and a bad rug. Add stupid entitled remarks and Im pretty sure he doesn’t stand a chance against Booker.

  2. Princely says

    So Numbnuts thinks that gay guys don’t like ‘being a guy’?! WTF does he think, our entire gender changes when we admit to being gay? Ready for this election to be over so we don’t have to hear from this doofus EVER again.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    What is this foolish vestige of Freudianism, that gay men don’t like being men? I’d bet that gay men, could a proper survey be conducted, like being men way more than straight guys. Straight guys, I think, have little idea how much they’re expected to hate manhood, and do so reflexively. This accounts, in fact, for much of their distrust/dislike of women.

  4. disgusted american says

    Rival Mocks Cory Booker’s Pro-Gay Remarks; ‘I Personally Like Being a Guy’ — VIDEO

    ..meaning he likes being a Doey shaped pasty faced toupe’ wearing white guy…who hasnt seen his own bird for years, unless he looks in a mirror.

  5. JWL says

    Yes, hes awful and we can’t wait for this election to be over, BUT it seems like its never really over anymore. As soon as its done we will be talking about next years group and that will be a whole new bag of a$sholes.

  6. says

    Oh, girl, put down the Scotch and cigar and look in the mirror! Brit with a bad wig and fondness for clotted cream staring right back at you.

  7. Eric says

    From his Twitter account (@Lonegan):

    “Taxpayer’s Champion – Free Market Advocate Republican Nominee U.S. Senate #NJSen #TCOT #NJGOP”

  8. tilltheworldends says

    no no wait. In my best Stuwie voice.

  9. JD says

    Wait just a minute! *I* like scotch and a good cigar. And *I* don’t go out in the middle of the night for a pedicure.

    That must mean…(GASP)…Lonegan’s a big ol’ homo!

  10. Mark says

    I would f*ck Booker in .002 seconds or less. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that fat-ass loser.

    So, really, what’s the real problem here?

    As always, it’s always the guy whom no guy wants that makes the most fuss about guys hooking up with other guys.

    Go figure.

  11. LincolnLounger says

    He’s pathetic. I am not one of those gays trying to wish everybody out of the closet; however, Cory Booker has always set off my gaydar. Years ago I watched a fascinating documentary when he first ran for Mayor, and I was convinced. With whomever he sleeps, he’s impressive.

  12. MaryM says

    Cory Booker needs to come out of the closet.

    Whether he is straight (LOL) or gay.

    It does him no favours to be skirting around the issue of his sexuality in the manner that he is doing.

    In an ideal world it should not matter what he is.

    But this is not an ideal world, and people do not trust people who cannot answer a simple question honestly.

  13. says

    I spotted a minor typo in the headline…


  14. Acronym Jim says

    So one of Lonegan’s “fetishes” is a cigar. I guess sometimes a cigar isn’t JUST a cigar, huh?

    Putting their respective (claimed) sexual orientations aside, Lonegan would do much better NOT to go head to head with Booker in a competition of masculinity.

    Seriously, what the hell was he thinking? Is some of the arsenic in his old-school rug leaking into his brain?

  15. Bernie says

    lol, rolling on floor laughing at this homophobe’s definition at what makes a man a man…………

  16. johnny says

    Uhm… does this asshat realize that there’s a HUGE gay fetish thing that centers around cigars? Whole entire groups of guys that enjoy cigar sex?

    Such an idiot…

  17. Sean says

    A Ken doll is more of a guy than the Nazi parasite Steve Lonegan. Mayor Cory Book ran into a burning building to save people. He is a Hero. What has Steve done? Hmmmm? That’s what I thought.

  18. Rorty says

    What an ass. That guy has no integrity, and lacks morals judging by his statements. I would never vote for a politician with those values. Cory Booker has actually accomplished a lot of things that deserve respect in themselves. His academic and athletic record speaks of a character of great discipline and persistence. Actually, his sexual orientation is irrelevant, it doesn’t add or take away anything from his accomplishments. That being said, it’d be pretty cool to have such a great man playing for my team.

  19. woody says

    Steve, you are so brave! What a guy!
    I want to be just like you when I regress to the fourth grade and believe playground ideas of what it means to be a man.
    Call me when you graduate to middle school.

  20. woodroad34 says

    “I like being a man”….who says you’re a ‘man’? Lie to yourself often? You may have a d*ck, but you ain’t no ‘man’. Besides you look like the simpering gay vampire, played by Stephen Root, on True Blood.

  21. Peter says

    Lonegan’s implication that any man who supports LGBT rights isn’t really a man demonstrate what a douchenozzle he is. Kick Lonegan’s ass at the polls, Booker!

  22. Charlie says

    Gee, I can’t imagine where he got the idea that being gay means that you are not really a man and are gender ambiguous.



  23. Meah says

    Yes, lets DO compare the two…

    Fat, ugly, bigoted white guy – verses handsome, intelligent, articulate black guy…

  24. anon says

    It’s like Lonegan doesn’t want to win. I suppose he could be angling for a national radio show instead, but his voice isn’t that great for radio.

  25. jackJake says

    yeah because there is NOTHING gay about kicking back with a scotch while sucking on a 7 inch phallus..

  26. andrew says

    Booker should challenge Lonegan to a boxing match to see who is the most “macho”. My money is on Booker who looks like a physically fit guy. Lonegan looks to soft and pudgy.