1. ichabod says

    I don’t know the fan whispered, but I thought that was very sweet. Now I’m a Cristiano Ronaldo fan as well…

  2. Matt27 says

    Well, I think CR is hot and good player, but I don’t think it was a right place and time.
    Matt27 (ex Matt26)

  3. the other Ken says

    CR is a great ally, coming out for marriage equality in his home country of Portugal when it was being debated there (and eventually passed of course). And I believe he’s friends with Lance Bass.

    That aside, this is a pretty scarey moment. What if next time it’s a spectator with a knife? Holy cow.

  4. Lucas H says

    That was totally sweet of Ronaldo but I agree, that’s a bit scary unless they know each other or something.

  5. Dback says

    I think everyone’s on the same page here: inappropriate for the fan to do that (in the middle of the match?!?). Maybe he (the fan) has some sort of serious emotional issues or something going on in his life. However, major props to CR for handling it with such class and kindness.

  6. andrew says

    What the fan did was inappropriate to say the least. The way Cristiano handled it was PERFECT. I have always been a big CR fan, even more so now. On another note, he publically said about a year ago that he supports marriage equality. That’s a big deal, because he is a super star in a sport that has many homophobic fans and probably quite a few homophobic players.