1. says

    Richard Simmons is a national treasure. God, it’s like Mr. Rodgers and a supernova had a baby who loves jazz. I love that he is the same as he has always been and that he is entirely immune to shame!

  2. TimD says

    wow. what was that? besides showing anyone can “sing”? bizarre. 2 of those drag queens were on Drag Race, Pandorra Boxx and ??? i will concur Richard has the money to work on the frizz fro.

  3. peterparker says

    He lives right around the corner from me. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, he never fails to smile and wave if he happens to drive by while I’m walking the dog–fairly unheard of behavior here in anti-social Los Angeles. I think he must be an extremely nice person. I do wish he’d come out of the closet. He’d be a fantastic public face for the community. LOVE him!

  4. Darren in atl says

    This guy used to make me cringe (when I was closeted; so MY issue); but now I thank God for someone who has remained himself, unashamedly and proud. I pray Richard stays with us for a long, long, long time! Thank you, Richard. You no longer make me cringe; you make me smile!!!

  5. AriesMatt says

    Has he come out? Does he really need to? Quite obvious that he is gay. Kind of like Liberace in that respect. I’m amazed that he has managed to have such a successful career and is still in the spotlight decades later.

    While fun, this song is a campy throwback to early 80’s novelty sounds. Not for me, but Richard, you go gurl!

  6. Macguffin54 says

    Well, you can’t tell who is “singing” and the chorus is repeated monotonously and isn’t very good (it would be passable as a verse but not as the chorus). It wouldn’t be that hard to come up with a punny, infectious chorus working with the themes in this song, not sure why they seemed to have gone with their first draft of an idea. I know it’s just a harmless novelty song but if you are going to put the time and money (and your name) into something why not make it “good”? And if he isn’t out by now this video is his official announcement.

  7. notice says

    Could this quote possibly be written by a gay man? I can’t relate.

    “a gay dream on cotton candy-flavored Ecstasy”

    This would be more like my worst gay stereotype nightmare. Ectasy? I don’t think so.

    Besides Simmons were there even any gays in the video? Oh wait there is one guy right behind Simmons in the main dance sequence.

    I dream of dressing in (d)rag and prancing around with a bunch of women. yeah right.

    Sorry guys no offence to anyone who loves this admittedly fun (and ridiculous) video

    btw isn’t the thrill of old white people rapping wearing out?

  8. notice says

    i guess i gotta hand it to him for keeping the same course over the last 40 years… that is a man who knows who he wants to be and doesn’t falter in the face of adversity.

  9. Tim says

    Sickening. Closet case. Minstrel performer. And never spoke out or donated a dime for any gay rights issue.

    How anyone can call this clown a “treasure” or confuse him with a dignified human is beyond me.

  10. Zeta says

    Someone that bright and sunny in the face of adversity has to be crying on the inside. I don’t blame Richard for anything, he’s lived his life, and tried only to bring joy, happiness and health into the lives of others.

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