1. jaragon says

    This great movie is long so it was probably cut to speed up the action- Mr Gosling is such a fine looking man. Is there a similar stripping scene with Bradly Cooper who plays a rookie cop in the movie?

  2. theotherlee says

    This is what’s wrong with gay people. They molest images of straights.

    Posted by: Josh | Aug 3, 2013 11:47:19 PM

    This is the problem with straight people. They make posts without using their brain.

  3. Bill Michael says

    Are those tattoos real? He sure polluted himself if they are. I don’t get it. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. And yeah, he’s stuffed his crotch or he’s got a partial woodie.

  4. ct says

    A working-class criminal with stuffed designer underwear? Nice, realistic touch.

    I can’t believe the lengths the movie industry goes to portray a quite average-looking guy as a “sex-god”.

  5. johnny says

    Yeah, I don’t get the Gosling thing either.

    As to drooling over pictures of men:

    A very odd double-standard exists. Straight men can drool over pics of vaginas, tits, every other female body part, put them up on walls, paint them on airplanes, etc. And that’s simply considered “healthy, red-blooded”, boys being boys, all blessed.

    Gay men do it with pics of other men and it’s “perverted, drooling, oogling, cruising” or any other demeaning adjective people want to use.

    Why can’t both simply be a healthy appreciation of a sexy image? Why is one “bad” and one “OK”….?

    What an odd society we live in.

  6. emjayay says

    No, the tatoos are fake. The tatoos are redrawn on each day with a nonindelible Sharpie or something like that.

    Let me explain: in movies, the rooms you see people in are often partial sets on a sound stage. If you see stuff outside the window, it is faked with models or paintings or digitally. Actors may be wearing wigs or even prosthetic pieces and makeup to blend them in. Unless the movie is a documentary, anything can be faked!

  7. YsoSerious says

    Gosling is a type. You’re into muscle-heads? He’s not your guy. You’re into cut? He might be your thing.

    The issue is that old white men still run things in Hollywoodland (using the old name because things have only gotten worse since the Hayes Code). They are, quite frankly, afraid of cock, especially hard cock, and ultimately cock doing what it does best: ejaculating. They have penises, but they don’t even want to TOUCH their own (during sex with the various folks they f*ck) let alone acknowledge that other men have them.

    It is a hideous situation. If we’re still here in a couple decades (once all these dinosaurs are dead and those under 30’s are in charge) I foresee a time when this will be one of those non-issues we like to look back on (like Marriage Equality will be shortly) as sort of quaint. Until then, male members are verboten.

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