San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to Resign

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will resign after a six-week sexual harassment scandal in which more than a dozen women have said he made inappropriate advances toward them, NBC San Diego reports:

FilnerFilner, spotted leaving City Hall with packing boxes Wednesday night, will formally vacate the office following a closed session of City Council Friday according to several sources. Just before 7 p.m. Wednesday city officials announced a proposed solution in the scandal that has consumed the city of San Diego since it first broke July 10. In the last six weeks, more than a dozen women have come forward with tales of alleged sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances.

Filner attended a mediation session with city officials on Monday after disappearing for three weeks.

Todd Gloria, the openly gay City Council President, will take over as acting mayor under the City Charter. There could be at least one primary special election within 60 to 90 days, according to NBC.


  1. SFshawn says

    He’s been wasting taxpayer dollars for years. He should have been sent to prison YEARS ago. Pathetic waste of human life.
    Bye Bob. Let the door hit you on the way out scumbag.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    What a way to go, huh? The man worked for years to make it to the Mayor’s office and he dumps it all down the drain because he can’t keep his damn hands to himself. Could he be more humiliated? Buh bye!

  3. More Bias says

    How many times would you have worked in his political affiliation through all of this if he had been a Republican? This site just wallows in the most obvious forms of hackery *all of the time.* It’s embarrassing.

  4. andrew says

    You can be sure that Filner has been behaving like this most of his adult life and many other adults have been aware of his behavior for years. Finally at 70 they run this CREEP out of town. He should be an example of just how wrong it is to ignore the “sins” or inappropriate postings of people just because we agree with them on some or even many issues.

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