1. Francis #1 says

    Yeah, Brian and Bryan are both hot. They’re both unabashedly gay and they’re awesome. This is a great interview. Thank you Brian for everything you’re doing to bring equality to Pennsylvania.

  2. Strepsi says

    THIS is what the future looks like.

    Compare the pasty, bitter, pinched heinous old bigots, and the new, progressive, smart, articulate politicians. Beautiful outside because beautiful inside.

    Thanks Brian Sims!

  3. UFFDA says

    MIKEP – oh really, I LOL at your remark. Indeed the Bryan on the right was dying to deep kiss the Brian on the left. They could make the whole room wet.

  4. Rick says

    “I want these two to kiss so bad!”

    Good Lord, for once, two presentable gay men having an intelligent, serious, non-sexual conversation and you come up with a comment like that.

    Brian could have a great future IF he reverts to the “boy-next-door” appearance and persona and stays away from Far Left political positions and mindsets–whether he will, though, is an open question at this point.

    I hope he makes the right choices going forward, because there will be a lot of pressure on him to make the wrong ones.

  5. says

    Ah, the boy-next-door appearance again. Cause men with beards are just craaaaazy leftist propagandists!

    As long as he doesn’t send naughty tweets (much as many would enjoy receiving them), Brian promises to have a bright progressive political future.

  6. UFFDA says

    Oh RICK don’t spoil the good things. Here we have just the kind of men you espouse and we can’t even have a wet daydream? Uff…I want to both hear them and do them…or watch.

  7. Jeff says

    If I didn’t know the Leffew’s story I would want to watch Bryan and Brian get it on! Sorry…Jay, Daniel and Selena. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!

  8. Tatts says

    “Well, THOSE are two of the most unnecessary shirts I’ve ever seen in my lifetime…”

    Andy can close the comments now; anything else will pale in comparison.

    Well played, DBACK.

    Unfortunately, I live 2 blocks outside the limits of Brian’s district, my rep isn’t hot at all.

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