1. Mike Ryan says

    Snowden is a whistle-blower and certainly not a traitor. He has embarrassed the Government by exposing their atrocities and they should be embarrassed. More and more citizen spying is being revealed and with each revelation the Republicans – and too many Democrats (Feinstein who wouldn’t know a bot from her a**) cry foul. Leave the guy alone. 55% of the citizenry believe the guy exposed the wrongs of the government and no one should be put on trial much less be harassed like this around the world. Give him back his passport and get over it. More importantly STOP spying on the citizens of the U.S.

  2. Eric says

    Funny, when Obama was trying to get my vote he promised the most transparent administration in history and unprecedented levels of protection for whistleblowers. Instead, every day his administration issues press releases that remind me of things that used to be put out by the USSR back in the 1970s.

    History will not remember him kindly.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Wait … you did notice that there is talk of boycotting the Olympics because Russia gave him asylum. No talk about boycotting the Olympics because Russia claims they will jail gay people. THAT’s how your government feels about you gay people. No big deal if Russia beats and jails you but how dare they give Snowden any assistance. Screw the Government.

  4. Rafael says

    Returned for what? so that we can continue chasing our tail? The Terrorist had it so right. They turned us against each other and made us paranoid to the point that we no longer enjoy privacy or freedom.

  5. Moz's says

    a whistleblower remains in their country while a SEDITIONIST flees to the least democratic places they can

    only fools and Ran Paul praise snowden & greenwald as heroes and not as the narcissist seditionists that they are

  6. Moz's says

    PS; USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll the majority want snowden tried

    “…By 54%-38%, those surveyed say he should be prosecuted. Most Americans say the programs have helped prevent terrorist attacks, by 53%-41%”

    let it go, because greenwald snowden are very tarnished sacred cows

  7. sean says

    I agree with Moz.

    “WHISTLEBLOWERS” don’t run away and flee to another country. This guy is a pathetic loser whose “revelations” will only do harm to America.

    And SO WHAT if the NSA is reading my emails or text messages? I have nothing to hide. If them seeing the porn sites I visit means I’ll be safe from lunatic jihadists, then by all means, snoop away.

    Some of you queens are so ridiculous.

  8. anon says

    Snowden has not unearthed any field intelligence, that was Manning. Snowden is revealing various spying NSA programs, many of which are in probably violation of the fourth amendment and open a potential huge can of worms in all sorts of ways.

  9. Bill says

    @sean: Snowdon had a good reason to split – just look at how they mistreated Bradley Manning before he was convicted of anything. One bloviating senator called Snowdon a “coward” for not staying around to get arrested. Under the senator’s definition of cowardice, someone who rescues a kid from a lion’s den is a coward for not sticking around to “discuss” the matter with the lion over dinner.

    I’m hardly convinced that Snowdon did anything that hurt the U.S. although what he did was illegal – he merely embarrassed some government officials. The al Qaeda types are nearly completely from countries with repressive governments, and undoubtedly assume that governments spy on phone calls no matter what a government claims. The only people finding out something they did not already believe were law-abiding American citizens.

  10. Bill says

    @sean: if you are not worried about the government reading your emails, check out the case of a guy who was interviewed after someone checked his search history on a work-computer (laptop, I guess) that he had taken home. They found searches for “pressure cooker”, “backpack” and “pressure-cooker bombs,” so they investigated a ‘terrorist threat.”

    It turns out the guy wanted to buy a backpack, his wife wanted to buy a pressure cooker for use in the kitchen, and his 20 year old son was a “news junkie” and probably searched for “pressure cooker bomb” to figure out what the news articles were talking about. And they all used the same computer.

    I probably searched for “pressure cooker bomb” too – just to see if there was anything beyond the obvious. There wasn’t.

  11. gb says

    Every American administration has been spying on anybody and everybody nothing is going to stop that.Every government does in whatever capacity they are capable of.If the American public wants privacy then the American government should be able to say the same and repeal the Freedom of Information Act,dosn’t the government have the right to privacy too?imho.

  12. Bill says

    @BG: the U.S. government is supposed to be responsible to its citizens. We pay for it.
    In theory, we own it. You can’t have “a
    government by the people, of the people, and
    for the people” if the people don’t know what
    their government is doing.

  13. Keith says

    I wonder if the KGB pay better than the NSA? Who else would give him a job in Russia? I assume he will go some where else. Russia has few attractions. And no history of civil Liberties. Putin likes to cause trouble and play the big man like the KGB bully he is. The Chinese could not wait to get rid of him and be rid of the problem.

  14. Bill says

    @Keith: The answer to your question, “I wonder if the KGB pay better than the NSA?” is that the KBG does not pay anything at all due to it having been dissolved in 1991.

    The main successor is the FSB. When the KGB was dissolved after an attempted coupe in 1991, it was replaced with the FSK, which was subsequently reorganized and renamed as the FSB.

    Talk about too many acronyms! No wonder people have trouble keeping them straight (so to speak)!

  15. Josh says

    This really demonstrates the ineptitude of The Obama Administration. I find this hilarious. Obamacare, gay marriage, what a trail he is leaving behind. Hope we make it to 2016.

  16. Jimmy the Geek says

    Only when the entire system is corrupt is it a crime to report a crime.

    The only crimes I see are the systematic violation of every American’s constitutional right and the criminal conspiracy to silence the truth.

    Since you cannot pass a law making the reporting of criminal activity a crime, then Snowden is free to release any information he pleases about the criminal activity of which he has knowledge.

    In fact this obligation goes so far that by not revealing knowledge of crimes against the American people, that you would be a criminal yourself, guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit and conceal these crimes.

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