1. JAMES B. says

    I appreciate anyone living their art….Just that this video is bad. Who styled the singer, room, etc… It all looks so cheap. The singer seems really self-focused, making me understand why he is singing about losing a relationship.

    Tend to think of towleroad as a filter. This time it wasn’t on. I lost 3 minutes I’ll never get back.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    I dunno, I think its pretty good. YOU try making a music video and building a singing career. Ain’t easy by any means. Takes money and talent. a decent voice (of which I think he has) and musical ability. To be so harsh on the guy. Let me drop by your place of work and critique your job performance.

    BTW, I thought Katy Perry’s “Roar” last night on the VMAs was no where near the level of professional. Yes yes, the set, the hunks dancing with her and the lighting were all well and done – for the money she had to spend to get that off the ground it had better be, but overall the song is benign, banal and little more than an old disco sound. For what she is pulling down in the way of monies she is cheating her audience.

  3. Dback says

    I actually rather like the song–it has a sweet vulnerability, a wistful melody, and the autotune wasn’t overdone. I also thought anyone who tried to appropriate the phrase “the way we were” from Streisand is asking for trouble, but I liked the subtle little homage to the movie he threw in mid-song (“Your guy is lovely”). However, the video is definitely a well-shot hunk of nothing.

  4. heyAY says

    my fave by this guy so far (clearly i’m in the monority here) autotune works for me in this context, he’s uber watchable, so i’m loving the video–I’LL help him forget that other guy in no time at all, guaranteed

  5. DrunkEnough says

    I’m not a fan of heavy Autotune, nor of “melodies” that repeat the same line over and over. Am I supposed to overlook quality issues because he’s gay and cute?

  6. Kenneth says

    Cazwell? Either you are being very facetious or you have no credibility here, because Cazwell is one of the most awful excuses for music that has ever happened to the gay community. I would sooner drive rusty railroad spikes in my ears.

  7. Alan says

    I didn’t care for the music either; but I did like the video. Some powerful images. A nod to Charlie Chaplin with the carrots. I loved the shoes. But musically, I prefer Streisand’s “The Way We Were.”

  8. MickyFlip says

    It’s a’ight. But I do agree with the heavy use of autotune. In fact, I’m not even sure it is autotune. I just feel the song is over-saturated with certain synths. I understand they’re trying to give the song some depth and shape. But I’ve always believed less is more. I’d like to hear an acoustic version of this tune, if possible. Perhaps the stark nakedness could give some better insight. Not bad but not great.

  9. darryl says

    Is great. He’s different. I love this song.
    He stands out from all the rest straight or gay. He’s cute. He’s very current. He nice.
    Haters leave him along. My BF looks just like him. Somewhat. I love SOLOMAN

  10. darryl says

    You are great. Genius. Song is very good.
    I love the video. Words to the song are very deep and I understand. I get you. I have listened to you from your start. Stay the way you are. A major label should sign you and put you up there sith Lambert. You deserved it. My dude. Stay strong. Your a Earth Angel with a heavenly voice here on Earth. Bless your parents.

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