Straight, Interracial Couple Victimized In Racist, Homophobic Attack

Billie and Jacob James-Vogel

Billie and Jacob James-Vogel were with their gay friend at a Long Island City bar celebrating a birthday over the weekend. When the group went to leave the bar at approximately 1:30 AM on Saturday, they were approached by three men from a nearby automobile. The attackers began shouting homophobic slurs at the group. When Jacob James-Vogel attempted to intervene, that's when the situation reportedly became physical. 

"I was pushed to the ground, and I covered my face, and just got punched multiple, multiple times," he told NBC 4 New York. "And while I was lying on the ground covering my face, I got to watch them shove my wife to the ground without being able to help her." The attackers also reportedly added racial slurs to their insults during the incident, which left her with several bruises and a broken toe and him with a black eye and a head injury. 

Long Island City barAccording to reports, the couple then tried to return to the same bar they had previously patronized, only to be turned away by the doorman. When asked about the incident, the bar's owner claimed that he was protecting the safety of the bar's other customers, and that he thought that someone had already called the police. "We're still looking at it as a possible hate crime," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. 

This incident is simply the latest in the increasing number of anti-gay attacks taking place in the New York City area this year. According to reports, if the current trends continue, numbers for this year are set to possibly double last year's totals. 

Watch NBC 4's report of the incident HERE.


  1. Joel says

    The bar owner should have let them in. What a gutless jerk! Nobody should ever go to that bar again.

  2. Alex says

    What was the name of this bar? Perhaps the LGBT people of New York City should let them know with their dollars what they think of inaction in the face of such a crime.

  3. Brian1 says

    Not that the details matter as it’s clearly a horrible event, but the description is fairly confusing. Was the gay friend there during the attack? And it states that Jacob attempted to intervene, but it’s not clear what he’s intervening in. Either the word should be respond (to the namecalling) or possibly they were attacking the gay friend first and then Jacob intervened?

    And yes, the doorman and bar owner are awful people. It’s not clear but it seems like possibly the whole thing went down in front of the club in view of the doorman (and possibly others, which is why they thought other customers were in danger and that somebody had called the police).

  4. JMC says

    I just watched the video of NBC’s report and I’m still confused about what happened with their gay friend. Jacob James-Vogel said that he was jumped after he responded verbally to the homophobic slurs, and then his wife was assaulted when she tried to help him. No mention of what was going on with their friend at all.

  5. says

    What an awful story. This is the third time I’ve heard of a gay bar either shutting out someone being attacked or being very unhelpful. The two previous incidents were in Seattle and Houston.

  6. ratbastard says

    Police arrested Nikolaos Katsos, 28,

    NYC is America is becoming full of recently arrived immigrants from places that are not nearly has gay friendly as mainstream American culture. MOST of the world is very homophobic/antigay.

  7. Sara says

    This is why Pink Pistols is important for the LGBT community. Unless we fight back in self-defence, homophobes will continue to attack us thinking they’ll get away with it. We need to wake up and protect ourselves.

  8. ratbastard says

    I should add that most of the world is also very racist and intolerant of mixed race couples. This is true in Asia, Africa, parts of Europe, even South America to a degree [yes, South American culture broadly speaking is very racist and defined by classism.] We Americans, Canadians, Euros, sometimes have our head in the sand regarding these issues.

  9. Zeta says


    I believe he ran away, leaving his ‘friends’ in the dust.

    POSTED BY: RATBASTARD | AUG 22, 2013 11:15:01 AM

    Is this true? Is that what’s being left out of all the retellings, so as not to make the gay friend being defended look like an ass?

    Since racial slurs were dropped, game over.

    The gay bar is practicing discrimination by refusing to serve a straight couple (and using the fight to justify it), and may be practicing racial discrimination by refusing to serve a mixed-race couple…. need more information on that one, though.

  10. QJ201 says

    The a-hole management at SHI has posted on the front page of their website a DENIAL that the couple were turned away after the attack. SHI’s facebook page has also disappeared.

  11. jamal49 says

    @BRIAN1 Thanks for the devil’s advocacy. However, it doesn’t matter the who or what the f*ck. People got gay-bashed. What part of the article didn’t you understand?

    @RATBASTARD So, tell us. Which parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and even South America have you personally experienced? And, in which of those parts of the world do “mixed-race” couples get bashed? Please. Speak not of that which you know absolutely nothing about.

  12. Moz's says

    “racial purity” is utterly unscientific foolishness

    there isn’t a place on earth that isn’t mixed.

    Europe LOL explain the north african and subsaharan remains found at old roman forts (roman military service being the fastest and best means of upward mobility in the empire if not of the rulling class). they didn’t pack up and head back to africa they interbred with the population

    Africa has many places intermixed with India natives, greeks, arabs etc

    arabs a huge mix

    asia a huge mix

    russians have mongol blood from the mongol invasion and rapes

    america = huge melting pot with many white southerners and black southerners being long distant cousins since plantation owners regularly raped their slaves and lighter skins tried to pass into white society and interbred with whites etc etc etc

    Hell, we have figured out mitochondrial eve dating to a genetic bottleneck around 200,000 years ago which resulted in mitochondrial eve’s descendants being all and every single last human that was or is whether by simply out-breeding the other females present at the time or she and her descendants killing the other mitochondrial lines (mitochondria has separate and distinct DNA from your cellular DNA and is passed directly from mother to child)

  13. Brian1 says


    There was no devil advocacy and I thought I was pretty clear what part I didn’t understand. The article, as written, doesn’t make sense. I also said the details aren’t important and that it was a horrible crime, but thanks for the unnecessary hostility.

    I do, on the other hand, agree with your questions to ratbastard. He has anointed himself the expert on racism in every nook and cranny around the world, except that his comments are universally wrong.

  14. BRAINS says

    This is an incident where a pink gun and three bullets well-aimed would have solved the problem, and made sure that the assailants would not pester anybody again!

    Stop being sissy-men, and start being BITCHES!

  15. Brendan says

    I have a bit more information about this story as I was at SHI the Monday after the attack and did seriously consider not going.
    1) SHI is not a gay bar. It’s a restaurant that turns into a club after hours.
    2) SHI and its management have always been gay friendly. My first time going there was to see a drag show that a friend sponsored.
    3) The news stories are not giving all the details. The reason given as to why the couple and their friend were turned away is that the doorman did not witness the racism or gay bashing and was concerned about a possible brawl spilling into the bar. The victims supposedly did not mention the “hate crime” part of it until the next morning.
    Given that, I realize that there is their story, SHI’s story and somewhere between lies the truth.
    At the end of the day, it’s still a horrific crime and they do have one of the perpetrators in custody. Justice will prevail, and the truth will come out.
    We probably won’t be hearing the results in the news though.

  16. says

    My favorite racial mix trivia: Barack Obama’s “white” mother is a descendant of America’s first documented African slave. I myself, who looks Northern European & maybe Jewish) have ancestry from Europe, Asia, Middleeast, and indigenous Central America. Ooh, I feel so dirty!

  17. Droc says

    Has a link been found between the attackers in all these crimes? Is someone or something responsible for this large of an increase in attacks?

  18. Michael van Atta says

    I’m a personal friend of the gay man who was out with this mixed-race couple. Contrary to the pointless thought-exercise of RatBastard (above) my friend did not abandon the couple. My understanding is that (1) the incident happened virtually in front of SHI, and was visible from inside the restaurant; (2) the incident happened immediately after they left the restaurant, so they should have been familiar to the employees of SHI as recent patrons; and (3) two of the victims (my friend and, I believe, the woman) pleaded with the employees of SHI to call 911 and to let them back in and those employees refused to do either. In some reports, SHI has claimed that my friend’s party was unfamiliar to them and that’s why they didn’t want to let them in the restaurant. SHI’s claims that they thought 911 had already been called is ludicrous.

  19. Sammie says

    Speaking of racism, how come Andy hasn’t posted any about that poor Australian boy who was gunned down by savages for no apparent reason in Oklahoma??

    Oh yeah, that’s because it was black-on-white violence. Whenever that happens, it can’t be racism or a hate crime. (Meanwhile, the shooter tweeted that “90% of white people are nasty. #HATETHEM).

    It’s too bad we can’t have a candid discussion about race in this country, as the media only reports from one point of view.

  20. DavidR says

    Right SAMMIE, that story’s been completely ignored in the MSM due to its left-leaning bias. Doosh.

  21. Moz's says

    actually sammie

    it was 2 african americans and 1 white guy who killed the australian guy

    it was not about black on white crime , it was 3 teenagers who are totally warped

  22. Moz's says

    PS; sammie

    even storm front loved Free republic blog spot properly reported 2 Black guys and 1 guy attacked the australian guy. If anyone was going to try to lie and make it 3 black guys & a black on white crim it would have been Free Republic

    LOL dude, you are sadddddddddddd in how racist you are and trying to stir something up that didn’t happen as you described it

    It was 2 black guys & 1 white guy together killed the australian guy

  23. Sammie says

    MOZ – How convenient of you to ignore this fact:

    (Meanwhile, the shooter tweeted that “90% of white people are nasty. #HATETHEM).

    You’re right. No racism exists here. Again, it can’t be racist when the victim is white.

    Just like the 3 black kids who beat the crap of the white kid on the bus 2 weeks ago – and the black school bus driver did NOTHING to help.

    Where is the outrage? Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

  24. CrayCray says

    That Australian boy’s story is front and center on CNN right now. I’m pretty surprised…

  25. DavidR says

    It is unbelievably sad how many gay people are so racist. Have they no idea that being “different” is that same?

  26. Brian1 says

    Sammie you’re just being an idiot. The story isn’t covered in Towleroad because this is a gay blog and there’s no gay angle to the Oklahoma shooting. It has nothing to do with the color of the victims and shooters. There are many examples of the kind of color combination you seem fascinated by on this blog, but the victim has to be gay. Read CNN, Fox, NY Times or anything else if you want coverage of straights killing straights.

  27. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “how come Andy hasn’t posted any about that poor Australian boy who was gunned down by savages for no apparent reason in Oklahoma??”

    The horrible crime story out of Oklahoma was posted in Towleroad’s News section yesterday.

    The reason that Towleroad is covering this story from Long Island is that there appeared to be a “Gay angle” to it. It’s not the violent racism that brings the story here to Towleroad.

    @ “Hate crimes don’t pertain to white people. Everyone knows what.”

    Do they pertain to White people who are Gay?

    Who are the two victims that the federal hate crime statute is named after? Shepard & Byrd. You do remember Matthew Shepard, don’t you?

    James Byrd, the other victim, I know you couldn’t care less about.

  28. CrayCray says

    Brian1 – there’s no gay angle? Trayvon updates were on here daily when that mess was going on. Not sure of any “gay angles” there, except for the rainbow skittles.

  29. Joseph says

    Can we all chill out about the race stuff? It’s always extremists who cry the most on here. People like Rick on one side, Kiwi and Derrick on the other. Just move on and try to have a reasonable, rationale discussion. K thanks.

  30. ratbastard says


    I apologize if I slandered your friend. It was a rumor I heard repeated several times, but it was wrong of me to repeat it and I apologize.


    I don’t apologize or take back the other stuff I wrote on this thread.


    As for racial purity, first: what is ‘race’? Who created or popularized the term in modern times? I have serious problems with the way this word is thrown around, incorrectly. As far as I’m concerned there’s one ‘race’, the human race. And of course being of European descent, I’m ‘mixed’. Europeans come in every skin, eye and hair color under the sun. They have a multitude of ‘ethnicities’. They are probably the most truly genetically diverse group of people in the world.

  31. ratbastard says

    The ‘white’ kid who was part of the group that murdered that poor Australian guy out jogging is mixed ‘race’, part black, part white. In fact, I believe two of the three perps are ‘mixed’.

  32. SAMMIE says

    Well Rat, if you’re judging ‘mixed race’ by Zimmerman standards, that would make them crackers. If you’re judging by Obama standards, they’re black.

  33. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “It’s always extremists who cry the most on here. People like Rick on one side, Kiwi and Derrick on the other. Just move on and try to have a reasonable, rationale discussion. K thanks.”

    Of course, we can, Joe (is it all right if I call ya’ Joe?). If you could just find some hit men to knock off Rick we’ll be all be reasonable and rational–all lovey dovey. I promise ya’.

    I love these Rodney King moments.

    BTW, what does “K thanks” mean?

  34. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “- there’s no gay angle? Trayvon updates were on here daily when that mess was going on”

    There was the behavior of the police allowing George Zimmerman to go home without a charge AND WITH HIS GUN. There was also the issue of “Stand Your Ground” laws.

    Maybe predominately Gay blogs have a liberal bent. Not enough for many of us, but still liberal.

  35. Zeta says

    @Michael Van Atta, thank you for the additional information on what really happened that night and the aftermath.

  36. Frank says

    Ugh, you know why there is no outrage with the Australian case? Let me break it down for you: 1) The kids that did this were arrested immediately after the event happened. 2) No one in the media is justifying their actions and demonizing the victim 3) They are being charged with murder, as adults, and there is no doubt that justice will be swift, as these three will be thrown under the jail. So, at least in this case, the system is working.

  37. Frank says

    And as far as the racial angle goes in this case, their next intended victim, the son of the man who actually called the police and got them arrested was black. So I don’t think they really cared about the race of who they killed.

  38. Frank says

    Ratbastard you are so full of s@#t that I can smell you from here. I have actually lived in Europe for the past six and I can tell you, unlike in America, a lot of Europeans like a little variety in their love life and readily open themselves up to dating someone of a different race and nobody seems to even bat an eye when they see an interracial couple.

  39. Frank says

    Ratbastard you are so full of s@#t that I can smell you from here. I have actually lived in Europe for the past six years and I can tell you, unlike in America, a lot of Europeans like a little variety in their love life and readily open themselves up to dating someone of a different race and nobody seems to even bat an eye when they see an interracial couple.