1. Mark Austin says

    Perfect. An over-righteous, man-whore who is divorced, due to his infidelity, who condemns everyone else who doesn’t follow his beliefs.

    This type of hypocritical filth needs to be front and center at every possible chance. All the voters need to see the type of leader of the “tea party”.

  2. says

    you cannot expect consistency and logic from the Conservatve Right.

    they have no reasons for anything, just excuses for everything.

    Sarah “traditional values, traditional family” Palin with her two bastard grandchildren.

    the party of “Smaller Government” that is anything but.

    gays bad! marriage for man and woman! btw, we’re all adulterers on our third and fourth marriages.

    abortions bad! ‘cept when your mistress gets knocked up, because you totally bareback the woman you’re cheating on your wife with.

    don’t use facts. don’t use logic. don’t be consistent. tell the stupid people who make up your base exactly what their peabrains want to hear, even though it’s intellectually dishonest.

    and then do what you can to cripple public education in order to usher in a new generation of Republicans. puke.

  3. Craig says

    Just a word to the Republican thug here. The crowd cheered at Kristallnacht too. They said nothing when Jews, Gypsies, communists and other “undesirables” worked as slaves right next to them in German factories. You have your support … for now. History is a great judge of character. What do you suppose history (and the voters) are going to do with you?

  4. northalabama says

    as touching as the child’s plight and question was, she was a plant, egged on by adults, who should be ashamed with themselves for exploiting this child during a political event for adults.

    his response? he should have stopped after he acknowledged her bravery in asking the question in front of the large crowd, or added he would work on a solution to the problem. but no, he had to push his own agenda, and throw his supporters bait, as if the child could comprehend. what a buffoon!

  5. Sean says

    This “poor little thing” was totally exploited from the get go. The adults she was with should be ashamed of themselves for using a 6yo to make a political point.

    Stop coming to the US illegally and breaking the law. Wait in line and go through the LEGAL process like law abiding citizens. Then “poor little Josie” wouldn’t have been used like a pawn.

  6. says

    do you also feel that gay children, and children of gay parents, speaking out against how the GOP’s bigoted laws and policies is “exploiting the kids”?

    personally, i see it as the GOP exploiting and harming kids in order to appease the bloodthirsty bigots who make up their base.

  7. Macmantoo says

    David, the only way to improve the quality of our elected officials is to get out and vote. When you stay home because there is no good candidate, you’re condoning the “bad elected officials” Get out and vote during ALL ELECTIONS.

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Except when it’s inconvenient, then by all means end their life.

    Never forget, there are always going to be groups and individuals who target others for the MAIN reason of keeping the public interested in the other issues, so the public never look too close at the accuser’s personal lives. Beneath an accusatory exterior lies depravity and destruction every time.

    Garbage with no morals seem to squawk the loudest in today’s society. They always take opportunity to take the stage. They use their time in the spotlight to cast a spell over an empty minded audience already won over by a charlatan. A modern day snake oil salesman, doling out medicine he himself is too weak to take.

    It’s always nice to see them blindsided by those working quietly to eliminate their filth ridden policies and show them for exactly what they have proven to be.

  9. Broken says

    Support LEGAL immigration, so children like Josie don’t have to go through this.

    I’m liberal on almost all issues, but saying illegal immigration isn’t a problem is just living in denial. It’s a problem, and it neesd to stop or else it’ll be an annoying issue we’ll all have to deal with for generations.

  10. Jay Dwyer says

    I love the posts here about “illegal immigrants”… illegal – what does that mean?

    Are you all happy because you all came from legal immigrants? Do you know that for sure? Do you have the immigration papers to prove it? I have traced my family tree and let me tell you, not everybody who claims they were naturalized on documents like death certificates or census lists…actually were. Try to find naturalization documents on your ancestors. I dare you.

    But also let me tell you, as someone descended from some of the original illegal immigrants in this country…you all are bigotted jerks. I am descended from 5 of the men who came over on the Mayflower and 4 of the women. My Iriquois and Mohawk ancestors would have a bit of trouble relating to your concerns about “illegal immigrants”…unless your concerns were that immigrants will take over your country and shunt you to the side, ostracize you, ridicule you, and limit your movements and your land. Then their empathy would last about 2 seconds before they said: “Sucks, doesn’t it!?”

  11. andrew says

    Millions and millions of American are the grand children and great grand children of Irish, Italian, German, Jewish, Polish and other ethnic immigrants. They should rise up and tell these Republican anti-immigrant types that their view of America is wrong. As JFK said: “We are a nation of immigrants”. Immigration has made us a greater not a lesser nation.

  12. Broken says

    “Millions and millions of American are the grand children and great grand children of Irish, Italian, German, Jewish, Polish and other ethnic immigrants”……WHO CAME HERE LEGALLY.

    You, like a lot of people, conveniently leave that part out.

  13. andrew says

    @BROKEN: Actually before the 1920’s there were NO LAWS governing the immigration of the millions of European Immigrants who came here. We opened our doors to these wonderful people and they enriched our nation.

  14. northalabama says

    @little kiwi:

    “do you also feel that gay children, and children of gay parents, speaking out against how the GOP’s bigoted laws and policies is “exploiting the kids”?

    yes, if the children are too young to hold a discussion in a debate of policy with elected officials, i sure do, even if i agree with their views.

    a teen speaking with a politician to share their life experience is one thing, a grade schooler trotted out in front of an audience solely to elicit an emotional response from voters is another.

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