The New Men of ‘Downton Abbey': Gary Carr, Tom Cullen, and Julian Ovenden — PHOTOS


New images have been released of three men set to make their debut in the upcoming series 4 of Downton Abbey, the UK's Mirror reports.

Gary Carr is set to play the show's first recurring black character, an American jazz singer named Jack Ross.

You may remember Tom Cullen from the Andrew Haigh gay drama Weekend. He's set to play Lord Anthony Ginningham, a family friend of the Crawleys:


And Julian Ovenden plays aristocrat Charles Blake:



  1. Jimbo says

    Maybe I’m over-thinking/over-analyzing, but back in the day, gay men wore a ring on their left pinkie finger as a sort of sign to other gay men. This was before bandannas and such. So, my money for a love interest for Thomas is on Tom Cullen’s character. Then again, maybe I’m just projecting.

  2. OddBet says

    Sorry, Jimbo, as much as I would like to see Tom Cullen and Rob James-Collier get together, I don’t think that will be the case. During the time of the show, it was custom for the British nobility to wear wedding rings and signet rings on the left pinky.

  3. Hagatha says

    They are hellbent on ruining this show. Matthew getting killed was so predictable. I think I’ll just order Brideshead on dvd.

  4. crispy says

    “Matthew getting killed was so predictable.”

    You must be prescient, because even the writers of the show couldn’t have predicted it. They had no intention of killing Matthew until the actor shocked them by telling them he was leaving the show.

  5. Henry Holland says

    POSTED BY: CRISPY | AUG 11, 2013 2:15:32 PM

    ^^^ Exactly.

    I finished watching the whole 3 series + the Christmas special + Journey to the Highlands last night and while I do have some complaints about the show (Lord Crawley’s dalliance with the maid, for starters), overall I love it and can’t wait for it to start in September (I get the BitTorrent so I don’t have to wait until January).

  6. Buster says

    So, based on evidence of these and other publicity photos, it seems that the fashion in 1920’s England was that no gentleman would be seen in public without a well-turned out suit and a look of ineffable archness on their face. I suppose you learned all that in your public school days — part of the fagging by the Sixth Form boys: “Hey there, Jameson, did I see you on the cricket field today with a look of enthusiasm on your face!! You know better than that! Come to my digs after dinner tonight for your punishment!”

  7. Toto says

    I dont think I can watch show anymore. Matthew dying was just waaaaaaay to harsh and soap opera/greek tragedy/Alanis Morisett’s “Ironic” all wrapped into one. Kinda wanted the show to just end with them all in a good place. Now they are going to force another love interest on Mary :/

  8. EchtKultig says

    Each season has gotten worse and Matthew’s implausible death is when it jumped the shark. Matthew is the type of chap who would have driven a motorcar like an old grannie.

  9. Ruddigore says

    WTF happened to Julian Ovenden? It’s been only 5 years since his stint on Foyle’s War ended, but he looks 20 years older. What did those awful people on Smash do to him?