‘The New York Times’ Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor

The NYT has chosen its candidate:

QuinnMs. Quinn, the City Council speaker, offers the judgment and record of achievement anyone should want in a mayor. Two opponents — Bill de Blasio, the public advocate, and William Thompson Jr., former comptroller — offer powerful arguments on their own behalf. But Ms. Quinn inspires the most confidence that she would be the right mayor for the inevitable times when hope and idealism collide with the challenge of getting something done…

…We had already made up our own minds in favor of Ms. Quinn, but the Wednesday debate would have clinched it anyway. Candidates were asked what legacy they wanted to leave after two terms. “More people in the middle class,” Ms. Quinn said. It was a perfect answer, and she could have left it there. But, Quinn being Quinn, she threw in supporting details. She wants 40,000 more apartments the middle class can afford to live in. She wants to repair crumbling public housing, providing “quality conditions” for 600,000 people. She wants to make the school day longer and replace textbooks with electronic tablets. At the buzzer, she threw in: make the city “climate-change ready.”

A lot of good ideas that, in Ms. Quinn’s case, add up to an achievable vision, and one we would be glad to see come to pass.

Christine Quinn, the Democratic Choice [nyt]


  1. CanuckTwit says

    A longer school day??? If anything, they should be cutting half the crap they teach kids in primary school and shorten the day! What’s the benefit of a longer day? So they can be even more restless and distracted and hate school even more? Lol. Is it to benefit parents so they can have a tax-funded babysitter? Lol. xo

  2. QJ201 says


    Your username fits. Are you being sarcastic? Hope so.

    The US already has shorter school days and fewer school days per year than the other nations that are kicking our butts in STEM fields. Somehow the solution to all government spending and taxes seem to be blaming teachers and dumbing down education.

  3. jamal49 says

    It figures the NY Times would endorse Ms. Quinn. She’s an establishment lackey so it’s no big news.

    @QJ201 I’m not a “Quinn hater”. But, I will not vote for her for various, carefully-considered reasons. Quinn will be bad for NYC and will make a lousy mayor.

  4. Kieran says

    Christine Quinn is front and center whenever there is a homophobic attack on gays in NYC. She’s the only candidate who reliably shows up to stand next to victims of frequent homophobic attacks and raise her voice in outrage. The hetero candidates have all been MIA. Having an openly Gay Mayor Quinn will insure that gay New Yorkers finally have a powerful voice advocating for them and someone who will treat homophobia as the serious problem that it is.

  5. Profe Sancho Panza says

    The headline and first sentence are misleading: in the linked editorial the Times endorsed Quinn on the Democratic side and Lhota on the Republican side, in advance of the Sept. 10th primaries.

  6. Moz's says

    @ kieran & others

    Wallstreet will LOVE quinn as mayor

    mainstreet not so much despite her being upstanding on gay issues

    sometimes economic issues trump sexuality. Besides there just are not enough gay voters and wall street tycoons in NY to overcome the votes de Blasio has

    majority of polls shows de Blasio = the true progressive, is winning

  7. plinf says

    Once again the NYT has shown itself to be nothing more than a corporate shill, especially for the Bloomberg Corp. And sorry, but DeBlassio has also been “front and center” after these attacks, I mean, do you even live in New York? And as for the New York LGBT community getting a voice from Quinn, lets not forget how her voice aided in the closing of St. Vincent’s.

  8. bravo says

    I’m not a Quinn hater, but I am not going to vote for her, as she enabled Mayor Bloomberg’s 3rd term by pushing term limits through the City Council.

    My predictions:

    Democratic Party: Quinn and deBlasio, and deBlasio will win the run-off.

    Republican Party: Lhota will win.

    November election: Mayor Bill DeBlasio