1. MIke says

    He was hilarious on the show and and ruled his tribe like a demented Bloody Mary, having the washboard abs men having to grovel before him to not be selected for elimination. I quit watching when he left, and he was right in the reunion show: when he left, ratings tanked.

  2. Mellotron says

    He was awful, but awesome to watch. Hope he doesn’t try too hard to be a changed man.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Total queen, yeah? Not a big survivor fan much less a gay Republican fan and believe I will pass…

  4. Will says

    I remember. I’m disgusted they brought him back. The only one who could give Russell a run for his money as the most horrible contestant ever.

    He was horrible to watch and couldn’t wait for him to leave and I don’t know if I’ll watch because of this.

  5. MIke says

    I remember on an initial show one contestant did something like when the Survivors has to take off their shoes, he was clever enough to steal them all (he became a fan favorite) and if it had been Colton, oh! What a nasty queen! And he did that to black people!

  6. Jerry says

    I guess Richard Hatch was ineligible since he’s already been back once?

    I’ll take people I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire for $200, Alex…

  7. Will says

    That was different and I still don’t like that Rupert did that. But it’s very clear Rupert is a great guy at heart. Colton is not.

  8. Lee says

    People you do relise this is all staged right? I doubt he’s really this nasty it’s all for show.

  9. andrew says

    Survivor’s 27th season. Newton Minow, Kennedy FCC Chairman, thought that TV was “a vast wasteland” way back then. Little did he know,that by comparison to today, it was a Golden Age of TV.

  10. SoLeftImRight says

    Survivor is still on…I guess my question is: Survivor survives? Seriously? I don’t know a single person who watches this show and I really didn’t know it was still on the tee-vee.

  11. Zeta says

    People you do relise this is all staged right? I doubt he’s really this nasty it’s all for show.

    POSTED BY: LEE | AUG 21, 2013 9:40:24 PM

    It’s still sick that such nastiness is staged in the first place. Survivor is shameful, and so are the people who watch it.

  12. says

    I’m really disappointed that they’re featuring returning “cast members” (again) instead of introducing new people. Like other shows of this nature, “Survivor” has stopped being about the GAME and become all about the PLAYERS.

    I’m disgusted that Colton was asked to return. I thought he was an obnoxious embarrassment to gay men, white people and Republicans alike.

  13. beaunic says

    ” Colton was pulled from the game on the 16th day due to appendicitis, getting the premature and unceremonious exit he deserved ” # kARMAISTHEMOSTBEAUTIFULTHING

  14. trg says

    Ewwwwwww. When oh when will they stop putting gay men like this on tv freak shows? It’s only holding us back. And how do you think it makes gay kids in isolated areas feel? It’d make me feel like killing myself.

  15. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Hopefully Caleb’s fiancé will keep Colton’s aggressive personality in check with repeated Durex covered tranquilizer inseminations… er,… I mean injections. Sorry, Folks of Towleroad… I really am a Lady… I swear!