1. GB says

    I love Boy George. Such an original. That first video was bold and brilliant. “Do you really want to hurt me?” Love his song “Time” and his lyrics, “everyday is like survival, you’re my lover, not my rival.”

  2. says

    When I was little, I watched the “Muppet Babies” cartoon. I swear I saw an episode where baby Gonzo surprised another character and said, “Who were you expecting, Boy George?” The scene didn’t lead to a boycott of the cartoon like it would today. No protests. It was just cute in a 1985 sort of way.

  3. AngelaChanning says

    He sounds terrific but different. I hope his troubled days are behind him. Really, when you think about it, BG, along with some others is lucky to be alive.

  4. Frankie says

    Is God an 80 year old librarian spinster? The whole ‘sex is bad’ thinking is man-made not a message from God. God was specific. Do not lie, do not steal, do not kill, do not covet, honor thy mother and father, treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s the so-called inspired spiritual men who added the ‘sex is yucky’ parts. Lie with woman, Lie with men, Let us know them… is not God speak.

  5. David From Canada says

    Boy George. 52 now. Good to see that he’s still in the game. In the photo he looks better than he has in years. May he continue to prosper now that he’s older and wiser.

  6. Billy Crytical says

    All of Boy George’s hits came from Culture Club’s first two albums plus the later cover version of “The Crying Game.” He was in a relationship with a bandmember which was the inspiration for many of the songs. Unfortunately, once the relationship broke up his writing declined which coincided with the band’s decline in making innovative music. Boy George’s last 6 or so songs have been good. He still has writing talent.

  7. jonvincent says

    he still sounds great and was truly a ground breaker in those days. His voice is incredible: I saw an old video of the “We are the World” Benefit song from 1985 and his brief two lines were belted out 100 times better than any of the other star performers there of that day.

  8. Sam says

    You’re right, thepolarbeast, he’s just another narcissist who hasn’t had a tenth of the impact you have had on the popular culture. How do you do it? Maybe you can give him some pointers.

  9. says

    Nice to see dear old Georgie got himself back in fighting shape. He’s one of the best voices in pop music, and I’m glad he’s ready to lay some new material on us. His book, “Take It Like A Man” is one of the best autobiographies I’ve ever read.

  10. Icebloo says

    FINALLY we get a new album ! I’ve been waiting years. He said he would never record again as he had such bad experiences with record labels.
    I was never really a big fan of Culture Club but I do love George’s solo work – his 1995 Cheapness & Beauty is incredible.

    I wish he hadn’t smoked so many cigarettes though – his voice sounds so rough on this new song !

  11. Tristram says

    As much as I love George, I have to cry BS at people praising his having ‘aged well’. the retouching here is epic. In reality, since finally losing all the flab, boy George’s facial skin is about as taut as a pensioner’s scrotum. on top of which, years drugs have left him looking permanently ‘less than well rested’. Praise the man, but recognise the damage that years of drug taking, smoking and over eating have taken on his appearance, his health and his god given voice.

  12. Marc says

    Wow…. what a gorgeous song and nostalgic video. He sounds better than ever, his voice now bringing a maturity and richness to it that I haven’t heard before.

    Bravo, bravo, bravo!

  13. says

    George has always been a brilliant musician, and contrary to what most folks in the US probably think, never stopped creating music. “Amazing Grace” from a few years ago was wonderful, though it didn’t get a full release. (No, it had nothing to do with the christian hymn.)

    I do agree with HUDSON that he’s handsome, but he’s not really my type anyway so I don’t care whether he uses makeup or not.

  14. Paul R says

    Boy George made me come out after reading a Rolling Stone interview in 1984 declaring his bisexuality. I will always love him.

    And who cares about the unsightly pounds, drug abuse, or plastic surgery. Plenty of people go through those things, just not under a public microscope. He’s handled himself with more class than, say, George Michael.

  15. tinkerbelle says

    What’s there to prove he’s had plastic work? I just see a really retouched photo (so what else is new?). Who cares, he was a sweetie in the 80s when I met him, and he is a truly talented chap. His voice still sounds great, and he’s looking pretty sexy with the facial hair. A true original, the kind we don’t see anymore (who can be original these days anyway). I agree, I’m glad i was part of the generation that kind of grew up with BG and his music.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “You’re right, thepolarbeast, he’s just another narcissist who hasn’t had a tenth of the impact you have had on the popular culture. How do you do it? Maybe you can give him some pointers.”

    Great line, SAM.

  17. Tommy says

    Not a fan of Boy George. I don’t get the unquestioning adulation of him in the gay community. I think he’s a horrible role model. George Michael to me has handled himself with much more grace and class. Everyone seems to forget that Boy George was sent to jail for a shocking violent premeditated crime in which he handcuffed someone to wall like an animal and beat them. Why is that okay, just because the victim was a sex worker? GM never did such an intentionally violent crime yet he is judged much more harshly. I also don’t like how Boy George always is so bitchy and puts other people down.
    I think his voice is very damaged now and the song is nothing special. It’s very MOR and boring. But I’m sure everyone will disagree with me, Because somehow Boy George is this person who is above criticism in our community just because he wears makeup and a nice hat.

  18. Kyle says

    Tommy, I don’t think George is above criticism – any more than other celebs are that have done bad things (like blinding a man) and people seem to forget about it. In fact, I seem to recall clearly when George was arrested and serving time, some of the vitriol coming from sites just like this one.

    He’s made some mistakes. I suspect we don’t know the whole story about the sex worker and the allegedly stolen material on a computer. I know from first hand experience that there are many people out there that look for any excuse for a payday from a celeb (I used to date a popular singer and saw a lot of this with my own eyes)

    I’d always been a fan of Georges, and even though reading his autobiography led me to like him less, (much like I’m finding with Darlene Love right now as I read hers), there’s no denying his talent.

    Maybe he’s changed, perhaps not, but I for one, am glad that he appears to have conquered his personal demons and is recording again. I find that his voice is better than ever and am looking forward to hearing the entire new “album”.

  19. Niklas says

    Tommy, above criticism? I think It´s the other way around, never taken seriously because of his image, make up and yes, his hats. And in the other corner, the homophobes… I think is one of the most talented songwriters alive, so underrated. Boy George is an Icon in the line of Bowie, Mercury and Bono. A true popstar!

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