1. Geoff says

    Okay, but “preaching to the choir”. Need to show this to Anthony Perkins or Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, etc. (Not Pete Labarbera…he’s already way gay). Pete would be fappin’ so hard he’d crack the FiestaWare 30 miles away.

  2. bravo says

    Just when I get ready to post something like “I don’t understand nipple rings. Or tattoos”, I pour myself a 2nd glass of wine and realize that someone could easily say “I don’t understand sauvignon blanc. Or opera.” Then I learn to shut up and just relax.

    It’s hard not to be judgmental. But the struggle builds character.

  3. j says

    that was beyond painful
    was it supposed to be a joke?
    just too much
    i should have known better after seeing the photo – the nipple rings – omfg – for real?
    there is no excuse –
    those poor nips –

  4. jonvincent says

    The guy in the cap is hot and at least this is a different visual than the typical pretty-boy, twink cliche who is over-plucked, spray-tanned and waxed beyond belief.

  5. BearDroppings says

    We have to accept a lot being gay. This bear infatuation, shared by Andrew Sullivan, makes me want to puke. I can only imagine the stench from these two. I could see them being gay bashers, if their cover was ever threatened.

  6. Just_a_guy says

    C’mon tr commenters ctfo (chill the …). I’d so rather have a casual beer and a chat with this couple than with unattractively-snooty y’all.

    They’re cute together. I’m happy for them. And enjoyed having a little window lowkey view for a moment. Thanks tr.

  7. Tatts says

    The lyrics don’t fit the music. The acCENT is on the wrong SylLABle too many times. Jeez, it’s like listening to the Village People all over again. Get someone who knows how to write for music.

    But the guy in the cap is really hot.

  8. StevyD says

    For BRAVO | SEP 25, 2013 9:29:53 PM
    Bravo Bravo.
    And to the harsh name calling critics, if more straights were as tough as you, LGBT acceptance would be set back 15 years.

  9. hornlongjohn says

    Not my type of guys but that isn’t the point. Have we made it because we can put out songs as cheesy as straight singers do? I don’t know but this seems really bad to me, beyond cheesy

  10. johhny says

    I don’t have a problem with the guys or the little story line in the video or even the nipple rings. And the quality of the music and the singing aren’t even THAT bad. (I’ve heard much worse on the radio.)

    But… OUCH, the lyrics… You can tell those words are really trying way too hard to fit, that’s really where this song suffers, unfortunately.

    Music is easy, lyrics are hard. Ask any song writer and they’ll tell you the same thing.

  11. Rob says

    Hokey in places but heartfelt and sweet. And it’s a fair theme to treat – how we act about our relationships in public and how that feels. And for an amateur the vocals were really nice- not pitchy at all. And I will always love seeing burly men kiss.

  12. Dback says

    As we always say to uptight straight people who are unhappy seeing gay art, movies, TV shows, etc.: “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it.” Period. I thought it was great–musically just OK, but I loved the message of the video, and the guys are seriously hot.

    Again, repeating: If it’s not your thing, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH IT, and you don’t have to crap all over it.

  13. Seattle Mike says

    Heartfelt and sweet, but a terrible song. We don’t have to lower our standards just because the singer is gay. Turn off the sound and just watch the video. It’s “Better That Way.”

  14. Jack M says

    The heading above says Comments, and for better or worse, that’s what these postings are for.

    I have no problem with the people who did this song/video, if I think it’s of poor quality, I say it without desire of trashing anyone. Name calling, however, is not nice, even when I am guilty of doing it.

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