1. MikeBoston says

    Perfect body but I would have no choice but to sit on that face.

    Am I the only one that thinks his face detracts from the overall appeal?

  2. litper says

    Her queeny face is too disporoptional to that manly body. Just see how much photoshop they used to make her look manly in the first pic.

  3. Matt27 says

    Cristiano has a perfect body, beautiful face and he can play football. Why his pics are so photoshoped? His natural look is enough.

  4. James in Toronto says

    @MikeBoston: Yes

    @litper: I love him, as he is. It’s the dichotomy between his body/athleticism and his face that makes him so compelling.

  5. rroberts says

    All this talk about Ronaldo’s looks. He’s not my visual cup of tea either, but so what? There’s obviously more to this man than just his looks and we should acknowledge that. I think we should be praising him for his extraordinary gesture on behalf of a fan who faces expulsion and deportation.

  6. JohnAGJ says

    Agreed, Stephen. Another very classy act by Ronaldo. I’d still like to know what this young Albanian man said to Ronaldo while he was hugging him, not to mention why he thought this was ok to do.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I think he is beautiful, but the styling for the underwear ads makes him look cold, plastic and unerotic.

  8. adrenan p says

    I know this might sound harsh but Cristiano looks like he’s been drained of his masculinity by a feminine gay male who hates masculinity. Where is the body hair, for instance?

  9. says

    The fact that he hugged the kid back was a class act. As for all of you guys who were quick with jabs… he has more class in his belly button lint then you will have in a life time. And for you to complain about an imcompetent photographer… shut up and show us what you can do besides foam at the mouth or what ever oriface you foam from!

  10. Ken says

    He’s gorgeous and wildly successful. I’ll bet his detractors here would give anything to look like him. As for me, all I need is one night with him.

  11. adrenan p says

    I’m sorry but Cristiano is a mega-rich corporate sportsman. He has little, if any, connection to you and me. I’m so sick of how gay men worship corporate types. Gay blogs are especially to blame for this.

    Besides, what has Cristiano ever done for gay rights? Has he ever marched? Doubt it.

    Oh, and his package looks tiny.

  12. skepticalcicada says

    Seriously, Jerry? “foam at the mouth or what ever oriface [sic] you foam from”? Wow, please check yourself into the nearest psychiatric hospital. You appear to be a threat to yourself and others.

  13. Bob says

    An almost unbelievably stupid bunch of errors

    Christiano is transformed into a made up mannequin, almost a woman, in the photo. Reminds me of the old fashioned idealization old queens tried to put on me 45 years ago.
    The damn underwear is baggy in the crotch on him, besides the fact that it is overstyled and not sexy.

    Beckham’s ads are sexy, this is Zombie Underwear.

  14. gomez says

    @gee @ankerich. yeppers

    @dastius. the campaign just needs to be in color, showcasing the fabric of the underwear and cristiano’s beautiful skin

  15. Keith says

    Love his bod; his face seems to be made up as if he or the stylist were channeling Rudolph Valentino. I prefer the paparazzi shots of him sun-bathing on yachts (with all-male hangers-on), which showcase his gorgeous bronze skin, and are incredibly sexy. Does he have to be an out-gay-activist for me to drool? That would be a “no”!

  16. SAYTHETRUTH says

    He is stunning in that underwear photo, certainly can understand his modeling appeal. What I can’t stand (personally, just) is those heavily trimmed eyebrows. That level of “metrosexualism” is just too androgynous for someone who is trying to sell “man”.

  17. robroy says

    Beejeebus with the eye makeup? And is it some form of self-hate or repression that I hate when men over groom their eyebrows?

    On a more constructive note- he’s in such insane shape I think they should have skipped getting him pumped, oiling him down and contortionist poses.

  18. Donny says

    I don’t find him the least bit attractive and won’t buy his underwear. I have a rule that if there is man’s name on the waistband, I’ll pass. But how he handled the fan running onto the field was definitely classy.

  19. Hagatha says

    The man is posing in his underwear. He’s seriously over groomed and his body looks like a hairless Ken Doll.

    We’re not bitter old queens, we’re consumers and we’re getting tired of this same interchangeable product.

  20. SAYTHETRUTH says

    @ BIGGUY, I know you must be joking, but just in case, Ronaldo (the one on your picture, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, retired from football) and Cristiano Ronaldo (the one in these photoshoot) are different persons. And by the way, he (or they) are not Hispanic (as for the language that is).

  21. Hagatha says

    Bigguy –

    Hispanic and white are not mutually exclusive. Hispanic is a language group not a racial group. Caucasian/white is a broad racial category which includes the ethnic Portuguese (as opposed to people of other races who happen to live there).

    The most obvious example of hispanic or latino not being a racial category is that Argentinians are both hispanic and latino. The population of Argentina is 97% european caucasian.