1. Mike8787 says

    This dullard is clearly someone Andy finds attractive and will publicize anything he does, even if it’s just clipping his nails.

    Mark Miller joins the illustrious ranks of the gay country singer and that out-of-touch psychotherapist, people who get posted here but who have almost no substance when they are.

  2. Kevin says

    I liked his kissing video, it was hot. In this video, I get that he’s trying to say that anyone could be gay, but it just comes across as a disguised narcissistic demonstration of how “masc” or “straight acting” he is.

  3. FernLaPlante says

    What of the point of this? A guy comes up to girls and asks “Do you think I’m gay?” How are they supposed to answer and what are we learning from this? Nothing. I don’t understand what this social experiment is proving.

  4. BBRK says

    It is interesting from the stand point that many of these women have preconceptions what a gay man looks is supposed to be. So, we do have a long ways to go still it looks like.

  5. Charlie says

    He is a true example of style over substance. It takes a narcissistic person to post videos like this. He is just a growing example of his generation’s desire to be famous without actually ever doing anything (other than looking pretty) to garner fame/notoriety.

  6. R says

    He should use his shameless attention-whoring to do something good for gay people instead of flaunting…what? His ability to pass? I guess that counts as activism nowadays. There are plenty of good-looking guys in the world.

  7. Fenrox says

    @Mike, Nailed it! Yeah yeah it’s his prerogative, but im glad others see through this crap too. Sometimes its ok, like that horrible lawyer guy that has articles here, it’s because andy is all into him (you know, anyone who looks like him and supports and lifts Andy’s sense of pride in himself) (I’m saying andy is a narcissistic loser), I also find that horrible law dude hot.

  8. Jules says

    Good Grief, don’t any of these women have the slightest Gay-Dar?

    They are all destined to get their hearts broken in the next five years.

    That said, he’s adorable and the women are all pretty cool…

  9. AngelaChanning says

    There may be a bias either to how the video was edited or the fact the women he approached may think it is some sort of insult. If the latter, they are demonstrating a level of politeness or tolerance at minimum. From the perception of the women, it could be the equivalent of “Do these jeans make me look fat?” They may not give an honest answer to a stranger but would a close friend.

  10. says

    Haaate this! We don’t need so-called gay guys who look and act like men. We need gay guys, who wear make up, refer to themselves with female pronouns, snap their fingers and cry at every opportunity! That’s what a real man is. And it is even better if he dyes his hair pink and purple. The weirder the better.

    If you don’t do all these things, you are really a sniveling coward and deserve to die!

  11. Seattle Mike says

    Please don’t compare this pointless video to Steve Grand’s work. SG actually has talent, even if some people don’t care for his type of music. Can you play the piano and write songs?

  12. Chris says

    OMG…he’s a BFQ…A booty-bandit…a butt-pirate. Those girls must really live sheltered lives if they thought he was straight. Odd though…he didn’t ask any guys.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “@Little Kiwi, take your meds.”

    Litper, that’s not Kiwi. I’m not quite sure who it is (probably Rick), but Miss Thing is just vicious because make-up doesn’t help her appearance anymore. And she has never been pretty like that boy in the video (SNAP!)

  14. Kieran says

    I agree with AngelaChanning. My impression is that most of these women say “No,” because deep down, they really do think being gay is something that is less-than, but they know that it’s not as socially acceptable to be a vocal bigot any more. It’s kinda like racsim. It just hides deeper in a person.

  15. EchtKultig says

    Yep, and anyone who’s not legally blind.

    Oh snap! That was a good one Derrick.

    “disguised narcissistic demonstration”
    ” It takes a narcissistic person to post videos like this”

    Yes, welcome to youtube, millions of young attractive narcissistic persons vying for your views. At least this one is out of the closet unlike that cute but dweeby guy who was a reality show contestant. (Last name Garrafa or something? He’s gayer acting than almost any gay person I’ve met, and yet claims to be straight.)

  16. EchtKultig says

    “Good Grief, don’t any of these women have the slightest Gay-Dar?”

    Ummm, yeah, this is actually pretty common which is why SNL used to have a skit about a girl with broken gay-dar. Let’s look at it from a evolutionary POV; particularly since modern human civilization began, it’s not in every woman’s interest to have the butchest mate possible. And once you introduce alleles to select for less butch males, sometimes those alleles are going to recombine/reassort into a phenotype for desiring MUCH less butch males.

  17. EchtKultig says

    HereinDC – your sig. undermines your comment.
    If he asked girls at universities along the coasts, I have no doubt he’d get more affirmative responses. Heck, he probably would at Northwestern. But he’s at Ball State in rural red America.
    Not really stupid compared to a lot of what goes down on youtube. I hadn’t subscribed to their channel because it seemed like a little too much of a guilty pleasure, but this is a mildly interesting sociological profile of that demographic. (middle class, middle american college students) At least nobody started telling him to repent…unless he edited that out.

  18. Gast says

    “Mark Miller joins the illustrious ranks of the gay country singer and that out-of-touch psychotherapist, people who get posted here but who have almost no substance when they are.”

    LOL so true.

  19. BG says

    Saying you are Gay implies too much history, experience and bravery. With today’s boyfriends and marriages, there’s no need for that. He’s the 2013 upturned nose, boyishly cute model.

  20. Reggie777 says

    So many posters here ready to judge this guy. They’ve gone to passing judgement on his character, his morals, just about everything bad they can come up with. Can’t we just enjoy someone’s playing around with their camera? Must everything be so destructive to the spirit? It’s on this site, so Andy must have the hots for him. It’s about his appearance, so he must be a media attention whore. Ease up, people. What has the haters on this site done lately to improve the human condition? I enjoyed this little video even if those who would suck the joy out of life did not.

  21. anon says

    That button nose and soft eyes give him away big-time, but the women were just being polite by saying “no”. I imagine their first reaction was “the poor guy needs some re-affirmation”.

    He probably should have asked older women outside his dating age, and probably should have asked “If I said people told me I look gay, would you agree??” They would still say “no” to be nice, but he could follow up with “Would you ever tell a guy he looked gay?” And then we’d know they were being polite.

  22. KEVIN says

    I thought it was an innocent video but apparently you’ve angered many a queen Mark. Basically if you’re attractive and you make a youtube video you get instant hate from commentators on a gay website, it’s mandatory. These keyboard warriors have told you what for mark, i hope you learned your lesson!

  23. Ren says

    Dunno what his survey design is but, I’ve read in social psychology studies that it is statistically significant that straight people are less likely than gay and lesbian people to correctly identify gay/lesbian people on average. I wonder what the hit/miss rate would be if he asked some known LGBTQ people. I think he’s only asked straight women here?

  24. Kyle says

    I’m 17 and this video proves why most my friends are girls. They unconditionally support me and love me. I often think if gay rights were to be decided strictly by 18-30 year old females, we’d have marriage equality in like very state, even Arkansas.

  25. says

    I think this video is kinda dumb because the bias is towards saying “no” even if people think he is gay because some folks think that saying someone is gay is offensive. So, not sure what this proves or disproves except it probably makes him feel hes more “straight looking” or “masculine” just because girls were trying to be nice.

  26. jonvincent says

    Actually, it has some value. We’ve all met straight people we assume are gay and gay people we assume are straight. Unless you are dresses a certain way and act somewhat flamboyant you don’t exist on the street as a gay person. Thus, people think the percentage of gays is much smaller than it actually is based on their surface observations.

  27. Francis #1 says

    I agree with Angela, the default answer is no. We really cannot answer to what these girls actually think and what their true feelings are on this subject and whether they actually believed that, yes, Mark is gay, because they had a camera in their face and because saying “yes, you’re gay” is considered an insult with many heterosexuals. So if they got it “wrong”, and said he was gay, it would be more embarrassing to them and embarrassing onto the hypothetical straight guy they’re calling gay.

    I can see Mark was probably trying to break stereotypes, but just asking “am I gay” randomly….he could have really done more and made these girls think by asking follow up questions. The video could have really served a purpose. Anyway, I’d say 80% of LGBT people at least would say yes, because Mark, quite frankly, is obviously gay, and one doesn’t have to be overtly fem to ping.

  28. gpv says

    I don’t really understand the point of the video, other than just as an exercise in narcissistic self-congratulation. So you think you are too good-looking and/or masculine to be perceived as gay? So what?! Who cares?

  29. Dave says


    Bro, you are a guy. You need to have guy friends. It is great that you have female friends, but you need to have other males to bond with. Don’t start thinking of yourself as “one of the girls” just because you are gay. B/c being gay doesn’t mean you are any less of a guy.

    It’s 2013 and there are a lot of decent straight guys who will be friends with you. Avoid the jerks and find a few good ones. Whether they are jocks or sci fi nerds or whatever, just make an effort to be friends and you won’t be sorry.

  30. Bryan says

    “Do you think I’m gay?”

    And the facial expressions of every single person questioned screamed…

    “_Duh_. But I’m sure as hell not dumb enough to get sucked into a ridiculous conversation about how gay ‘looks’ with a camera pointed at me.”

    I was hoping for someone with sufficient guts to scream “Nooo! Nooo! I can’t believe your gaaaaaaay! Call Jesus! Save the children!” while miming Munch’s “The Scream.”

    “I have a boyfriend.”

    How nice for you dear. And have you been together long enough for him to notice you’re a self-obsessed narcissist and witless bore?

  31. Sam says

    If Mark wants to make this video more interesting, he should ask this question at a Home Depot weekend, inside a busy Chick-Fil-A, or even in front of Westboro Baptist Church Sunday morning…just like ABC’s series “What Would You Do?” He may have more subscribers watching. Or just do a porn video with boyfriend.

  32. Keith says

    it’s even more interesting that Mark Miller has a preconceived notion of what a gay guy looks like, thus this inane video.

    Surprise, i’m gay. see, i don’t look gay, so these silly girls are surprised! but it’s cool, because they are “okay with it.”


    no, lame.

  33. Kissyfur says

    The whole thing is an experiment in internalized and externalized homophobia. What does “gay” seem like? Bad. Diseased. Fem. Sinful. It’s just a weird thing, not breaking stereotypes but embracing them.

  34. wheelie81 says

    Putting the point of the whole video aside for a moment, what irks me about this is that his response is always “I have a boyfriend.” It’s like he is trying to promote that that fact. He would sound a “little” less narcissistic to me if he would just simply say “Yes, I am actually gay.” Oh, and btw, these women need their gaydar examined…I wouldn’t even think twice about saying yes to him being gay.

  35. Max says

    I think many if not most of the girls were subconsciously hoping that he’s straight, hence their unanimous answers. You could almost see that little spark of romantic interest in their eyes…

  36. GregV says

    I thought this was a little awkward. To their credit, none of them had a strong reaction one way or the other and a lot of them more looked at him like it was a nonsensical question (as if he were asking a random question like “Would you believe me if I said my mother is from Ohio?”) This is exactly what I would expect out of university students.
    A lot of them answer as I would: “Well, yeah, why wouldn’t I believe you?… And I I’d have no reason to question you if you told me you were straight or bi, too. How would you expect ME to know?”

  37. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    I understand his motive but it comes off as a little self-serving and narcissistic. He has a real need to reinforce how “straight-acting” he is. How easy is it to ask college-age girls that question. How about asking some guys, how about going to a truck stop off I-69 and asking some people there? Kid seems very immature and needs some kind of wake up call.

  38. Pierce.mn1 says

    If this isn’t one of the most pretentious things ever posted on the internet, I don’t know what is. Who gives a rats’ ass? Pretty boi, attached, asks all these girls if they think he’s gay. BFD!!!

  39. Excuse Me! says

    So what is he trying to prove? That he is somehow better that he is not “gay appearing” and is of a higher stratosphere within the gay community so that he can pass for “straight”? Am I wrong that he is wanting accolade for his looks and that how some girls were wanting him and “how desirable” he is to both sexes? UUGGHH! another vapid, shallow, insecure, self-involved one from the community, folks

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