French Actor Alain Delon Says Homosexuality is ‘Against Nature’

French actor Alain Delon told a French television station that homosexuality is "against nature" in an interview about his opposition to gay adoption, Pink News reports:

DelonSpeaking live on France 2, he was asked about his controversial stance on prohibiting same-sex couples from having children.

He responded: “Yes, it is against nature, I’m sorry.

“We are here to love a woman, to woo a woman, not to flirt with or get picked up by guys.”

On the topic of same-sex marriages, Mr Delon added: “I’m not against gay marriage, I do not give a damn, but I am against the adoption of children.” …

…When the host told Mr Delon they were receiving a slew of angry messages on Twitter, he said: “What I do not want is for them to adopt. But we will not discuss it for hours, or it becomes a different issue.”

Delon has starred in dozens of French films and once thought of as that country's answer to James Dean.


  1. ral5050 says

    Just because you’re famous and a loved film star (my heart still beats for him) doesn’t mean that your opinion holds special weight or import.

    In short, who cares.

  2. Mary says

    And “we are also here” to acknowledge and support our children. This man fathered a child with actress/singer Nico of the Velvet Underground. Then he denied being the child’s father. His (Delon’s) mother was told that if she wanted her grandchild in her life she had to lose her son. Wisely, she chose her grandchild. Poor Ari Boulogne has to live with the pain of this rejection all his life. Mr. Delon has no business telling gay people how to live. A real man wouldn’t stab his own child in the heart like this. Dan Savage, who is raising a child not his biologically is far more of a man.

  3. Autechre says

    Alain Delon never recognized the son he had with Nico. Delon’s parents, however, did what they thought was right by adopting said child. So, yeah, Delon can pretty much shut his effing face on the issue of adoption.

  4. enough says

    I thought that he had died years ago. He can certainly join his compatriot and fellow fallen idol Gerard Depardieu in Moscow where I’m sure they will get along famously with their buddy Putin.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Hey, Delon, just because YOU say homosexuality is against nature, it doesn’t make it true. Therefore, I invite you (I’m paraphrasing here) to suck a cock in my shoes before stating a fact about something which you obviously know nothing!

  6. Rick says

    “We are here to love a woman, to woo a woman, not to flirt with or get picked up by guys.”

    You see, this is REALLY what we are up against, namely the idea that a woman should be a man’s “soulmate”, a totally irrational idea that underlies the notion of “romantic love” between a man and a woman.

    THAT is the idea that we have to destroy if men are to be sexually and emotionally liberated, which is the only way that we will ever gain full acceptance.

    The culture needs to be changed in such a way that men regard EACH OTHER, not women, as each other’s principal sources of emotional and social fulfillment…and when that change occurs, homophobia will be dead. Not until then, though, and women will, of course, not greet such a proposed change with anything but hostility, as one is already beginning to see all over the world.

  7. RonCharles says

    This is pretty funny coming from an actor who is notorious for his many affairs with both men and women, and who is known for his penchant for menage-a-trois with both men and women. Maybe he is just upset that he is not getting as much action as he did when he was one of the most beautiful men in all of France.

  8. Tom Pace says

    This is a man who impregnated NICO back in the 60’s then denied paternity. NICO’s son ARI was raised with little to no money but a drug addicted mother and Alain Delon refused to acknowledge his existence. Finally, Delon’s mother stepped in to care for the child and she was subsequently disowned by her famous son. This is NOT a role model for society. He has no moral authority to speak about adoption or homosexuals. He is a criminally negligent father with a cruel streak dating back to the 60’s.

  9. scott dillard says

    This is the kind of relationships he has had an the kind of parenting he did.

    On 20 March 1959, Delon was engaged to actress Romy Schneider, whom he met when they co-starred in the film Christine (1958). During their relationship, he had an affair with German actress, singer and model Nico. On 11 August 1962, Nico gave birth to a son, Christian Aaron “Ari”, fathered by Delon. The child was raised mostly by Delon’s parents. Nico died in 1988, from a bicycling accident.

    In December 1963, Schneider and Delon decided to break the engagement. On 13 August 1964, Delon married Nathalie Barthélemy. Their son, Anthony Delon, was born in September. The couple divorced on 14 February 1969.

    In 1968, during the shooting of the film Jeff, he met French actress Mireille Darc with whom he started a 15-year relationship, lasting until 1982.

    In 1987, Delon met Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen on the shooting of the video clip for his song “Comme au cinéma” and started a relationship. They had two children: Anouschka (25 November 1990) and Alain-Fabien (18 March 1994). The relationship ended in October 2002.

  10. Caliban says

    As others have said, Alain Delon is NO role model for parenting or even basic civil human behavior.

    It’s kind of ironic for me because one of my favorite Alain Delon films is Plein du Soleil (Purple Noon), the first filming of The Talented Mr Ripley, which is quite homoerotic. The homosexuality is never explicit in that film, as it was in the Matt Damon version, but that’s actually the way the book was written, with the homoeroticism as subtext.

  11. Kev C says

    The “It’s Against Nature” argument has been used by christians and communists to justify their hatred and ignorance of homosexuals. In fact, it isn’t against nature, as homosexuality occurs in hundreds of animal species. Alan Delon is just ignorant and uneducated.

  12. Fox says

    Based on his history recounted here in the comments, it sounds like he’d think polygamy (polygyny) and women having sole responsibility for raising children is natural.

  13. Dan Cobb says

    Um… this man’s ego is so self-absorbed that he believes he himself is “NATURE”… that since he is not personally drawn to homosexual sex, it must be unnatural for ALL men. All men must have the same desires that he has….
    What is it about such solipsistic people that they cannot even abide other people having other attractions from their own!?!

  14. woodroad34 says

    Some straight guy telling us what’s natural from a straight perspective…not too intellectual. He may have been a much loved film star, but like John Wayne or Charleton Heston…he’s not that great an actor and what he has to say out of those pouty lips and dull eyes means just about as much as spitting in the ocean.

  15. SAYTHETRUTH says

    I don’t think that we should be surprised by people’s opinions whose education came from XIX century parents. Some deeply rooted things need an intellectual effort to change, and generally old people never needed to; they took what was given to them without further processing.

  16. Caliban says

    I see the sodomites are our out in numbers on this posting.

    Posted by: colonInvaders | Sep 3, 2013 4:57:13 PM

    You’re on a gay website, princess. You were expecting something else?

    I don’t expect wisdom from formerly pretty people. I couldn’t pick Alain Delon out of a police line-up. So his opinion matters because……? It doesn’t. I’ve scraped things off my shoe more relevant than Alain Delon’s opinion and his (I’m just guessing) toadying to Catholic dogma.

  17. JD says

    Primarily heterosexual male, much-enabled narcissist, who when young often had sex with men who could help him with his career (of creating illusion), and along the way fathered children irresponsibly with various women. A soupçon of drinky and snorty in the mix. Hard to give two fkx about his opinions.

  18. Caliban says

    Oh, and just to head it off at the pass, I also don’t give a sweet FA what Brigitte Bardot has to say about gay marriage either.

    If I wanted the opinions of liver-spotted former whores, male or female, I’d go to the local nursing home and ask them directly.

  19. Zeta says

    Based on his history recounted here in the comments, it sounds like he’d think polygamy (polygyny) and women having sole responsibility for raising children is natural.

    @Fox, what’s wrong with polygamy/polygny? and (believe it or not) many women lean towards that last on sole responsibility. Not all, a significant number.

    Homosexuality is ‘against nature’ in that it’s a dead end. Homosexual acts do not propagate the species. It’s not against nature in that homosexuality exists in most higher life forms, in some way shape or form.

  20. Rick says

    Like most of ’em, he’s the last person on earth to be preaching on the general topic of “family values”: he’s steadfastly refused to acknowledge his own son, and so opposed it that he permanently cut off his own mother for raising the kid!

    I hope he enjoyed his homoerotic appeal in his heyday cos now he’s just a sad old piece of ass. Happens to the best of us!

  21. thom says

    I think everyone here has stated what they feel about former heartthrob, Delon…Unfortunately, he is NO valid spokesperson for living a pure life. He is, like the gazillions of others who spew this crap. Their own doorsteps are filthy, just like the rest of the world, no matter the gender or sexual preference. So, his razor-sharp perception is that “man was put here to “woo” a woman.Huh? WTF is THAT all about??..Delusional creep. Sad.

  22. Diaphanous Lunacies says

    I think he played Baron de Charlus in the adaptation of the great Marcel Proust novel Swann’s Way. If you know the novel and the Baron’s proclivities you would probably say you can’t get much gayer than that.

  23. Gunnar says

    I agree with Delon and with 98% of normal human beings, homosexuality is a personality disorder. Who cares what degenerates do with their genitals, but don’t try to argue against nature, you’re a fool even to think of trying it.

  24. lafleurrose says

    You Gays need to accept not everyone will likes,no matter how much forced down’s people throat.

    This is not just about Gay rights but the forcing your lifestyle down’s other throats

    Vice president Joe Biden say exactly who are behind this Gay propaganda and people are waking up slowly

    They are the ones who also controlled the media and who are forcing that Gay image through entertainment.

    Enjoy it while it last since Americans are slowly waking up to their deeds.

  25. Desalpages says

    Monsieur Delon ferait bien de s’occuper de lui-même avant d’aller donner des leçons de morale aux autres. Mais puisqu’il met son nez dans les affaires des autres, alors nous pouvons mettre le notre dans les siennes, il se permet de frapper sa femme et ses enfants, de tromper sa femme, de critiquer une loi française alors qu’il s’est réfugié en Suisse pour ne pas payer ses impôts en France, et, cerise sur le gâteau, il est d’une prétention sans borne, c’est “sa suprême suffisance”.

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