1. woodroad34 says

    Well…geez! I’m just a mess. This is what we’ve been trying to do… have a public acknowledgement with family and friends involved. What a lucky guy this fellow is to have such a loving group of people around him…and…in the stronghold of Mormonism to boot. How wonderful for the both of them.

  2. Craig says

    If my BF proposed like that at the lumber aisle of the local Home Depot, he would not find it a good thing that the two by fours are conveniently close to me since I’d likely whack him upside the head with one. Seriously, this is supposed to be romantic? Is that really how you want to remember being proposed to? With all the beautiful locations in the mountains surrounding SLC, he decided “I’m going to propose at the lumber aisle of Home Depot”?

  3. Francis #1 says

    Very very gay….but that isn’t a bad thing! Congrats to Spencer and Dustin. Glad to see they have the support and love of their family. And how about that boycott of Home Depot that was just rescinded. Sure doesn’t seem to have worked out for the haters.

  4. gina says

    I get that I am old and bitter…But whats with all these song and dance and flash mob proposals? It’s too much of a show for me..Contrived..Not to mention awkward for anyone else coming along.. I’d keep mine private. just the two of us.

  5. bambinoitaliano says

    @Gina, as you said it’s not for you. The video couples is doing it for themselves, for their families and their friends. It’s not the Olympic event waiting for your score.

  6. Chazwm says

    I would spend even more time in Home Depot than I already do if I knew that there might be a loving flashmob event like that about to be sprung! Congratulations, guys, on finding each other and having such a great gang of friends and family celebrate you in such a lovingly silly way!!! @Craig, not to worry….don’t think you will ever be put in that situation…

  7. Bastian says

    Now I see why no one wanted us gays to have access to marriage. A straight guy used to be able to save 3 months salary, buy a ring, and make a reservation at a nice restaurant. How are they expected to pull off choreography, secretly gathering 40 of your closest friends & family, and acquiring the rights to play copyrighted music in a public place?

  8. ian says

    I was prepared to be underwhelmed, so jaded am I, but I choked up when mom and dad, presumably his siblings, nephews, future in-laws appeared. Awesome they have that support, and as a previous commenter said in SLC no less. Yes the momentum of progress is unstoppable. Congrats to the couple, I wish them many years of wedded bliss.

  9. Randal Oulton says

    Okay I’ma gonna be the one sounding like a curmudgeon for a change, but this whole “video tape our engagement” is getting old fast. I’m with Miss Manners – the more show on the surface, the less likely it is to last.

  10. Dback says

    This was so lovely and upbeat (great song!) and romantic, and I love that it happened in a Salt Lake City Home Depot. But, I do wonder, where are they going to get married? (They’ve got a lot of people to invite! Unless they elope to Washington or New Mexico or California, and the point was to have family and friends at the proposal.)

  11. UFFDA says

    Hey where were the feather boas, the glitter, everything pink and lavender, the mincing and the flipped wrists? Oh shriek and faint how can this be gay…it’s just so heteronormative!

    Congratulations for being yourselves sweet ones!

  12. UFFDA says

    Hey where were the feather boas, the glitter, everything pink and lavender, the mincing and the flipped wrists? Oh shriek and faint how can this be gay…it’s just so heteronormative!

    Congratulations for being yourselves sweet ones!

  13. UFFDA says

    Hey where were the feather boas, the glitter, everything pink and lavender, the mincing and the flipped wrists? Oh shriek and faint how can this be gay…it’s just so heteronormative!

    Congratulations for being yourselves sweet ones!

  14. UFFDA says

    Hey where were the feather boas, the glitter, everything pink and lavender, the mincing and the flipped wrists? Oh shriek and faint how can this be gay…it’s just so heteronormative!

    Congratulations for being yourselves sweet ones!

  15. Macguffin54 says

    Boy, these guys are really raising the bar for everyone else. Not only that, but the wedding is going to have to be pretty special to top this. But it’s great. I cried.

  16. Hawthorne says

    I. LOVED. THIS. I’m crying like a baby, this was so sweet and happy. Yeah, this may not be a private event at a home depot and all, but think about it – there were tons of people who put in hours of rehearsal and work into this one short moment, people who love the couple. It was clear that a lot of family support was in the room – what a lovely thing. BRAVO to these two fine gentlemen.

  17. says

    If it were me I’d probably turn around and walk out. That would just be embarrassing as heck for me.

    But it’s NOT me, and it’s great that their family and friends came together for them, especially in Salt Lake City! So congratulations!

    And it was done with the cooperation of the Home Depot. Oh, Religious Right, please tell us again how well that little boycott of yours worked out! 😉

  18. AZXPAT says

    Loved it. If you wouldn’t do it/like it, remember: they didn’t do this for your approval. They did it to celebrate their relationship, not you, or yours. And as for feather boa comments, go GFY. Feather boas don’t diminish feelings or legitimacy. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it!

  19. bravo says

    I loved it all except for the bride-to-be whipping out her phone to try and record it. Live the moment, baby. For a flash mob wedding proposal, there are others who will be doing the video. Didn’t you see the damn boom mike?

  20. Shawn says

    How exactly is proposing in Home Depot suppossed to be romantic? I think it was done there more to get some amount of attention. Seriously, marriage proposals are suppossed to be an intimate affair, not something to make a video out of and post it online. If my bf everproposed to me like that, i’d say no.

  21. Jay says

    FFS – Hot people can be decent too.
    SHAWN – It is their proposal and they get to chose, not you.
    I tell you the only down side to sharing ones proposal is the sad comments by these sassy gays. Get a life, maybe then you too could get engages, lol.

  22. Wayne says

    Spencer is a really sweet guy and I hope he and Dustin have a wonderful life together. I love that this happened here in SLC. Things are changing… also in a couple weeks there will be the first Provo PRIDE… and one of the sponsors is the Gay group at BYU. Whodathunkit.

  23. says

    Home Depot is Perfect for the Happy Home Owners….I hope they are Registered there! Can’t have a House without that place!
    In fact, I will be at HD tomorrow…in which aisle can I expect my own proposal-event?!
    Oh, I Wish!


  24. bandanajack says

    as several commenters have noted, i have a sly hunch that the reason gay folk were prohibited from marrying for so long was the reasonable fear that we would gentrify them right out of the institution…

  25. JT says

    I think this was really good. I’m happy for them, almost jealous of them. I wish them the best.
    I’m not sure it would be for me as I would be a blubbering, crying my eyes out, embarrassingly overwhelmed, never thought it would happen to me, grateful for someone’s love that would go that far to propose to me, kind of guy.

  26. dixichuk says

    It took 7 pages on YouTube to get to a negative comment. The old reliable Trolleroaders hit one out first thing.
    Congrats to these guys and all those they will inspire.

  27. Fenrox says

    Not being a straight girl, I have never cared about weddings so I have no stake in how they are executed. This video made me realize how bitchy bridezilla I would get if he tried to do it in a home depot.

  28. John says

    While The Home Depot may not seem the most romantic spot for a proposal, we all have to admit that it is a very unexpected spot if one wants to do a big surprise. He was obviously surprised, and obviously moved, and obviously there was no hesitation in answering “yes”. And, who knows, maybe there’s a personal connection – maybe they met while cruising for hot hunks in the lumber aisle.

  29. Francis #1 says

    Someone on twitter raised this and it’s interesting to me.

    Dustin apparently lives with a roommate. I wonder if these guys didn’t want to “live in sin” and didn’t live together until they got engaged and made it official. I wouldn’t be surprised considering this is Utah.

  30. Zeus says

    I’m gay, and I HATE this.

    If I were straight, this would make me hate gay people.

    Enough of these stupid, over the top videos. The ridiculousness does not represent me or most gay people!!!

  31. tinkerbelle says

    As I stated on another post, to each his own. This was an incredible effort, good or bad, who cares (I actually thought it was pretty good, I could never figure out how these things are organized). If I were in the same situation, I would most certainly want to know that EVERYBODY was on board. Best of luck to the to-be-weds, and hey, FIVE STARS! for the production.

  32. KC says

    This was fun, even touching. With one caveat (a big peeve of mine). The first thing the guy did was whip out a phone to take a picture/video of what was unfolding. Several times. Jesus H – live in the moment, for God’s sake! Something tells me there is at least one person in the room capturing this. And even if not, are you totally incapable of cherishing an amazing memory that, tragically, can’t be immediately posted to Facebook and blasted via Twitter?

    End of rant about our Insta-Society. My mantra: “It puts away the phone, or It gets the hose.”

  33. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    I agree that the best part is the inclusion/participation of the extended family. That is the very definition of acceptance. Though we have a ways to go, it just shows how far we’ve come.

  34. jamal49 says

    These things get me every time. No pollen allergies today to excuse away the tears. Just a very warm, sweet feeling for the happy couple and a gratitude that we are now able to do such things as propose marriage (in Home Depot! In the Lumber Aisle!) and then get married. Lovely.

  35. m says

    congratulations to the couple and much happiness now and always. gave me the chills and made me cry. what an awesome family. everyone should have a reason to celebrate life like this.

  36. steve says

    I’m worried these gay proposal guys are starting to compete with eachother and try to one up one another with their gay proposals. However, if this makes them happy I’m all for it – but I think I would die a little inside if this happened to me, and I certainly wouldn’t subject my partner to it.

  37. jonvictor says

    Very sweet. They are lucky to have such a great group of friends – and the girl in orange dancing in the front is a great dancer! Nice technique. Nice movement.

  38. The French Mistake says

    I kept waiting for Dom DeLuise to walk in with his bullhorn and yell “WRONG!” But the love and positive energy of all those well-wishers is just too contagious. You’re all going to on the finals!

  39. Carter says

    Speaking as someone who is on his honeymoon in The Maldives as I write, having gone through less flashy but none-the-less amazing proposal, and a wedding that exceeded my dreams, I congratulate the couple, the supportive family and friends, and The Home Depot! Maybe someday I’ll drop my boycott of anything Utah . . .

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