1. Zack says

    I don’t understand the obsession people have with videotaping every aspect of their lives (especially something as personal as a marriage proposal) and posting on the web for everyone to see. I guess that is society’s current need for 15 minutes of fame.

  2. Luke says

    @Zack, I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! Thank you for saying this. Yes, these videos are cute, and we all say “aww” but seriously, if my boyfriend tried to videotape if he proposed to me and posted it all over the internet, I’d say no. These are private, intimate moments that are not private nor intimate anymore. Watch this video:

  3. will says

    Didn’t we just see a marriage proposal yesterday & the day before?

    We love positive gay propaganda, but this is too much. Do one marriage proposal a week & weed out all the mediocre ones. Thanks.

  4. Jackie says

    This isn’t just a marriage proposal, but a historical event. Not everyone can be as open about their love as these two are here. The world needs to know and see that love like theirs is real.

  5. Kiwi's Stalker says

    If I spent as much time working on my own crippling insecurities as I do posting racist comments under Little Kiwi’s name maybe I’d have had a boyfriend by now…..

  6. peterparker says

    I honestly wish them much love and happiness. And I’m thrilled that they are able to get married legally in California (I think they are SF boys). But whenever I see one of these flash mob proposals–be it a straight couple or a gay couple–all I can think is that the person proposing has taken what should have been one of the most intimate, personal moments between the 2 people and turned it into a production involving dozens of friends and/or strangers. To me, that speaks to a lack of intimacy in the relationship. It also makes me wonder about the degree of narcissism present in the personality structure of the proposer. However, I truly and sincerely wish them much happiness. And I am very much looking forward to seeing the honeymoon breeding video posted on xtube.

  7. AdamLondon says

    Ahh lovely, lots of happy people. Can anyone identify the song that is fading out at the very beginning? I’ve replayed it about twenty times but I just can’t work out what the song it – it’s driving me insane!

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