1. Billy Crytical says

    He’s probably gay. It looked like his boyfriend was on stage at the end to hug him.

    I wish I could have seen this live but I wasn’t interested in the show and did read anything about gay contestants.

  2. tonyc says

    Where the hell was this filmed..all those people behind them had to turn their lites off..this is where we are now in running any enterrtainment in this city (nyc)of the wealthy.,right on the street for a prime spot

  3. FFS says

    Was the audio not working for you? Every word he uttered was “word” that he’s gay.

    Good for him, tho. How long would we have to be gay married for me to be entitled to half his net worth?

  4. Tim says

    I’m not sure if being flustered and fanning oneself is a sign. I’m queer, and if Ryan Seacrest were to do that to me without first asking, I’d SLAP him. Having said this, Mr. Kravis is awfully pretty. I don’t see it for Mr. Seacrest, but I generally don’t understand the beauty myth as to who’s attractive (my idea of attractive is Seth Rogen pre-weight loss, or Zach Galifianakis).

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