Hundreds of Serbian Gay Rights Activists Protest Government Shutdown of Pride March: VIDEO


Hundreds of gay rights activists took to the streets last night with flags and banners, protesting a government shutdown of a planned LGBT Pride march for the third year in a row. The march had been planned for Saturday.

The government had previously announced it would allow the march to be held because it hopes to be accepted in the European Union and therefore must demonstrate that its LGBT citizens are respected and protected but the threat of violence from right-wing nationalists caused it to cave, Reuters reports:

"After a long discussion on whether the march would pass without severe consequences, the security assessments indicated severe threats to public safety," Dacic said after a three-hour meeting with security chiefs.

"This is not a capitulation to the hooligans," he said.

Reuters adds:

Riot police had fanned out through downtown Belgrade on Friday evening in anticipation of Saturday's march, and Serbian media reports said before the ban that more than 6,000 officers would be deployed to maintain order with a string of anti-gay demonstrations announced.

Speaking before the evening protest, Miletic said of the ban: "Everyone's a loser here, except the hooligans who for the third consecutive year proved they can tell that state what it can and cannot do."

But the threat of violence did not stop a group of activists who took to the streets anyway.

Some media compared their actions to Stonewall:

Soon after they learned that authorities banned the pride the activists were promptly organized and around 11 p.m. they gathered in hundreds in front of the Prime Minister office.
The police was there immediately but they could not stop anymore the activists who started to march in the streets joyfully and shouting “We don’t give up!”.

A Euronews report on the shutdown and march:


  1. lukebrux says

    The government never really intended allowing the pride, instead of what they say, Serbia is far from being a democratic country. The authorities are still under the treat of the Orthodox church and their allied paramilitary groups, both responsible of the past atrocities during the Jugoslavian wars. On this path they will never allowed to join the EU.

  2. says

    We’re in Belgrade and planned to attend the Pride event today, if it hadn’t been cancelled (again). Didn’t know about last night’s impromptu Pride in the dark till after the fact, alas. Good for them for going ahead, despite having so little support. Saw a passing anti-gay march yesterday with a bunch of grim looking people droning hymns. Most of the street cafe patrons were rolling their eyes and laughing at them. Around the city it’s a battle of the graffiti, pro-gay vs. anti-gay.

    And, yes, it was precisely a capitulation to hooligan thugs, a willing one by the current powers-that-be.

  3. KEVINVT says

    The first video, though titled 28.09.2013 and Gay parade – breaking it up, is actually of yesterday’s (27.9) anti- gay march encountering police. We saw the police out in force, and the beginning of that march, including signs that said MASONS AND GAYS — SONS OF THE ANTICHRIST.

    The impromptu gay march took place after the homophobes had gone to bed :-)

  4. Saturnalia says

    Just to correct some fallacies.

    First, the government banned all the activities from various groups, not just homosexual ones but of political parties and citizens for fear of escalating violence of thousands of footbal fans who would descended to Belgrade for two important matches.

    Homosexual activists had planned this impromptu march with the government. That happended last year also. It is not spontaneous but it were organized by the govenment – hence the police presence. Also they broke the law, as the such activities were forbidden.

    There is not a homosexual activists in sight here. They are all on the well paid listis of various non government organizations. They actually wish there is no Pridse march. If it ahappens they lose all the donations.

    Of course, several horrible missteps by the homosexual rganizations are to blame for this situation, of the resentment by the general populace.

    Hooligans are going to hate, but ordinary citizens were appled when homosexual organizations had on their website a guide for their activists, how to spread lies and accuse ordinary citizens who do not support homosexuals of paedophilia and spousal rape and beating.

    In fact, this whole thing is sharade. It is easy to get fooled from afar. But you, do not have the silightest idea what is happening in Serbia, so kindly, stick to your comments about US internal affairs.

  5. says

    Wow! A troll from Serbia? Spreading lies about what is actually a quite numerous and vibrant queer movement in Serbia.

    First, the ban was not for football fans, but for the far right violent groups who had said they would come out and kill the fags. Beograd was plastered with posters and graffiti urging people to come “defend” Serbia from the fags. “Srpski Obraz,” which was really just the renamed banned Obraz and Dveri — Dveri even had a big “pro family” rally. We saw it with our own eyes. And a pseudo-religious march with anti-gay signs on Knez Mihailova.

    There have been no missteps. The public is actually over 50% in favor of the march, because it shows a democratic culture. Yet the government capitulates to right wing clericofascist thugs.

    This march was not planned in advance. The police did not know about it until it happened. And it was not illegal — the ban was on demonstrations on the 28th and this demonstration happened before midnight on the 27th.

    Some of the leaders may be professionals, but only 2-3 here. I see many faces I know who are just LGBT Serbs. And they were joined by some others from the region: Montenegrins, Bosnians, Albanians, Greeks.

    Go try to peddle your misinformation elsewhere, budalo.

  6. Saturnalia says

    Quite numerous and vibrant? I dare say kind sir you do not know what meanings those words convey if you apply them to Serbian homosexual movement.

    Also 50 percent? Where the heck did you come with that number? From those newspapers like blic who are spreading that democratic culture? Oy wey!

    You are in for a shock – democratic parties which are the conveyors of EU propaganda, amongst it the LGBT rights, were obliterated on the previous elections, into insignificance.

    Nice of you to come to Serbia but to get the perspective of what is happening here, you need to be a little longer in attendance.

    The police had to be in the know in advance, about this staged charade, because the impropmtu police force that gathers in these circustamces in Serbia is something that belogns in a sf movie. To remind you the same thing happened last year.

    Dveri had a march the day before. They are entitled to have their views, under the Serbian law, and have those anti gay signs brandished as they like. The LGBT protestors had their signs last year, which read, DEATH TO THE STATE, and the main guest was a leader of a politival party from Holland which stands for legalising pedophilia, of all things. YOu do not win people by such, well, misstep is a kind word.

    It was illegal, under the Serbian law not because of the date but because it was – yeah right – unknown to officials, and thus without legal permits.

    Clerofascist is a coined term used by those democratic parties to bellitle any patriotic feeling in the Serbian people. It does not actually has any semblance of applying on anything in Serbian political life. So please by using it you just show how misinformed you are.

    People from Montenegro? From Albania? Together in Serbia for the same cause? From Montenegro where Serbian women and chilkren are thrown from restaurants because they do not speak the newly coined montenegrian? From ALbania which does not recognize any etnical minority? Who fed you this nonsense?

    Also, HUNDREDS of activists? There were like 20, and also so much reporters ( yeah, totaly, in Setrbia reporters are hiding behind every bush in waiting for some spontaneous gathering of angry homosexuals ), so there is misinformation in the news reports.

    ( Most footbal fans do share the sentiments of right political groups, by the way. Ergo I am not wrong. Basically everyone got what they wanted. Homosexuals another year of funding from EU, Dveri the admiration of their fans, government the excuse to bring about legislation of some kind – interesting to note is the fact that these kerfuffle around Pride is used to hide something form the view of general public, in the last couple of years those wewre some pieces of political smooching to EU, which are unpopular amogn ordianry folks ).

    As I said, stick to your own backyard, and leeave us to dabble in ours as we prefer.Bye!

    And I am not troll, I heve been here for ages, ( since I stumbled upon it by accident when searching for ways to watch Luke and Noah story) and only post when someone belittle my country.

  7. Saturnalia says

    Oh and LUKEBRUX, the majority of people in Serbia knows something very interesting – not only they will not join EU, because it has to be put on referendum, and that will be a strong NO to EU, but alsofor the fact that EU is not getting new memebers in around like ten years or so.

    And lets not go around assigning blames and throw around imaginary armies when dealing with issues of civil war. You have not he slightest idea what you are writing about. SOrry if I seem rude, yet it is a harsh truth. Like, I know what US civil war was all about, and it is not the freedom of slaves. Do you?

    Allied paramilitary of the ORtodox church. Really? I must tell this to some clergymen, they are grim looking as collegue said, they need some laughter in their life.

  8. Saturnalia says

    And my dear KEVINVNT, as you are a friend of these so called activists ( I prefer the term suckers on the money breast of EU funds ) tell them this: They had a week long festivities with concerts and movies and stuff. Did they had any tribune or open forum where they talked wioth their opposition? Did they do anything during the year, on the issue of homosexual rights? I do not count their leader being in the Big Brother show as a contribution to such noble end. Did they tried to represent homosexuals in a positiive manner to the general, generaly homophobic, populace, with charities or funding some good cause? Did they help that kid who got beaten and thrown orm his parents house and later bullied out of school? ( the answer is no, by the way, and if they tell you different, they lie )

    Ask them please to stop making a fool of themselves. Nobodyu elected them to speak in our name, they took it as their right, and put us all in bad light.

    Ten year old children thinks homosexuals are monsters praying on kids and killing them and they have gangs that roam and finds a people who look as they think homosexuals look and then beat them, ten year old children. Because your friends wave DEATH TO THE STATE banner, and bring pedophiles to represent them.

  9. says

    Wow. What a bunch of lies, even if you are in Serbia!

    There was no death to the state banner or speaker from Holland (names please?) because there was no march last year. Or the year before. Or the year before.

    Because the clericofascists (I saw them, too: young thugs holding signs about “MASONS AND GAYS – SONS OF THE ANTICHRIST” — holding icons and chanting hymns and with a priest!! Idiots. Ignorant primitive idiots — the clericofascists threaten violence every year and the state capitulates.

    So Dveri is allowed to have a rally “because they have the right” but the pride march is not allowed, because it’s illegal???

    There’s no point in arguing with people like you.

    Albania: Ride against Homophobia 2013:

    They were in Beograd.
    So were people from Montenegro: I saw and heard and sat next to them. And Russia. And Thessaloniki. And Belarus.

    You’re like one of those internet commenters I’ve encountered on Serbian threads. The truth means nothing to you. You don’t know what you’re talking about, so you just make things up. It doesn’t work in the rest of the world.

  10. Saturnalia says

    You put the words smrt drzavi parada in google and you get this as first
    Red banner states DEATH TO THE STATE. I know you would not like the source but whjat the heck.

    And yes there was the parade all those years. And yes there vas a politican form Holland Van Dalen in fact two times, 2010 and last year.

    Ask your friends the questions I posted above. Ask them how the people who support them Ceda Jovanovic and Biljana Srbljanovic and the ilk are so hated among people ( hint, it is not for their virtuesd ). I would like to hear the answer about the kid, especially.

    I just presume it is your own tipaically american arrogance and ignorance speaking, as that you know better than people who live in Serbia what they think and what they want.

    ALso, as much as a term bigoted, clerofascist does not mean what you think it means.

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