1. hugo says

    That reminds me. I was going to stalk Cheyenne, now that he’s available.

    They are lying in that ad, though. Neither is wearing pleated-front khakis! No truth in advertising, not even on Christian Mingle!

  2. Jeff says

    Fenrox: I’m pretty sure that when they say, “Look it up it’s the real thing” there’re referring to Christian Mingle being owned by the same company that owns J Date.

  3. Douglas says

    Parody or not, this seems like a strange thing for Cheyenne Jackson to be doing only weeks after announcing his divorce from his husband, with whom he was in a 13-year relationship. But maybe that’s just my reaction.

  4. 13lain says

    Hey Max…. the song is Love Song for a Savior by Jars of Clay. Such a good song. Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to the ideas they sing about. Still, lots of good music on that album.

  5. Alan says

    Spark Networks owns both sites . . . and JDate is fine with G/L relationships. Interesting.

    I didn’t know Cheyenne Jackson was gay. Learn something new everyday.

  6. Dback says

    Believe it or not, this may have been inspired by the true story of Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper (not the actor), who were part of the 1993 documentary “One Nation Under God” (not the film of the same name from 3 years ago). Bussee and Cooper were both founding members of EXODUS, the evangelical gay reparative therapy group; both had married women and thought they were “safe,” but then they went to an Exodus convention where they’d mistakenly (or was it God’s handiwork?) been put into a room with a single bed…and within a day or two they’d fallen in love, had sex (or vice-versa), and wound up shocking the convention with their keynote address where they pleaded for more compassion and acceptance of gay people. It’s an amazing story, darkened only by the fact that one of them eventually passed away from AIDS.

  7. Seattle Mike says

    Jars of Clay is the one Christian group that I have albums of. They often don’t even have a mention of God or Jesus in their songs. They’re considered kind of controversial among the Christian pop/rock scene, apparently, for that reason.

  8. biblebable says

    So it is cool to make fun of people based on their religious belief? Good to know. – Stephen

    it’s like when you people make gay jokes besides, it not laughing at religious people just the ones that don’t get it, ya know…the bigots, the ones that would bring back slavery because the bible say its ok or the bible says one man one woman so no to gay marriage – so if you’re pride got hurt, then you’re one of those morons.

  9. says

    Yeah, I would like to see Cheyenne in a lot more movies.
    And laughing at the self righteousness of exclusionary Christian bigots is amusing……especially as they all fail to understand what kind of rebellious Jew Jesus actually was .

  10. John says

    Yes Stephen, it’s okay to make fun of people’s religion. Just like it’s ok for Christian Mingle and eHarmony to exclude gay people from their sites, and it’s ok to make fun of race, politicians, etc. It’s this amazing thing people love called freedom, and freedom of speech.
    Also, this video is hardly as mean as the collective whole of “Christians” have been to the gay community. All this amusing video says is they met on CM, how bad are they making fun of Christians themselves? Sounds like it’s just the website to me…

    News flash, all religion was made up by people…even if they were “reporting what “God” told them”…it was still written, altered, and controlled by human beings. Religion was not written by some benevolent being who always seems to behave according to the believer and not as an entity that created all the universe and the life therein. Would an all powerful being, capable of doing absolutely anything, really be such a narcissist (as most religions make it out to be) and need constant praise and gratification from what it created??

  11. Darrell Bryson says

    It is simple minded crap like this that makes us gay folks look like totally silly and ridiculous. At a time when we need to be a good example for Prop 8 you make us look stupid, silly and shallow! If there is a hell you’ll be holding the door open!

  12. Cadence says

    How is this shallow Darrell. Yes it’s a parody, but if you want to take it seriously, the bottom line is that gay people deserve to find love just like heterosexual people.

  13. Max says

    Hey Max…. the song is Love Song for a Savior by Jars of Clay. Such a good song. Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to the ideas they sing about. Still, lots of good music on that album.

    POSTED BY: 13LAIN | SEP 3, 2013 11:39:31 AM

    Thanks so much for the info!

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