1. spg says

    It aught to be legal to give attitude adjustments to crazy customers in real life. Time outs, spankings, public shaming, stocks and cabbages….lol…great performance though eh? :)

  2. Jerry says

    haha Julia Louis Dreyfuss is worth three billion dollars, I seriously doubt this is real because she does not go get her own coffee. She has an assistant go get get her coffee from her personal Starbucks in her basement.

  3. JT says

    Duh! Did some of these people not hear Jimmy Kimmel, or they didn’t watch the clip to the end? It was NOT REAL!! It was acting! Read past the caption folks. You will be better informed.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    There was never any doubt that Julia and the two cashiers are acting (fabulously), but I wondered whether the customers in the background were part of the performace. Sometimes Kimmel has used “real” people like extras in these staged events.

  5. JMC says

    Epyglottis: Lol uhh yeah the video is obviously fake but surely you’re aware that anyone with a camera phone can simply hold their phones sideways to film in landscape mode..?

  6. hugo says

    LOL. Not that much different from her character in Veep.

    I think we should bring ‘stocks’ or the pillory back, as a measure to discipline uncivil behavior. For every public temper tantrum, you’d be put into stocks for a day.

  7. rroberts says

    Oh yeah…let’s promote tirades and tantrums. That’s so useful. Exercising some self control is so last millennium. In fact, why not step it up a bit and actually shoot people? That’ll show ’em that you mean what you say when you don’t want cheese on your burger or that you want the coffee you ordered exactly the way you ordered it and you want it like five minutes ago.

  8. G McG says

    Of course it was a parody of public tantrums. Julia is great. I still want to see her do something with Jenny Pulos as sisters but that’s besides the point. To believe a video on Jimmy Kimmel was real you would have to be the type of person who thinks stories on The Onion are real.

  9. AriesMatt says

    Kimmel and Julia should have released this like he did with that twerking video and then have her on the show a week later when he appears in the end of the video saying it was fake. Would have been a publicity nightmare for Julia, even though it was fake.

    So glad she won for VEEP. My favorite sitcom/comedy by a long shot and Tony Hale is just perfect as her assistant. The two of them together is comedy gold.

  10. Chris says

    What’s funnier than the video is all of the commenters crying out that it was staged…what was your first clue?
    That it was on Jimmy Kimmel?
    That JLD has a movie coming out?
    That the order was actually impossible (large in a medium cup with a side of quinoa)?
    The obviously not a cell phone quality of the video?
    Or the fact that Jimmy Kimmel STATED that it was a skit?

  11. Seattle Mike says

    That’s the danger with these faked videos. People think they’re serious. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.

    And JMC, the joke about the landscape orientation is precisely that anyone COULD film video that way, but nobody does. Witness the real videos that preceded the obviously fake one with JLD (who, btw, is HILARIOUS in it).

  12. julia louis-dreyfus SUCKS says


    She is full of suck.

    A french billionairess turned sitcom actress

    Well-connected and monied and famous.

    Talented? I think not.

  13. John says

    I am amazed at how many people here wrote comments suggesting that this must be fake or staged.

    I knew it was going to be fake before I even opened it. But even more to the point, Jimmy Kimmel commented at the end that it was not real.

    Pay attention, folks!

  14. Dave says

    Wait, some of you idiots didn’t actually watch the video and take the friggin’ hint that it’s a SKETCH they did on JIMMY KIMMEL to parody the youtube “flip out” videos? Christ… I don’t want to live on this dumb planet anymore.

  15. William says

    So, for me the real question is: Why would Towelroad present this in all the captions as “The latest public meltdown caught on camera and posted to YouTube is no random stranger.” Making us think it was real. Weird.

  16. Thomas Cardellino says

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the funniest persons I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld cast her as the full spectrum idiosyncratic Elaine. Very funny clip from a coffee shop, but unfortunately, I think it’s based upon what she might have observed from real life! (Just like the “SOUP NAZI” episode was based on a really insane soup vendor.)

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