1. SeattleMike says

    Not a big surprise on that one, but it’s still sad that dancers on that show don’t feel they can come out while still competing. So often there’s a type of “compelled heterosexuality”, especially from Nigel, goading the male dancer to say how sexually attractive he finds his female dance partner.

    I’m happy for him and his husband. What a cute couple. (I think Tucker should be on the tour right now, which has to be rough.)

  2. bandanajack says

    while the announcement may have never been made, tucker alluded to the difficulties growing up, how much he appreciated his sports minded father driving him to dance classes, and lastly, when tucker was dancing, the camera cut to his significant other several times, and those of us observing and commenting in dance groups took notice and commented on it. i suspect it was his decision for the sake of votes to remain silent. the show has grown up about the issue, audiences have not fully followed suit.

  3. cam says

    Of COURSE he wasn’t out while he was on the show. Not only did the head guy on the show “Nigel Lythgow” tell a same sex dancing couple auditioning that they should dance with women “Try it, you might like it” But any time there is ANY male dancer on the show who is even the tiniest bit flamboyant Lythgow will go OUT OF HIS WAY to constantly ask them about whatever female partner they just danced with. He will continually say things like “Well, your routine was great, but who wouldn’t be inspired dancing with HER?! Isn’t she hot, sexy, etc… and the poor obviously gay dancer is sitting there going “Um, yeah, she’s smoking”.
    Lythgow was obviously teased and called gay for being a dancer when he was younger and is on a mission it seems to pretend that there is no such thing as a gay male dancer.

  4. DrMikey says

    We were rooting for him until he was eliminated. If I recall correctly, the previous week he suffered an injury or was sick and did not perform – so by the rules they automatically placed him in the bottom 3 the next week. Then the judges alone decide who is eliminated based on a solo, where Nigel has the final say. Nigel’s obvious self-loathing homophobia is very thinly veiled. Travis Wall has a very promising future as a choreographer which was displayed prominently in the beautifully danced piece.

  5. AriesMatt says

    Not a surprise. I don’t blame the dancers for waiting until after the competition to reveal being gay, as it is voter driven and you only risk alienating certain people who may have voted for you otherwise. Shouldn’t be this way, but it is the reality of the situation.

  6. verbocityeric says

    When the dancers discussed who inspires them, Tucker chose his father. He praised his father for overcoming pride, bias and disappointment to accept and support him. It was pretty clear they he wasn’t talking about dancing. Back on the live program nigel also lauded mr. knox (for loving his gay son). I think nigel speaks from experience. He’s pretty much gotten over the “ick” factor.

  7. Tarc says

    Folks can rant all the want, but the bottom line is that for everyone but the strict homosexuals, the heterosexual archetypes are what most people hold to be primary. Most of the stories in the world are told in these archetypes, and dance is no exception. It’s not homophobic to expect dancers (like actors) to be able to convincingly fill BOTH homo- and heterosexual roles. Tucker was awesome, and while obviously gay, could very convincingly well play heterosexual (which was his job). The thing that dismays me is that it is simply truth that there are enough actual homophobes out there that it can produce enough of an effect to drop a out gay person’s score just enough they they lose. We see it season after season in the dancers that don’t seem completely straight. Obviously superior gay male dancers lose to inferior competitors as a matter of course when the general public votes.

  8. Joseph Mercado says

    This was actually a topic we were discussing in a dance seminar yesterday. My professor, who runs a dance studio in Amherst, was told by many of her students, that the contract for the show explicitly states that the contestants are FORBIDDEN to ever mention their sexual orientation, even during audition stages.

    This is mostly because Nigel Lythgoe, and the competitive dance community in general, plays with the contestant. In dance, they want to be seen as sexually AVAILABLE in order to gain favor with any audience. When the contestants are forced to heteronormativity in their dances, they are mainstreamed in order to secure the votes of the American audience. It comes as no surprise that when Tucker danced with Robert and achieved emotion with another male, he ,lost votes. It’s a shame really.

  9. KEVIN says

    The show doesn’t do that well anymore anyway. Maybe they should allow the dancers to be themselves, they may not get fangirl votes but more people might tune in.

  10. hot dumb italian mike says

    Its 2013, this is not breaking news. Finding gay dancers on primetime is like those corny “afterschool specials” from the 1980s! Except they were more excitng: bulimia, addiction, date rape, acne, bad hair days….now that was good t.v.

  11. Sam says

    Tucker is a brilliant and talented dancer he he will have a successful and sustained dance career after the show despite the popular ordained winner from an already plummeting ratings show season. All SYTYCD contestant should have the liberty to talk about their personal lives on the show if they choose so or not, rather than the dictates of the show producers of it fluctuating ratings…the dance fans are not dumb. Also, the panel of certain judges have made no effort in demonstrating their sexual preference on camera in the past. Beside, I’m surprised the reality show is still on the air. I wish Tucker and his handsome husband the best and much success to his dance career.

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