1. simon says

    It seems inevitable that gay marriage is the next step in Italy. What will the Pope say? Is he going to contradict himself regarding what he said recently that it is not the Church’s
    role to meddle in these matters.

  2. Seattle Mike says

    For those who don’t speak Italian, the woman is saying that same sex relations don’t affect anyone else. That same sex kissing and hugging are completely harmless and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. She then says that they will demonstrate that no one can be harmed by same sex affection. That’s when a bunch of them either kiss or hug, while some of them hold up signs that read, at least in part, “Don’t judge.” Then the guy on the microphone asks them politely to put away the signs when they’re done kissing.


    I hope the go forward once and for all, the problem is this those backward Berlusconi’s party and the like. I don’t think that if ever Italy approves equality marriage the Pope will meddle (at least not that much), he knows better from his own country.

  4. Luke says

    Unfortunately, the Italian lower house has approved (and sent to the Senate) an anti-homophobia bill that is extremely homophobic and pro-discrimination.
    Every LGBT organization in Italy is outraged, angry and in revolt. The Five Star Movement politicians kissing each other were protesting against a part of the bill that authorizes (!) hate speech and discrimination against gay people and every other minority in schools, hospitals, churches, political parties and cultural organizations.
    Here is the anger of Arcigay, the largest italian LGBT rights organization:
    Here is the anger of Mario Mieli, an important LGBT organization in Rome:

    The problem in Italy is not just Berlusconi and his right-wing party… It’s that EVERY major party is homophobic and always ready to obey to the Vatican lobby. Always. And this pro-homophobia law is the latest example of what this tragic situation means for italian gays, lesbians and trans people.