1. Jim says

    Wow. Not only does he make me forget True Blood, he briefly makes me forget Brando. But only for a second. Brando will always be the only Stanley, yet this is a good second and I’d love to see Joe do the whole play. I bet he’d kill it.

  2. Tony Diaz says

    Good casting. However, he appears to be straining a little bit – needs more breath support so he can articulate the words better. He also needs to work on the accent. I’m sure he’ll iron this all out before opening.

  3. Dback says

    I’ve seen Brando, Treat Williams and Alec Baldwin all do this role, and I don’t think any of them ever had that wounded pain thing that Manganiello nails in this scene–he looks like he’s almost in tears of frustration and wounded pride. And the intensity of his gaze, especially after that “hoity-toity” line, could melt steel. I think he’s going to be a truly exceptional Stanley; maybe in this version Stanley will be less of a monstrous brute, and more of a terrifying, overgrown little boy clinging to Stella. (I’m envious, Scott!)

  4. John says

    As hot as he is, I would quote Aurora Greenway when she said to Flap Horton, “You know, one of the nicest qualities about you has always been that you recognized your weaknesses. Don’t lose that quality now just when you need it the most”

  5. woody says

    the accent… it should be a yat new orleans accent, which is sort of brooklyn like with some southern thrown in.
    even brando didn’t do the new orleans low class accent.
    i love that accent. it’s fading. people don’t want to be associated with it. lots of prejudice against it.

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