1. will says

    The video and song are both trying desperately to be magical and ethereal. This seems like a goosey teenager’s idea of art and dance.

  2. Pete says

    Missed the mark. Too many close ups. Hard to enjoy watching people dance when you can only see them from the waist up. Plus the down tempo and the slow motion just made it seem interminable.

  3. Scott says

    Thanks, Andy, it brought a tear to my eye to whatch this. I was in high school when the song hit the charts and it spoke to me then because I really wanted to dance life with someone. It took 20 years later and an acceptance of myself before that occured, but it did occcur. Now I am dancing the remainder with someone who loves me.

  4. Yonah Gefen says

    I wasn’t sure what to think about this as it first started, but oh gosh… beautiful.

    I really like the way a fabulous pop love song can become a ballad.

    Love – In all it’s forms. We are we. Together.

  5. Matt27 says

    I wanted to like it. Some parts were sensual and good. The problem is close ups, you don’t see movements.

  6. TampaZeke says

    The video is stunning but the remake of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was spectacular. I’ve never heard that version before. It’s just amazing how an artist can take something so familiar and recognizable and flip it on its head in such a way that it’s almost unrecognizable from, but even better than, the original.

  7. Kevin says

    I generally liked the video; however, I’m wondering why there wasn’t a single woman/woman dance pair. It’s great to be be inclusive and show men dancing with men and those same men dancing with women, but why no love for the lesbians? I’m getting a little bored with the arts and media obsession with male homosexuality. We need more bisexual and lesbian inclusion.

  8. Glen Davis says

    Nice for those who haven’t heard a slow version of the song, but you should really listen (youtube) to Matt Alber’s version. And if you want to see sensual/sexy/romantic dancing, also on youtube, see his “End of the World” video. Get out your hankies; it will bring tears of joy to your eyes. I can almost guarantee you’ll be posting it to your facbook friends, and listen again and again. Amazingly beautiful.

  9. Jonty Coppersmith says

    I want to like it so much, but taking such an iconic song and completely changing the tempo like this, well I don’t like it. It sounds like the singer is sick, can’t quite get enough breath. Not much of a singing voice either. Now I need to listen to Whitney to erase this from my mind.

  10. tinkerbelle says

    Simple, tender, direct. Sometimes art can be this. I happen to like Scott Matthew’s voice in this interpretation, it puts a lovely emphasis on the words. Bless Whitney for her career-launching version, but let’s move forward a bit.

  11. Sam says

    Jacob is one of the most beautiful and talented artist to come out of SYTYCD with his various numbers featured on YouTube. And what a beautiful dance number, so looking forward to see Five Dances!

  12. Charles WmWell says

    Deus meus, This is incredibly beautiful when I managed to see
    some of it through a downpour of tears.

  13. Chuck Mielke says

    I hadn’t heard this song before. I thought the tempo and imagery worked well together. Very pretty piece but, being gay, I wish they had focused on the boys more.

  14. Christopher says

    Nicely done.
    For those who nay-say the close-ups: It’s about the emotion, silly, not the movement.
    Agree with the one comment on the lack of a female couple.

  15. jcraig1957 says

    Some guys want to dance with ladies, some ladies want to dance with guys, some guys want to dance with guys, some ladies want to dance with ladies, some don’t give a damn WHO they dance with. THIS is a problem?