1. dh1950 says

    If only Harvey could see this. But, then, he does see it from the other side. The LGBT community owes their freedom to be out to those who came before them, fighting for the rights. I hope the younger people remember that as they life in relative safety and openness.

  2. Phil says

    So, has this become the GAY WEDDINGS site? They used to devote pages of newspaper to hetero weddings. This is all very nice but boring as hell. Almost, but not as boring as being in a gay marriage.
    Is this the Junior High dance where some stand on the side lines watching the popular couples dance? Only later to become famous writers or serial killers?

  3. JMC says

    Greyhounds are awesome!

    Phil, please realize that listening to someone preach on about how they can’t stand marriage is just as boring as being in the presence of even the lamest of married couples. I have to listen to people like you go on like this way too often in real life, I sincerely hope you keep this crap contained to the Internet.

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