Police Arrest Man for Attack on Gay Couple in NYC


Police have arrested Alfonso Lanier (left) for an attack on Michael Felenchak, 27, and his partner Peter Notman, 53, a gay couple who were attacked by a group of men in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood in August, DNA Info reports:

ChelseaThe victims had left Chelsea Cinemas on West 23rd Street about midnight Aug. 14, when the suspects attacked them while shouting homophobic slurs, cops said.

"What are you looking at, f—-t?" one attacker asked before assaulting the two victims, sending them to Beth Israel with cuts and swelling on their faces, sources said.

On Tuesday, cops arrested 23-year-old Alfonso Lanier, who lives only two blocks from the scene of the attack, according to the NYPD.

His accomplice had not been found as of Wednesday morning. The second suspect is believed to be in his late teens and to have tattoos on his chest and down both arms, police said.

Felenchak told WNBC in August that the couple tried to fight back but were overpowered: "We did what we could. It was six of them and two of us."


  1. ATLJason says

    As sucky as this is, he probably won’t give up the other one. A few years ago my partner and I got tied up and robbed at gunpoint in our house by three guys. Very long story…but the cops caught one of them and the DA offered to reduce the 10 year non-paraolable sentence for armed robbery down to a “5 years, out in 3″ lesser charge of (non-armed) robbery if he would give up the other two. He didn’t. He decided he would rather go to jail for a full 10 years than rat out his accomplices. He’s rotting in Macon State prison in GA until 2019.

  2. says


    another day, another troll posting bizarre anti-mexican hatred in my name.

    you know, Troll, if you worked on your internalized homophobia and racism as much as you work on trying to get my attention with your cowardly comments, then maybe you’d have actually had a boyfriend by now.

    glad they’ve arrested at least one of these guys. the wave of anti-gay attacks isn’t that shocking; as the world moves forward those who feel inferior in all aspects of life get more and more angry.

    just as the more people Come Out, the desperate committed closet crowd grows more furious that they’re being left behind, alone.

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