1. says

    “unimaginable violence that they wouldn’t have expected here at home”…


    gun violence in america still surprises people? SERIOUSLY?

    how on earth is ANOTHER mass shooting an unimaginable and unexpected thing?

    what’s both unimaginable an unexpected would be for this to finally lead to an actual change in mindset for gun-proud Americans.

    alas, it’ll likely be a sea of “well, clearly the solution is for more of us to be armed!” nonsense.

  2. Luke says

    Seriously, congress has been ‘recessed’ for the day because of a shooting??? If congress really cared about gun violence in America they would be in recess every day! Not that they get anything done when they aren’t in recess, but still. If congress really cared about gun violence they wouldn’t recess and actually work to craft better gun laws.

  3. Robert says

    I agree with Little Kiwi. It is neither unimaginable nor unexpected. Either we do what countries like Australia did in response to gun violence, or we accept that this is now just part of our regular lives.

    The absurdity that has now become accepted “fact”–that the founding fathers intended for any citizen to own an any gun and any attempt to monitor or curtail this is an attack on the constitution–means that we ourselves, or people will know, are very likely at some point in our lives to be shot.

  4. says

    @Robert – i saw some nutbag on a friend’s facebook wall talking about how “every public school in America should have armed guards in them..”

    that’s his idea of a great free nation

    to me, that would a failed nation, a failed culture, and Hell On Earth,.

  5. Moz's says


    since the motives are not known and not all supposed gunmen accounted for

    + Last week was supposed to be some teahadist militia march on washington with open calls to blockade roads and arrest congress members

    Uhm, yeah it is a good idea to recess congress

  6. JamesInCA says

    @MOZ’S – Seriously? One or two wackjobs shooting somewhere in DC is all it should take to shut down the nation’s legislative branch? We should respond to a two-bit teabag threat to blockade Congress by … shutting down Congress?

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Eleven innocent people are dead, and some on this blog use this occasion to trash the president.

    Right-wing homosexuals are more prevalent than we thought. I think Oliver Stone did a movie with a bunch of them in it…took place in New Orleans in 1963.

  8. AG says

    This post is about Obama’s talk about the shooting when Obama knew next to nothing what happened. We still know very little. So it’s natural to bring up the Race-Hustler-in-Chief into this discussion.

    What’s the point of giving a speech if he has nothing to say?

  9. Polyboy says

    So yes, you are prepping your robe. People like you have been more wrapped up in Obama’s race than Obama has. If all you’ve got are Treyvon quotes, then you’re still well behind the fear mongering and race baiting from the right wing from the from Obama’s first election.

    “Race hustler in chief.” Your bias spews from your words. Backpedaling to “it’s about the article” doesn’t eliminate the power of phrasing and delivery.

  10. Francis #1 says

    And in Colorado, two legislators seeking to implement laws that would enact some limited gun-control laws were recalled just last week. Colorado. Not Mississippi. Not North Carolina. A purple state at most, if not a blue state at this point.

    Goes to show, we’ve lost this fight. This is America. We’re an embarrassment and a laughing stock to the rest of the world. These mass murders do not occur in other first-world, developed nations. They simply do not happen with the REGULARITY that occur in the USA. Every couple weeks. Someone in a school with a gun. Someone in a store with a gun. Even military complexes aren’t safe. Former military, killed, not in combat, but when they come back home.

    RIP to the 13 dead. Another dark, tragic day in America. And what makes it worse—we all know absolutely nothing is going to change.

  11. Francis #1 says

    Aaron Alexis was a practicing Buddhist. Ironic considering it’s the religion stereotypically known at the religion of peace and non-violence. All accounts lean towards this being a workplace incident with Mr. Alexis being a disgruntled former Navy reservist who was discharged in 2011 following “misconduct issues”.

    People like AG are the reason why we can continue to expect more mass murders. It’s not like you ever have anything to say, AG, so why do you continue making ignorant posts?

    People have this false sense of security until something actually happens to them. Until it affects them, they don’t really care about gun violence. It’s why even with 70+ percent of people wanting tighter gun laws, the NRA is in control of the gun debate. We’ve let it happen. America has failed it’s own people in keeping us safe.

  12. AG says

    Who knew that people wanting tighter gun laws intended to take away the guns from the Navy? Progtards, check what actually happened before using your stale talking points.

  13. AG says

    You liberals are pathetic. Strong masculine gay conservatives like ratbastard and I know what we’re talking about. Don’t you folks care that black liberals raped ratbastard’s dad to death???

  14. Mike says

    Congress recessed? Have a better idea, ALL congressmen with a “C” or better rating from the NRA, should be flown immediately to EACH shooting. They should be gagged, tied, blindfolded, have a large bulls eye painted on them and used as human targets closest to the gunman! Gun manufacturers and lobbyist could be used as the most expendable of shields. The only medical attention to be provided to gunshot victims should be from the time of muskets. This should be repeated at any and all bloody gun massacres until we get effective gun laws to protect the citizens of this country!

  15. MickyFlip says

    It’s depressing but nothing is going to change so get over it. It’s in the constitution. The Right to Bear Arms. I have friends I who are pro gun. Always constantly giving me example of the other side of the fight. It’s an issue that will never go away and never be solved. This nation was founded on the very weapons used to fight for it’s independence. It’s part of the fabric that makes up the flag of this country. And nothing will change it. Ever. That’s the cold hard fact of this nation’s legacy.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Leave the shooter alone! He’s black. HE is the victim.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Sep 17, 2013 12:27:45 AM”

    At 12:27 AM. I have no home computer nor laptop. You mean I came to work at midnight just to post some bullsh.t.

    David Hagatha Hearne, you a are a Rick invented pile of right-wing poopoo.

  17. siteunseen says

    We have heard the shooter was Buddhist….my eye he was Buddhist. A Buddhist wouldn’t hurt a flea, let alone another human being. They don’t believe in killing anyone or anything. I bet, and mark my words, we’ll find out he was a muslim extremist, hell bent on getting even with the Navy for attempting to strike Syria. This is all fabricated news right now. How long did it take before the Fort Hood Shooter was identified as a Muslim? Days, and days.

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