NYC Man Stabbed to Death in Anti-Gay Attack in Broad Daylight: VIDEO


  1. Bob says

    ‘Liberal’ New York is becoming one of the most dangerous places in America for gay men. Liberalism permits violence against gays because it’s a permissive philosophy.

  2. QJ201 says

    Wow, someone blew kisses at you that you weren’t interested in.

    Straight men just can’t take what they dish out to women all the time.

    When will women start using the “Rape Panic” defense a la the “gay panic” defense. “He whistled at me, I thought he would rape me, so I shot him.”

  3. TampaZeke says

    It doesn’t seem to be crossing anyone’s mind that this is a clear case of mental illness. It’s bizarre to me that people so quickly jump to the “evil” or “homophobic” or “premeditated murder” card when so many signs point to mental illness. The man has now also been charged with attacking another man that he claims made a pass at him. It sounds like he’s paranoid schizophrenic with a fear of gay people, or a fear of being gay. I’m not saying he should walk free, I’m just saying that treatment for mental illness should be part of his incarceration.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Oh, and “liberalness” or “conservatism” of a city has absolutely NO effect on whether or not there is mental illness present and expressed in that city. BOB is an idiot looking for any angle to push his political point of view.

  5. Charlie says

    The accused is also charged with another stabbing because the man allegedly made sexual advances to him. I would be surprised if it turns out that Steven Torres is a paranoid schizophrenic.

  6. Bob R says

    @TAMPAZEKE, I have a feeling you are probably right. I read he was laughing hysterically when he was caught and arrested. Plus he stabbed the man multiple times, which is usually a sign of deep emotional disturbance. A premeditated act is planned or though out and usually involves just a single stab wound or slash. Although it’s much too early, there’s been no time to investigate Torres or interview witnesses, friends and family of both victim and attacker, my gut reaction is this kid is mentally ill. Evil exists and there are many evil people walking the streets. But, there are far more who are severely psychologically disturbed or on drugs and this sounds more like an act of madness than of evil.

  7. Sean says

    This barbaric experience brought to you by cheers and enabling of blood thirsty terrorists such as Tony Perkins and the FRC, Bryan Fischer and the AFAm Brian Brown and NOM, and the rest of Anti-gay Inc.

  8. Adam says

    Bob, anti-gay attacks can occur because the offender simply believes their target to be gay. And second, it’s not because New York is “liberal”. Liberalism is a live and let live philosophy, pretty much exactly the opposite of what happened here. So thank you for playing and please take your trolling elsewhere.

  9. jamal49 says

    @Bob, go f*ck yourself. Homophobia has EVERYTHING to do with the pathology of conservatism. It is sick conservative right-wing troll f*cks like you that are the root of all homophobia. And, for the record, 12 years of Mayor Bloomberg has made NYC very, very conservative. Why, even a Republican @$$hole like you would feel very much at home here.

  10. DrunkEnough says

    @Sean, you hit the nail on the head.

    But throughout American history, things were always darkest before the dawn. Lynchings picked up in the late 1950s after Brown v. Board of Education, and died out with the Civil Rights Act. So it will be with gay right…. we will have to endure this period of darkness before we can have the freedom we’ve been fighting for.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Jamal49 – Is that why 70% of black voters in California voted for Prop 8?”

    58% according to the Gay & Lesbian Task Force. Didn’t you read a newspaper after 2008?

    And you voted for Goldwater at age 22. You lost.

  12. says

    As long as school children are taught to hate people that are different from them, we will have this problem. This dude obviously had a pre meditative motive. Kill the gays. But, he chose a 69 year old man to take out his aggressions on.
    Wow, how brave!

  13. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Bob, I’m not following your logic: how do you get that “liberalism” permits violence against gay people? I’m under the impression that violence and abridgment of the rights of gay people is the province of conservatism.

    Your posting doesn’t add up.

    So what’s your real agenda? you hate New York? Ever been here? You hate liberals? How hard are your conservative friends working for gay people?

  14. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    in fact, Bob, how hard are you conservative friends working to stop violence against gay people? Among conservative voices, who would you say is the most protective of the rights of gay people? Tony Perkins? Maggie Gallagher? The Roman catholic bishops? Michelle Bachmann?

  15. ratbastard says

    Daily News poster says what actually happened was the dead man had dropped his wife off at the doctor’s office, parked near the EL station, turned to blow a kiss at her, and this dumb animal believed he was blowing a kiss at him.

    I think this dude is Central American or Mexican, probably involved in a gang, but the rest of what I posted in my previous post stands.

  16. sickened says

    I used to live in an illegal alien hood that was mostly hispanic.

    And they ALL carried knives. I was oblivious to it until one evening when I was talking to some of the local guys in my driveway, and they all took their knives out to show to one another, and toss at a phone pole.

    These were supposed adults in their 30’s.

  17. Jeton Ademaj says

    one thing i can definitely blame liberals for: in NYC it is extremely difficult or impossible for the law-abiding to carry any weaponry that’s actually effective…no guns, no knives, no batons. already some of you are saying “amen…let the cops handle things.”

    the cops DID handle things. they showed up AFTER the gay man is murdered, arrest the attacker (sometimes) and (maybe) pay lip service to increased patrolling.

    we Queers need LEGAL weaponry more than our attackers do. until some gay-basher publicly suffers from his intended victim, these attacks will continue.

    i hope some of you are satisfied with a candlelight vigil in the event of your death by stabbing, slashing, shooting, punching, kicking or choking.

    i’m not. time to bash back, cowards and hippies be damned.

  18. says

    Jeton, the day you can feel like a real man with having to carry a gun is the day you’ll finally not be the piece of s**t coward that you are.

    we don’t need weaponry, we need LGBT-inclusive education to attack the root of learned prejudice.

    “we need more weapons!’ scream the impotent worthless excuses for men who haven’t a brain cell at their disposal.

  19. Jeton Ademaj says

    Kiwi, yelling accusations of cowardice and empty insults across the safety of cyberspace takes no courage at all…neither does your haranguing children with whatever flavor of political correctness you (poorly) represent.

    you will save no lives, as more Queers get killed listening to empty rhetoric like yours. you have their blood on your hands, no wonder you’re lashing out.

  20. sickened says

    Stupid Canadian that would just stand by helplessly as someone is murdered says what ?

    NYC has regulations on even stun guns and mace; it’s ridiculous. I’d be DEAD, yes DEAD, TWICE OVER now if I lived somewhere with those restrictions.

    And so would THREE PEOPLE I did’t even KNOW who I came to the aid of over the years !

    So please, KIWI, STFU. Just STFU.

  21. BuckWest says

    If you live somewhere that’s oppressive to the average, law-abiding citizen, like NYC, you simply must take practical, reasonable measures to protect yourself, and those around you.

    There are any number of self defense classes you can go to in your area which properly train you how to handle dangerous situations to protect yourself and your loved ones, and if you deem reasonable, strangers.

    It’s sad that locals have passed laws which render the average law abiding person less capable of defending themselves against people whoa re violent and insane, and it’s sad places like NYC let crazy people, who are arrest for just stabbing someone on the 12th BTW, back onto the streets without proper evaluation, but it is the reality in the urban environment.

    Don’t BE a victim. Please.

  22. RD says

    I will admit to reading these threads as a form of entertainment, but you people are sickening! A man is DEAD. You all see this as an opportunity to spew your own agendas, yet none of you has said anything about how tragic it is that this man lost his life!! I realize there is a lot of diversity in the gay community because we really only have one thing in common, I’m also aware that much of this posturing comes from the fact that you are sitting alone behind a keyboard, but at least try to hold onto some humanity….

  23. enough says

    These “outliers” are not official members of any hate group or religious order, but are intentionally directed toward their acts of violence by these same groups. In this way, no blame can be cast on the organizations, that constantly spout their provocations, knowing that there exists this class of highly manipulated “outliers” to do their bidding.

  24. okay says

    the victim WASN’T gay. news reports are saying that the perpetrator thought that the victim was gay BUT there isn’t. in fact, the victim is reported to have a wife. don’t like how the media is twisting this around to be something that it isn’t, lying on a dead man that can’t speak for himself.

  25. Kieran says

    I would say NYC schools need to do more to combat homophobia but the reality is they can barely manage to teach these rowdy, undisciplined kids how to read and write.

  26. OMGreally? says

    Andy, maybe change the headline, as the man murdered wasn’t gay.

    You know, it’s amazing how quickly we’re manipulated, I mean, the poor guy wasn’t even gay, the guy that did it was obviously nutso, and this whole mess has nothing to do with extremism or homophobia.

    This is a mental health issue story, not an example of how ther’ye comin’ t’ git us people.

    The media lies to you all the time.

    And you actually believe those lies…

  27. Kev C says

    Attacking someone who is percieved to be gay but not gay, because of their (percieved) gayness, is also anti-gay and a hate crime, legally. It’s the motivation for the crime that warrants the classification.

  28. Thomas Cardellino says

    I so often give up on reading these comments for sometimes weeks at a time, only to return to the same 30% who are in need of serious psychiatric care, infighting about matters that make no sense, no sense at all. Were this blog otherwise edited, I’d check in every day to see wisdom and wit in observation of homophobic behavior. As it has stood for years and now even more egregiously seems the case, I’m just going to read the headlines and avoid the ignoramuses and hateful ne’er do wells who seem to think of this website as their idle playground. Have you ever been at or seen video from “Speaker’s Corner” in London? Once upon a time in London, the authorities charged admission to Bedlam so that those Brits who thought themselves sane could laugh and point down at the supposedly insane beneath their elevated walkways. Since British humanity has considered that inhumane, I take inspiration from them and consider the interplay with insane commenters herein inhumane. I pledge never to antagonize them (which can be done by any simple form of engagement) for the sake of humanity! It seems to me the only kind way to engage in this atrociously unsupervised yet weirdly vital website that reports occasionally on issues of interest to LGBTI folks. Knee-high waders seem in order to get at the infrequent morsel of beneficial information.

  29. andrew says

    @ JETON ADEMAJ: I sympathize with your comments. I don’t know if the answer to the horrendous violence in the USA is for all “ordinary” citizens to carry weapons. Some “ordinary” citizens sometimes do crazy things. Having said that, I admit that I have carried a concealed gun, without a permit, a few times, when I was going into a crime prone area at night. I almost always carry Mace with me when I am out traveling around the city at night. I don’t know what the answers are but it is for sure that our government, at every level, is failing to protect our citizenry. Our national government for about the last 70 years has seen it’s duty to police the world, while many of our cities, in particular, are the most violent areas in the Western World.

  30. UGH says

    And the INCORRECT headline still stands…

    The man stabbed to death WAS NOT GAY.

    The attitude “the government needs to protect me” is seriously flawed.

    And the idea that the national government CAN “protect me” is absurd.

    Everything happens locally. If you don’t have the social services in place to handle the mentally ill, and the CULTURE that helps people who need it, you end up with people with problems going crazy and sometimes hurting people.

    What strikes me about THIS incident is that this horrific tragedy is being used by THIS “news aggregation site” to further a perception and agenda that isn’t healthy.

    This was NOT an example of homophobia or a trend towards gay-bashing/gay hate. This was ONE mentally ill person in a city of millions.

    A woman has lost her husband, who by all accounts, was a great guy. I feel horrible for this lady. It’s wrong to hold this us as some sick political rallying cry here, wrong on every level to use her profound loss as some sort of container to dump everyone’s political, self-serving, paranoid crap into.

  31. Hagatha says

    “KevC, no, you don’t charge a crazy, schitzo person with a hate crime. That’s nonsensical. But consistent with your posting history here !


    I think that your statement is too broad. I knew a guy once who thought it was funny to say, “I’m bipolar, I can say or do anything I want.” At that precise moment I decided that this person was not someone with whom I wanted to be associated.

    Alcoholism is supposedly a disease, but we hold alcoholics accountable when they drive drunk and kill someone. Schizophrenics appear to make a decision to not take their medication. Supposedly it makes them feel tired, or emotionally anesthetized. But there is a lucid moment in which they decide to go off their meds. I have worked with bipolar people who played with their meds as well as adding to them. So I have to conclude that it’s possible to be both bipolar AND a criminal or other menace.

  32. Jeton Ademaj says

    Kiwi, that talking point evaporates when you factor out criminals and suicides. you and “sickened” can celebrate your dickless-wonder status endlessly, but most Queer people should have the option to defend themselves realistically if they so choose…”realistically” means “with effective wepaonry”, stupid.

    PLEASE tell your gaybasher “hey, i lectured your 6 year old son in school about LGBT rights the other day, stop bashing my skull in!”

    i’m sure that will work…at entertaining me.

  33. ratbastard says


    What Andrew,Hagatha and UGH said

    I was on a train last night, fairly crowded, with a young man [early 20s] sitting roughly across from me, to my left. I glanced around the train, then looked at my phone, when I heard him say “WTF are you looking at?”, he then started rambling random smack with violent threats.I turned, looked at him, and said “I’m not looking at you” in a calm voice. He responded “You don’t know me!”, and continued rambling. The station just before the stop where I get on is a hangout upstairs, outside, for homeless, especially young homeless, many just released from various county jails throughout the Greater Boston area. And this guy, after I did in fact take a closer look at him, was probably homeless and was high on something[s] and / or mentally ill. Probably drug induced paranoia. He was a textbook thug. Everyone on the train was scared of him, including big grown men. Couple stops he [and me] got off at the same stop. He passed me, nothing more was said to me, he ignored me, but he continued rambling and acting and menacing. Lots of people around, crowded, NOT A COP IN SIGHT. Now I wonder what would have happened if he had directed his attention on that train to someone other than me, someone who didn’t know how to respond to the situation, and it escalated to actual violence, someone being stabbed, etc.? My point is THERE’S [almost] NEVER A COP AROUND WHEN YOU NEED ONE. They most of the time show up after the fact, to interview you,call an ambulance to take you to the ER, or outline your body with chalk, throw a sheet over it, and wait for homicide detectives and the ME to show up.

    A lot of these types of incidents involve seriously mentally ill people and mind altering substance abuse, usually involving paranoia and sometimes hallucinations. We as a society [can differ state to state, city to city, urban, suburban, rural, etc.] do a p*ss poor job of handling our mentally ill population effectively…and compassionately. Why? Probably because it costs $ for the labor, is time consuming, and doesn’t involve a desirable voter block. Now big pharmaceuticals…they are a powerful special interest group, which why so much $ is sent in their direction and why almost everything is “solved” by taking a drug[s].

  34. Jeremy says

    UGH STFU you bigoted piece of crap hetero fool! You nasty vile heteros all deserve terminal illness. You filthy jesus loving c-nt!
    This dirtbag THOUGHT the man was gay. That’s all that matters and it indeed is homophobic. You filthy religious nasty cesspool. Go be a useful hetero and get cancer!

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