1. Mary says

    Yes, David. I heard that story also – that Mrs. De Blasio used to be a lesbian. It’s likely that she’s bisexual and decided to marry a man because this is who she fell in love with. I can’t see why anyone – straight or gay – should have a problem with whatever choice she made regarding her sexuality – as long as she made her choice freely. For many people sexuality is fluid.

  2. David From Canada says

    @MARY: My comment was completely made in jest. As for your comment, “for many people sexuality is fluid”, is quite correct, especially when you get to the money-shot…….

  3. enough says

    Don’t like or trust him or his ex-gay wife. It is rotten day when gay voters don’t support a perfectly fine gay candidate who would have made history. Thanks to the non-subtle anti-gay remarks by these two, the tide was turned on an issue that should not be happening today.

  4. bravo says

    Why is she not trying to engineer Bloomberg’s 4th term? She arranged it so that the billionaire could buy a 3rd term 4 years ago even though a fantastic, albeit woefully underspent, Democrat (Bill Thompson) was running against him.

  5. D.B. says

    @ENOUGH: I’m not going to rehash entire threads that have appeared on this and other sites, but you’re delusional if you really think Quinn lost because of anti-gay sentiments. And you do a great disservice to the majority of informed New York LGBT voters who decided that simply being gay wasn’t a good enough reason to warrant their support.

  6. Factoids says

    He won because he spoke to the economic divide that the other candidates either ignored or claimed they could do nothing about.

    I think its extremely likely he will win the general election. The other guy is both too-conservative for NYC and is linked as I remember with the MTA (that will hurt him).

    Whether de Blasio will do what he says? I can’t say. i can say that his view for economic justice that strongly resonates. Conservatives in this country show up to vote and are the loudest, but in terms of real numbers, when you poll the American public, on issues., they aren’t the majority.

    De Blasio, who is called a “leftist,” actually is just a left of center Democrat. The problem is that the scale is so screwed up that anyone remotely discussing economic justice is labeled a Communist merely for suggesting as he did that taxes should be raised for education. How radical. Taxes for education.

  7. Factoids says

    Re His Wife and His views on gay issues

    He’s strongly both in the past with his actual record and currently in favor of equality, but he emphasizes all the LGBT AND he emphasizes all classes. Not just the wealthy gays.

  8. Factoids says

    By the way, he’s not perfect. He’s done some things I don’t like – too cozy with real estate- but compared to the choices, he was the best we had on the ballot and will have in November.

  9. JeffNYC says

    Thank you, Speaker Quinn. I hope your appearance shuts up the venomous “supporters” of yours who are sullying your reputation with the bitterness and lack of grace.

    May they learn from you and stop posting their whiny and scurrilous claims of “anti-gay.”

    Thank you for you leadership.

  10. dms says

    I think one of the interesting unintended consequences of marriage equality and federal recognition is going to be a lot of gays voting republican. Many, many gay folks I know are libertarian leaning and financially conservative. This because they have more money than most and they don’t want that money going to taxes.

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