1. Alex says

    Love Danny from RW, and saw the Watch What Happens last night. It was fun, not because of all the “too-primed-for-TV-to-be-open-and-honest” reality folks, but because of Danny. He was playful, cheeky, and a fun “guest” if you will. He did what a guest on this type of format should do; appreciate the vehicle that made him recognizable, give some juicy details, but not take oneself too seriously. If you saw it last night, you’ll know what I mean by the demeanor of the other guests, you know what I mean.

    He’s fun, and still so super sexy. Love him!

  2. gr8guyca says

    @spot: Danny always seemed like a straight-shooter – so to speak – and not into making headlines. I’d believe him.

  3. Jeff says

    Mike’s not married, and I never got a gay or bi vibe from him. I recall he was a big fan of Linkin Park, for what that’s worth.

    Sean Duffy, however, could be gay or bi. I could see him getting married, having a big family and diving into Republican politics as a cover for himself or due to self-denial.

    Then again, there are just too many guys on Danny’s one Challenge season to research to be sure. If anyone is so inclined, here’s the Wiki list of his castmates:

    Sean Duffy
    Mike Mizanin
    Danny Roberts
    Norman Korpi
    Mike Lambert
    Stephen Williams
    Mike Johnson
    Jon Brennan
    Theo Vonkurnatowski
    Dan Setzler
    Timmy Beggy
    Josh Florence
    Adam Larson
    Chris Melling
    Chadwick Pelletier


    @SPOT Why the sarcasm? Str8 guys hook up with Gay Dudes all the time. I should know. It’s only unbelievable when you haven’t done it. Or had the “opportunity”…

  5. Francis #1 says

    Chadwick Pelletier gives off vibes. He’s married with a kid. He’s also pretty hot so I’d say it’s him.

    Danny’s cute, he’s a nice guy. I like him, he doesn’t take himself too serious, seems comfortable in who he is.

  6. Belthazar says

    Is not more people bothered by this? He knows that this will cause nothing short of rampant speculation. Why would he purposely put the (alleged) married guy in this position? It seems rather cheap!

  7. MikeInSanJose says

    LOVE Danny!

    I watched the New Orleans season. I remember when he arrived and was riding to the house with Melissa.

    Danny: I’ve got a secret. I’m gay.
    Melissa: That’s not a secret. Now if you only had one ball…

  8. Dy says

    Go Danny for turning that although Trichelle said he was with his boyfriend so Danny a dirt bag cheater but who know maybe its a weird open relationship

  9. says

    I thought of Adam right away, even before Trishelle indicated this. Danny has said that he had a big crush on Adam during “Battle of the Seasons”, and when they asked Kelly who Danny likes she immediately said Adam too.

  10. luke says

    what’s wrong with liking linkin park 😮

    for what little it’s worth, people within the wrestling community tend to have a view of miz that he’s gay because he takes care of his face/hair etc more than the rest of the wrestlers. noone can seem to get how he managed to get maryse.

    although his former tag-team partner john morrison was much the same noone called him out for it /shrug

  11. gggb says

    The picture of the man smiling seems like an explanation point, which is annoying. I’m sure it’s shocking to people who aren’t aware and don’t actually understand the world around them. And who crouch their arguments on the strength of a societal wide contempt (gay man says) of whatever is their reference in the circulating library of thought. But my primary concern is, who is this person who thinks that this is headline grabbing or titillating? Are you actually a real person who has lived an actual life?

  12. SPOT says

    A straight shooter who cheated on “the love of his life”.

    Sorry, a pretty face doesn’t make him interesting or a decent person.

  13. e.c. says

    It’s interesting how some of you assume that hooking up with Danny must be a SHAMEFUL SECRET for the guy in question just because he’s now married. If it was Adam I’d frankly be more embarrassed I’d slept with Trishelle.

  14. Macguffin54 says

    Def Adam. In addition to Danny’s admitted crush on Adam, and the very “gay” vibe everyone got from Adam he seemed to have something against women (very rude and dismissive). Not that hating women makes him gay but I always figured if he was so pro-bro and anti-female he could be easily persuaded take a walk on the male-male side of the street. I don’t know if I explained as well as I wanted but I hope my point comes across. Not to mention he played gay (and I think had a nude scene) in that indie movie 15 years or so ago. No, none of these things mean he is gay or bi or “try”-sexual, but taken all together it all seems to confirm what I had always suspected (that the 2 had hooked up).

  15. KM says

    As if giving the Trichelle clue is any help. Didn’t she sleep with every guy in every season of RW and RR?

  16. NE1 says

    Thanks @Jeff for the detective work.. unfortunately that narrows it down to more people I don’t know than people I do.. so until he reveals the name I couldn’t give a f–k.

  17. brandon h says

    I had such a crush on him in High School until I decided to stop wasting attention on guys who exist only in fantasy land.

    Still, I was glad he was on TV. He was the first semi-relatable gay man I had ever see on TV.

  18. andrew says

    Shocking! I have never in my life hooked up with a “straight” guy. LOL I know a lot of guys who are “straightish” . They mostly hook up with women but need a little man lovin once and a while.

  19. stranded says

    @ Jeff

    So you got “no gay vibe” from him, and he also listened to Linkin Park. So by that assessment he’s as straight as they come, right?

    I don’t believe in gaydars and the real reason for it is that I never hooked up with an openly gay man. All of them are primarily in heterosexual relationships and don’t drink mimosas, listen to Cher or watch SATC or go to theater plays.

    Seriously, you would think that by now, we would’ve stopped stereotyping people.

  20. Kissyfur says

    Um, sexuality is fluid guys?? It’s Adam. He looks like the typical two on the Kinsey scale. Mostly into girls but guys he’ll hook up with if he’s not “doing any of the work” because he’s slightly overweight and needs the ego boost when he’s drunk. Miz isn’t even a true possibility.

  21. Turbo says

    10+ years on this guy is still attention whoring with his supposed conquests of straight men? He should already be roundly slapped for causing the “soul patch” epidemic in the gay community.