1. Jack Ford says

    If this is comedy, count me out. Why is the idea that he may or may not suck d-ck so hilarious? Buzzfeed said there were racist and sexist jokes too.

    If the point of a roast is to be scathing to the honouree, then gay = insult. I thought we’d moved past that.

    Yes, I know you’re all going to say “Get a sense of humour!”, but when well respected comedians make jokes like these, it makes it okay for everyone else to make being gay a punch line. I’m just fed up with it.

  2. northalabama says

    “Gay jokes at James Franco’s roast are entirely appropriate.”

    completely appropriate, because he chooses to be ambiguous about sexuality, making himself a huge target. if the jokes are bad, don’t laugh, but it’s a non-issue. it’s a roast, get over it.

  3. Jack Ford says

    @northalabama – I still don’t see why his sexuality should make him a “target”. Franco is such a self-aggrandising, pseudo-intellectual, artsy-farty pr-ck, you’d think these wannabe frat boy buffoons could come up with other things to make fun of. But you’re right, if I don’t think it’s funny, I don’t have to watch it. It just baffles me that these are supposed to be the some of the best comedians that the US has to offer and the whole roast seems to boil down to 26 jokes that basically consist of “Heehee, James Franco takes it up the ass.”

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Franco is all that gay. I think he does gay stuff and wishes he enjoyed it more because he likes to think of himself as more interesting than he actually is.

  4. dredmond says

    If these were smart, well crafted jokes they could be funny but they were 7th grade homophobic, anal sex unfunny jokes. Ridiculous. How many “Don’t drop your soap in the shower!!” type jokes do we need to endure while “comedians” insist it’s funny?

  5. Francis #1 says

    I have zero issue with gay jokes at all, as long as they’re funny and reasonable. Most of these jokes weren’t and more or less were “James Franco is gay HA!”, “James Franco sucks d*ck and has anal sex HA!” At the same time, none of the jokes were really offensive, either. Just lame.

    Aziz’ joke was by far the best of all of them. I’ve always liked him.

  6. MickyFlip says

    It was alright. Past roasts were better. And I couldn’t get into Andy Samberg’s routine. I even tried watching again but he was so awful I just couldn’t sit through it. Jeff Ross awesome as always. So was Aziz surprisingly. It was okay. But I did feel a bit premature for Franco to have a roast.

  7. Caliban says

    I watched it and IMO Aziz Ansari’s joke was the best of the lot IMO. He dared ask what was up with all the gay jokes.

    That said, to me James Franco is really kind of obnoxious and his gay-vague thing is annoying. Most of his student films were gay-related in some way. Then he made a (not particularly good) movie about Hart Crane, who was gay. He performed fellatio on a dildo in a movie. He participated in a “re-imaging” (IIRC he didn’t direct it but he was a force behind it) of the movie Cruising. His art show was titled Gay Town.

    Yet so far as I know he’s never done anything for gay causes, gay youth, or anything like that. I don’t know if he’s gay or not, but to me it feels like he’s using the gay “issue” as fodder without giving a whole lot back.

    Maybe I’m wrong. But that’s my sense of it.

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