1. says

    Russia has become a fascist state and we should never tire of telling it so.

    Perhaps Tony Perkins of Family Research Council could do all the ‘research’ he wants over there……I’m sure he’d be happier.

  2. Billy says

    Les chansons d”amor one of my all time favorite films along with beautiful thing, five dances, and the weekend…. It’s on instant view on Netflix right now , oh Russia get rid of Putin already.

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    @JackFknTwist – Russia has ALWAYS been a fascist state: from the Czarist era to the Soviet era to what they have now, the country has always been run by a very small, very privileged aristocracy that never shied away from using bigotry and hate to placate the population and keep themselves in power.

  4. okdokey says

    Russia is a brutal, cold and uncaring place. I will NEVER respect that nation. I guess Johnny Weir also sent a letter to the TV station warning them to “Hey you guys, like you totally should not have done that. Pretty please censor all the gay. k! 😀 xoxo Johnny”

  5. simon says

    First I thought it was “Un chant d’amour”. Probably they have to burn all the books by Genet in Russia.

  6. simon says

    Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice” is also “non-traditional”. Probably a few of the novels by Russia authors also belong to that category.