1. David says

    Tacky, campy and over the top (and filmed in front of the Louvre no less). Reminds me of something that Freddy Mercury might have done. I hope he’s not heading back to Russia any time soon, for his own safety.

  2. Brandon h says

    Wish they could broadcast this nation wide in Russia. Stick it to Putin.

    But yeah, he should probably stay out of Russia.

  3. will says

    The costuming was horrible, but he knows how to move. I kept thinking of early Madonna — “Holiday” and dancing with her brother. Not much of a voice, but he’s very likable and bouncy and not afraid to make a fool of himself. Thumbs up.

  4. Marc says

    It’s like Freddie Mercury meets early Madonna meets John Waters’ Pink Flamingoes. I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe this should be the new theme song for the Sochi Olympics. I think we may have just found our Opening Act!

  5. That Guy says

    Not sure where the writer got his info, but Igor is a friend of mine and 100% Parisian French, not Russian. Don’t know if that undermines the song somehow, but he’s a local performance artist who’s known for doing crazy sh*t on the street and disrupting fashion shows and the likes…

  6. Igor says

    Thanks for the article towleroad!

    and thanks everyone for your support! but @UFFDA if you’re my Friend you know that Im not 100% parisian I live here since 4 years…

  7. Rob says

    Russia has always had an inferiority complex to France. I think it just got turned up a notch. France is artsy and sophisticated, Russia is backwater and brutal.

    Hmmm, where would thinking people spend their tourist dollar?

    I think Russia is slowly, slowly, rethinking their position in the eyes of the world. Wonder what they’ll come up with. And when.