Scott Lively: Acceptance of Homosexuality is the Moral Issue of the End Times and Nobody’s Noticing — AUDIO


Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively, who is on trial for crimes against humanity in Uganda and recently took credit for influencing Russia's anti-gay laws and also believes that Obama is working with Satanic gays to bring about the apocalypse, reiterated some of the latter thoughts in a recent inteview, Good As You reports.

Listen, below:


  1. UFFDA says

    Right. I haven’t noticed. Because it’s stupid and there are no “end times.” Get a life before yours comes.

  2. UFFDA says

    Right. I haven’t noticed. Because it’s stupid and there are no “end times.” Get a life before yours comes.

  3. Sean in Dallas says

    Maybe nobody’s noticing because they finally figured out the whole god myth.

    To quote Richard Dawkins, “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”


  4. Rich F. says

    The only “end time” I’m working toward is the end of Lively’s version of fundamentalist “christianity.”

  5. trees says

    I guess the End Time must have started in Ancient Greece, or earlier, and is taking a long time to end.

  6. Boring says

    Why give the loonies constant free PR ?

    Nobody would know who this guy is, or most of the other freaks, if the gay blogs didn’t so perpetual free advertising for them.

    It’s boring. I guess it beats making any attempt to deal with our own problems, though, constantly being told what victims we are.

    Selling us perpetual despair and negativity benefits who, exactly ?

    What role does the media serve ? What is the real agenda ?

  7. 1♥ says

    People like Mr. Lively have been saying it’s the end of days for over 2,000 years, which means they’ve been wrong for over 730,000 days. With a record like that you’d think they would STFU by now.

  8. rroberts says

    More of the same old yadda, yadda yadda. Trouble is, people like Scott Lively make matters so much worse, and as far as I’m concerned there’s blood on his hands. Gotta wonder what his god would have to say to him about that.

  9. says

    Oh yes, BORING, we should just ignore this man who has stirred up anti-gay hate in Africa and apparently Russia. Because pretending he doesn’t exist is going to magically make his evil influence go away, right?

  10. Michaelandfred says

    I thought they were all excited to be raptured. You’d think they’d be totally supportive.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    I thought they were all excited to be raptured. You’d think they’d be totally supportive.

  12. says

    If I had a dollar for every “end time”, or dollar for each tosser who preaches ‘The End is Nigh’ I’d be a wealthy man.
    These plonkers have been preaching this garbage as long as I can remember. There were always a few at Hyde Park Corner in London with placards reading “The End is Nigh”.

    So all you Ph.D . psychologists/psychiatrists what is this delusional neurosis…..what causes this prophetic craving ?
    Or is it just a cynical cry for more attention ( and donations )?

  13. Maggley Ballager Jr. says

    I’m not even a christian and i will never be one but i once read something somewhere attributed to the bible that went like this :

    God : “If you hate your brother or sister, and then you also say you love me, then you are a liar and do not know me”

    ..or something like that.

    These people need to be SHAMED right out of the church by progressive religious people/allies…they’re so twisted and hateful they could never listen to gay people and their actual realistic argument against them


  14. says


    Great quote from Dawkins.
    But don’t the Christians have three gods ? ” God from God, Light from Light…’ and all that …..not including the quasi-god the Virgin Mary ????

  15. says

    Why are these crackpots so worried about the apocalypse? Isn’t that when they’re all supposed to be ushered up into heaven to spend eternity with their sky-daddy? You think they’d be WELCOMING it.

  16. john patrick says

    Maggley, You got it just about right. This is the quote from 1 John 4:20: “if anyone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother, he is a liar. For how can he who does not love his brother, whom he sees, love God, whom he does not see?”

  17. PAUL B. says

    Mental illness comes is all shapes & sizes…and just like people…no two are the same. I’ve found a way to accept this man as part of the human condition…somewhat damaged.
    So, the next time you’re in Costco and you see that can of tomatoes with a big ding…remember scott lively and laugh…but don’t buy it!!!

  18. woodroad34 says

    Scot Lively is jewish….he’s not Christian. He relies too heavily on the old testament and not on the new convenant with Jesus. So he’s a liar…and who is the Prince of Liars? Let the Church Lady sing!

  19. David says

    It seems to me that the resurgence of Fascism, religious and otherwise, is a much bigger problem than acceptance of homosexuality.

  20. *****overTX says

    Who cares enough about this stupid F_CK enough to listen to his crap? Yes, I know about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

  21. Bill says

    If the “acceptance of homosexuality is the moral issue of the end times” as Lively reportedly claims, we won’t have to address that issue for some time. Even before our sun turns into a red giant and gobbles the earth, the oceans will have evaporated as the sun puts out more and more energy over time. Suffice it to say that none of that is going to happen in our lifetime.

    “The end is near” only if your time scale is roughly a billion years.

  22. Sean in Dallas says

    @ JACKFKNTWIST: Yes–it’s been a problem for the theologians over the centuries…how to reconcile the holy trinity, the virgin Mary and the host of saints, archangels, angels, etc that people pray to, with the insistence that Christianity is a monotheistic religion!

    Not to mention the Mormon belief that if you prove yourself worthy enough, one day you get to become god of a planet of your own creation. Which means their god is presumably one of many other gods out there.


  23. ToThePoint says

    Fine then. Let’s get it over with. And let Lively and his ilk go to their little heaven and we all can burn in our own little hell. In actuality, Lively is creating hell on earth!

  24. Bill says

    @Sean in Dallas: as a technical point, Christians in general do not pray to “the virgin Mary”, saints, archangels, or angels: praying to those is more of a Catholic custom. The Catholic church is a top-down institution with an org chart that is basically a tree rooted at the pope for its earthly manifestation, and there’s a heavenly hierarchy as well. The idea is that the Virgin Mary et al. aren’t as busy as God, but are more or less God’s direct reports, so if you get one of them on board, your “prayer” has a better chance of being bumped to the head of the queue.

    It’s a bit like wanting to get a boon from your king. It’s hard to get an audience, but you know the king’s barber so you ask him to put in a good word for you with the king while the king is a captive audience getting his hair cut.

    BTW, check out for an overview of how different Christian sects use the term “saint”. Some use it to mean anyone who is in “heaven” and other usages are for describing some devout guy deemed worthy of being a role model. Some sects (denominations) have prohibitions against praying to saints.

  25. MickyFlip says

    Something about this guy just doesn’t settle well with me. He obviously believes every word he says with conviction. Which makes him a martyr with a belief. And that is extremely dangerous. Uganda, Russia, this individual holds a lot of power which makes him a time bomb. He may just rank up there with the other dangerous leaders past and present that represent the very worst of humanity. (Stalin, Hitler, etc.) I think it’s important to keep an eye on this person. Who knows what he’s really capable of? He may know some people here in the states who hold some lofty positions in power. I don’t like this guy. And something tells me he needs to be dealt with. And soon before it gets worse.

  26. Moz's says


    if he truly believes his biblos then the part about the sun going as black as sack cloth should worry him more than what 2 consenting free born do

    heat is heat, and he will be glad to snuggle with another man when all becomes entombed in ice without a SUN

  27. Bill says

    @Moz: before the sun goes dark, it will become a red giant. The latest calculations suggest that the earth will spiral down into it – the models are tricky because the sun will lose a lot of mass too, so you have one effect pushing us further from the sun while another (friction, basically) drags us down.

    You’ll just have to sit around for a few billion years to see what happens.

    In the meantime, Andromeda is on a collision course with our galaxy, so we’ll have some spectacular starlit nights for a while as that galaxy gets closer and closer.

    The guy who wrote Revelations was obviously having a psychotic episode. For a really spectacular ending, you need to learn about stellar evolution and colliding galaxies.

  28. Moz's says

    @ Bill

    have read that the isle of patmos where the “revelator” supposedly wrote such is covered in Amanita muscaria. Just the most hallucinogenic if not also poisonous in improper dossing/ use mushroom known

    & supposedly the imprisoning on islands used to consist of dropping the person/ persons on the island and a small boat patrolling the shore along with every so often tossing bread onto the island = likely moldy bread which could have potentially contained Ergot/ causing Ergot poisoning = Hallucinogenic etc

    LOL, yepp definitely a tripping experience

  29. Cate says

    There are too many apathetic Christians saying nothing and doing nothing about the sorry state of this world with it’s rampant homosexuality. Thank goodness there is one righteous man speaking up for God.

    “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” (Matthew 10:41)