1. will says

    Shots of gay men kissing and snuggling aren’t enough to sustain interest. There should be some story, something behind the kissing and snuggling. A “good, positive message” isn’t enough anymore. In 1990 it may have been, but no longer.

  2. Ben says

    Wow. This looks like a queer Pepsi commercial. Too much wind and gay central casting pretty. The narcissism is so thick I couldn’t stand watching it all Painful crap.

  3. Francis #1 says

    I like the song’s positivity. This song fits the summer more than the early fall we’re about to enter and it’s a bit too long and somewhat boring, for me. But it’s a fun song and it’s upbeat and that’s a definite plus.

    Wish Steve continued success and hope he’s enjoying making these songs/videos and having some fame.

  4. Dback says

    Now THIS is a late-summer song!! Seriously, there’s a joyfulness and lightness of spirit about it that’s almost intoxicating–I can taste the mint juleps and the Lynchburg lemonade now. The only minor quibble I have is that this does seem to be something of a retread of his first video (bunch of people going off by the water to party and couple up), but this time he gets the guy–did I see his original crush from the first vid in the crowd of this one? That’d be some nice continuity.

    But seriously, this is such a bouncy, sexy, fun track straddling a canny line between rock and country; what’s not love? Haters gonna hate. (Brushing shoulders.) Go Steve go!

  5. Matt says

    God – what a bunch of bitchy, jealous queens commenting here Andy. Great song, great effort, fun video! Bravo Steve Grand! Definitely Stay! You’ve got my support.

  6. Tim says

    Funny. Disagreement becomes jealous, bitchy hatred. Look who’s using these words. They are defining themselves. I think you confused Andy with God — or Daddy. And what is your support worth?

  7. Robert says

    Okay, the first vid he made was cute, but this song is REALLY, GENUINELY GOOD. Catchy as hell. Great job, Steve! Thank you for coming out and doing something important. Commenters here, take note.

  8. AriesMatt says

    Enjoyable song and video. Not sure about his acting abilities, but Steve sure knows how to sell his attraction to the actors in his videos. Wondering if that boy is his bf…? Very convincing.

  9. Tom says

    But a question, the lyric says. “My old man’s out of town…let’s be lovers.” Is he referring to his father, cause neither of them look like teens, or his real lover? If it’s the later, um, well, I don’t know what to say.

  10. Jesse says

    I LOVE this! Very late-summery with an infectious tune. The “love interest” in the video is not Steve Grand’s boyfriend. I hear he’s former Marine turned bartender down in DC. His name is Jayson.

  11. bkmn says

    I welcome his success, but so far his videos are whiter than an ABC Family series. Is there no diversity in his world that he could incorporate into his vids?

  12. wheelie81 says

    Cute, catchy song. And for those complaining about the people being “too pretty”….what video doesn’t show that? Yes, pretty people exist. Get over it. On a personal note, I am very excited to have just learned Steve will be coming here to Atlanta Pride next month! I was already looking forward to going, but now I am very excited. I hope to get a chance to meet him!

  13. Larry says

    All American Boy was really great
    it told a major story that we all related too

    this song feels a bit like a fluff piece
    and the video really sucks
    I am a big fan and hoped for much more on the second video

    I’ll keep watching and hoping

    dont sell out

  14. Geoff says

    What’s friggin’ wrong with a “feel good” song?! It’s great…and sexy…and fun. Art isn’t always sturm and drang. Seriously beautiful folks, though. Every. Single. One.

  15. bandanajack says

    i guess i am the only one who isn’t crazy about the “sneaking around on the old man” aspect. i did not read that as father, but as his mate. not what i call a positive message even though i thought the song and video catchy.

  16. P says

    I love you people.

    “Shots of gay men kissing and snuggling aren’t enough to sustain interest. There should be some story, something behind the kissing and snuggling. A ‘good, positive message’ isn’t enough anymore. In 1990 it may have been, but no longer.”

    Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot this was a short film, not a 5 minute video music video. Please, tell an in-depth story next time.


    “Wow. This looks like a queer Pepsi commercial. Too much wind and gay central casting pretty. The narcissism is so thick I couldn’t stand watching it all Painful crap.”

    Narcissism? I suspect you detest any video that shows a little skin then, eh? Are you 50 or just an all-around grumpy person? As someone who knows Steve personally, I can tell you he’s about as down-to-earth as they come. And he has spectacular abs, so why not show them?

  17. Marc says

    You go, Steve! This is the perfect follow-up to “All-American Boy.” And this time…. you GET the boy! I love it.
    Catchy song, lots of summer-love, wind-in-the-hair fun… and a warm, cozy romance. It’s so refreshing to see a mix of men/women, gay/straight all out having a good time together. That’s the world we are slowly-but-surely becoming, and it’s a beautiful thing.
    You surely are paving the road for the “out” artist … or at least, you are paving YOUR own road. Congratulations. And we are here to support you on your journey. Keep it up. You’ve got an instant fanbase. Be yourself and lead by example. Your humble interviews already make you a class act. If you stay true to your roots, I have no doubt you will go far.

  18. Jack says

    “As down to earth as they come…” What every gay aspires to. ” And spectacular ads.” Who did his blonde boyfriend’s teeth? This is some white guys wet dream. He’s not going anywhere…sorry. Like skin is so hard to find…

  19. George F says

    So many extras and yet there was not a martian on the video ? What a martian-phobe this man is!!

    That being said… Very cute vid and poppy song…Thumbs up…

  20. American Dreamer says

    I rarely visit this site but when I do I’m asonished by the obsession with body image in almost every post

    I was an Adonis in my twenties and thirties and eased into middle age with a focus on career and family and just staying healthy

    I wonder what happens to people like Andy Towle who have this lifelong obsession with youth and beauty. It permeates every post

  21. Billy Crytical says

    Great follow up. Steve actually knows what he’s doing. Releasing his second single two months after the first is a good move to build a loyal fanbase.

  22. Jf says

    Let’s be real. Average talent with a pretty face and you’re popping interested because he’s gay. I would think folks could approach these things with less gay bias. It’s no difference than the plethora of gay movies that show up each year and just suck…but everyone goes on.

  23. redball says

    steve is cool but YES he definitely needs to get POC in his video. NO representation for POC!

    i’m glad there are voices on this thread calling out steve’s videos for the extreme whitewashing.

  24. alex says

    Some of these complaints are ridiculous. The guy is good-looking. But, according to some of you, that means he shouldn’t be allowed to do something like sing.

    As for the video being “too this” or “not enough that”, remember that this guy has self-financed both songs and videos. He doesn’t have unlimited funds to hire extras that match every race, ethnicity, and age group.

  25. Sean says

    VERY critical crowd, as always. Bitchy queens indeed. Steve and his friends from the southwest suburbs partying on the beaches of Chicago-what’s to criticize? He even included his Lemont high school band. Most of us do not live in gay ghettos and have an equal mix of good looking straight and gay friends. Get over yourselves!

  26. Ward says

    A lifetime of good looks helps when you’re gay. It’s captured somewhere: in those photos, or in the eye of that one on the city street, or all those cruisers in crowded clubs. Or then again, from the old lady who smiles as she passes.

  27. Ward says

    A lifetime of good looks helps when you’re gay. It’s captured somewhere: in those photos, or in the eye of that one on the city street, or all those cruisers in crowded clubs. Or then again, from the old lady who smiles as she passes.

  28. Sam says

    Here we go again…a bunch of amateur wannabe Billboard magazine music/video critics and social image experts disguised as bitter and loathing trolls infecting this site again. And the sad thing is the arrogance of their own negativity rather than celebrating the positive spirit of a talented singer/musician. Go get a life…Namaste.

  29. peter says

    “As for the video being “too this” or “not enough that”, remember that this guy has self-financed both songs and videos.”

    Don’t care. Song is boring. Stop adoring this guy because he’s gay. Bleeerrrrg.

  30. peter says

    We shouldn’t settle for this kind of kitsch simply because it’s nicely packaged. We belong to a tradition of brilliance, bravery and transgression. Don’t forget that. Ask yourself if Oscar Wilde, Gore Vidal, James Baldwin or, hell, even Elton John could bear to hear this song more than once. Then question your own taste, and despair.

  31. Jason Young says


    Would you please implement Discus on your blog so that I can start downvoting all of these horrendous bitter queens that pollute your otherwise excellent blog?

  32. EchtKultig says

    Ok dokey. I finally took the plunge…thank goodness for sleep-maintenance insomnia.
    It’s actually not terribly bad for what it’s trying to be. If it were Katy Perry with the same song and video, people would just think “oh, another cheesy Katy Perry song, a little off compared to the last one”. As you can see it has an astonishing ratio of likes to dislikes on youtube, so clearly some of the teh gays like it, a lot. Particularly young ones or haven’t yet or never will develop critical sensibilities. That being said:
    1) It is awfully banal and lightweight, even by the standards of pop music. I’ve seen ads for Abercrombie that were “deeper”.
    2) His singing is so so. He better be taking voice lessons if he’s taking this seriously. He probably wouldn’t make it past Am Idol’s second rounds, or the Voice’s first round. There are other gay men trying to break into pop music with better voices, like Sam Sparro.
    3) Hey I think saw an Asian woman…so it’s diverse. (kidding)

  33. EchtKultig says

    Oh, and of course the elephant in the room if we’re keeping track of this sort of thing…Adam Lambert. Orders of magnitude better singing, obviously.

  34. norseman says

    Pure fun. Personally I enjoy looking at beautiful young bodies bouncing around in various states of undress. If that’s a crime, consider me guilty ! Oh, wait, there was music. Yea, that was nice too. A catchy tune.

  35. ratbastard says

    Takes so little to please some people. Be more discerning,folks. Unfortunately, a lot of music and other ‘art’ marketed at homosexuals is sh*tty, same as the stuff marketed at the general population. This music and video is at best mediocre. I understand some people are turned on by stuff like this, count me out.

    As far as the complaint about a lack of POC [people of color, i.e. colored people] the men in this vid have color just as much as officially designated ‘people of color’. So-called white people European, Caucasian, and many North African people come in all shades of ‘white’, and a rainbow of eye and hair color. It wouldn’t have hurt to have included some black, i.e. African descent guys, Asians, and yes ‘Hispanic’, although Hispanic and white can be indistinguishable.

  36. BS says

    Oh my stars! Not enough people of color! Quick, lets judge every video by the proportion of non-white people!

    Pathetic little trolls.

    And I’m sure all of you whining that his voice isn’t Pavarotti quality are currently spending the rest of your day posting nasty comments on all of Britney Spears’ autotuned, awful videos, right? Riiiiiiight.

  37. BS says

    Better yet, folks, let’s spend the rest of the day downvoting all rap videos on YouTube that have less than 50% white people dancing in them. Yay! Faux racism! Commence navel gazing.

  38. busytimmy says

    You know, his voice sounds really good on this one. LIke he is actually singing, which is RARE in pop these days. Bravo to him. A little heavy on the gay Ken doll look, but whatever……

  39. SAYTHETRUTH says

    Let’s the envy and failed lives bandwagon comments begin! Lol. No, seriously, a beautiful, youthful song with not further intentions that keeping humor up, lighten up people. Open the window sometime. There is still a sun outside, somewhere up.

  40. m.r. says

    What’s amusing is how with all that’s going on and wrong in this world, a music video by a person who does not have a record deal or is with a label is what have gotten some of you all riled up. It’s like you’re being attacked because he dared to sing.

    Relax. If you don’t like his singing or music or video then don’t listen or watch. But you’re not going to control the people who do like it. You have no say and you have no power over other people’s musical taste.

  41. KevInPDX says

    Cute kids. Fun vid. Predictable bitchy old queeny talentless trolls throwing rocks.

    After 3 root channels/3 crowns on 3 molars in 3 months I can’t stop checking out young folks teeth.

  42. Not a PR person says

    Bill: I think it’s hilarious you think Steve has a PR team. I’m not sure his grandma frequents this blog. His friends do, though!

    Speaking of Bill, though, I just noticed Steve’s hot straight brother Bill in the video. He’s the other one in plaid at 0:18. Hey, Bill!

  43. Jock says

    Simple minds like simple music. Bring back the white soul of “The Carpenters” The real truth lies with the comment telling us to pause at 0:18. Hope his pause button held out so he could get off. When a gay guy in another comment likes “the pretty girls and straight guys” we know gays have really sold out.

  44. Ryan says

    I’m trying very hard, but my hate for country music is stronger than how much I’d like to like this song…

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  45. AriesMatt says

    Interesting credits on the youtube description:
    Words and Music by Steve Grand
    Steve Grand: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Synths

    OK, I’m REALLY impressed now. Dude does everything but sound mixing and I’m sure he sits in on that, as well. Bravo.

  46. gomez says

    you guys, i’ve been a down-to-earth adonis my whole life. i’m talking drop dead down-to-earth. and gorgeous. but it galls me that a gay blog would pay any attention to down-to-earth gorgeous gay singers who make enjoyable summer pop songs. is this a new thing? otherwise, great blog, andy. except for the hateful trolls. they make so mad!!!1

  47. Geoff says

    Andy: the unabashed joyousness of this piece seems to make miserable folks angry. I, for one, am SO friggin’ tired of the pall of sadness hanging over mo-ness. Jeebus!! Lighten-up, folks! Maybe Putin should see this, too! Yay! for Steve!!!

  48. DaveinUK says

    The video certainly is very easy on eyes. Both Steve and Jayson (the DC model/Bartender who plays “the boy”) are certainly nice to watch. Then I listened to the song without the video (and the pecs, abs and blinding smiles) and honestly… like a few other people on here found the whole “cheating is hot” message (“my old man is out of town for a couple days…”) kinda ruined song for me. But hey.. it’s a catchy tune and if it sends Tony Perkins and Pat Robertson into conniptions, more power to him.

  49. emjayay says

    He’s incredibly good looking and has spent a lot of time in the gym plus has no or removed body hair, has a perfect pop rock voice and technique, a perfect haircut and writes perfect pop rock very marginally country rock sounding songs. And he’s gay and his videos are all about being all that and gay. He seems to have done it all on his own. So, great. He deserves a lot of credit.

    But he would maybe be a bit more likely to to become someone in the biz if he tried having something interesting and maybe just a bit innovative or clever to say musically and lyrically and vocally. He just seems to have spent his life aiming for the commercial totally inoffensive to anyone, except for the increasingly acceptable gay part, MOR product sweet spot, and that’s maybe not quite enough unfortunately for even a pop artist in 2013, or ever really. Just sayin’.

  50. Reality says

    old bitter queens to the left, please. just because your life didn’t consist of happiness and you’re home alone now doesn’t mean you crap on the fun of us young life-loving folks.

  51. Nicki says

    Loved that this was country and so summery upbeat. Love the song and What a wonderful mixture of Gay, Straight and Lesbian young people depicting a truly normal get-together of friends. Anymore so many young people don’t care about who defines their sexuality which way.

  52. greg says

    Everyone older than these guys….pat yourselves on the back! It is because of our coming out and making this world snap out of it that simple things like this video or big things like gay marriage are now becoming a reality.

  53. Bud_Clark says

    WOW! Just … wow! I’m 70 years old, a retired classically-trained CHURCH MUSICIAN (!) who hasn’t sung, played, or conducted a piece of SECULAR MUSIC (!!) since I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL (!!!).

    I LOVED “Stay!” Maybe I haven’t watched enough music videos (and I haven’t watched many), but I didn’t see or hear ANY of the things on which the negative commenters were commenting.

    I won’t upbraid them, because I don’t know the life experiences that brought them to that space.

    But I WILL share my comment about “Brokeback Mountain” and by extension “All American Boy:”

    I grew up in the era (pre-Stonewall) where the author or director had to kill off the gay hero in the last chapter or the last reel in order to get the book published or the movie made.

    As good as “Brokeback Mountain” was, while I read the entire short story, I couldn’t watch all the movie. In my life, I’ve read hundreds and seen hundreds of gay-themed books and movies that surrendered to that poisonous stereotype:

    “We’re gay; we don’t deserve happiness. Indeed, we don’t deserve to LIVE!”

    Enough, already!

    I feel the same way about AIDS books, plays, and movies. If “Angels In America” and “The Band Played On” didn’t tell the story eloquently and movingly, then it’s time to give up.

    No, it’s time to move ON. Where are the books, plays and videos of HAPPY GLBTQAI people getting MARRIED, having CHILDREN, growing OLD?

    *I’m* as entitled to mourn as anyone … I buried TWO life-partners; I nursed three beloved friends before I became (non-AIDS-related) disabled myself; I played the organ for dozens of funerals of beloved friends and colleagues.

    If I continued to mourn NOW, I would SUFFOCATE.

    CELEBRATE “Stay!” CELEBRATE *you*! CELEBRATE life, and love, and beauty and music-making!

    Forget about the rest. Drown negativity in a cold beer!! Be THANKFUL!!!

  54. mark says

    Yes, cute, yes, upbeat, yes, current with celebration of homoerotic as normative.

    Still, the story line in the video is confusing.

    Did these guys just meet?

    Is this a flirtation?

    Is he proposing to cheat or “step out” on his partner?

    Why is that sexy? What’s the partner like? Why do we have no image of him?

    Are the friends celebrating this affair or just so drunk they have no idea what’s going on?

    The video flips between a social event and vanilla above-the-waist soft porn images.

    From a professional standpoint in the music industry doesn’t it take just a bit more to make an audience root for them to spend the summer together?

  55. MikeMick says

    Anything upbeat and positive has its good points. It’s not my taste, but I’m glad people like it and it certainly doesn’t do any harm. From some of the comments in this string, you’d think the kid wrote a gay version of “Triumph of the Will” instead of a pop music ditty.

  56. James in Toronto says

    @mark: They just met, and then it’s a flirtation, and then… maybe an open ended promise?

    That was my read, and I think it’s beautiful.

    (On the other hand, “American Boy” was depressing. Been there, done that, and ever time, I kicked myself for falling into the same trap.)

  57. terryp says

    I hear U Bud, how up beat. Filmed near Oak St. beach, where I once thought of drowning myself all of 60 years ago. I’ve come a long way. I’m thankful I’m still here. Love yourself’s more Life is short.
    Proud to be Gay. Wish you all well.

  58. SFMD says

    You know, even singers like Katy Perry and Britney Spears can sing better than most people and do have a bigger range than Steve. Don’t be so quick to lump him with them because of looks.

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