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Steve Grand's New Video 'Stay' Has Arrived: WATCH


And I think this guy gets to stay.


All-American Boy [tlrd]

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  1. Never pour lighter fluid directly on a fire! Loved the song.

    Posted by: David in LA | Sep 7, 2013 10:39:48 AM

  2. You know, his voice sounds really good on this one. LIke he is actually singing, which is RARE in pop these days. Bravo to him. A little heavy on the gay Ken doll look, but whatever......

    Posted by: busytimmy | Sep 7, 2013 11:03:44 AM

  3. Let’s the envy and failed lives bandwagon comments begin! Lol. No, seriously, a beautiful, youthful song with not further intentions that keeping humor up, lighten up people. Open the window sometime. There is still a sun outside, somewhere up.

    Posted by: SAYTHETRUTH | Sep 7, 2013 11:18:15 AM

  4. Loving me some Steve Grand! And the blond guy? HOT! Would love to have been a fly on the wall during the audition process...

    Posted by: dumbnhung | Sep 7, 2013 11:31:12 AM

  5. I love all the PR people writing positive comments. How about spending that time to find quality material for your questionably talented model. Seriously there are so many talented people who aren't signed and this is what they throw out for gay men. It's offensive.

    Check out Anna Hausswolff, better than Gaga:

    Posted by: Bill | Sep 7, 2013 11:44:35 AM

  6. What's amusing is how with all that's going on and wrong in this world, a music video by a person who does not have a record deal or is with a label is what have gotten some of you all riled up. It's like you're being attacked because he dared to sing.

    Relax. If you don't like his singing or music or video then don't listen or watch. But you're not going to control the people who do like it. You have no say and you have no power over other people's musical taste.

    Posted by: m.r. | Sep 7, 2013 12:08:17 PM

  7. Cute kids. Fun vid. Predictable bitchy old queeny talentless trolls throwing rocks.

    After 3 root channels/3 crowns on 3 molars in 3 months I can't stop checking out young folks teeth.

    Posted by: KevInPDX | Sep 7, 2013 12:20:32 PM

  8. Meh! His true talent is his looks.

    Posted by: Shawn | Sep 7, 2013 12:38:22 PM

  9. Great job Steve....and you got the guy this time!

    Posted by: John Simpson | Sep 7, 2013 12:39:41 PM

  10. Love it. Catchy, positive, fun. Like the pretty girls and straight people in the periphery and the handsome gay guys in the center. Hope he sells a lot.

    Posted by: Rob | Sep 7, 2013 1:25:09 PM

  11. Bill: I think it's hilarious you think Steve has a PR team. I'm not sure his grandma frequents this blog. His friends do, though!

    Speaking of Bill, though, I just noticed Steve's hot straight brother Bill in the video. He's the other one in plaid at 0:18. Hey, Bill!

    Posted by: Not a PR person | Sep 7, 2013 1:33:24 PM

  12. "Grab a beer and come over here"... LOL.. who the hell wrote those lyrics...

    Posted by: Nate | Sep 7, 2013 1:45:35 PM

  13. Simple minds like simple music. Bring back the white soul of "The Carpenters" The real truth lies with the comment telling us to pause at 0:18. Hope his pause button held out so he could get off. When a gay guy in another comment likes "the pretty girls and straight guys" we know gays have really sold out.

    Posted by: Jock | Sep 7, 2013 3:39:54 PM

  14. Sa Ghaeilge: Is e Steve Grand fear alainn agus ina amhranai iontach.

    Posted by: andrew | Sep 7, 2013 4:02:15 PM

  15. I'm trying very hard, but my hate for country music is stronger than how much I'd like to like this song...

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    Posted by: Ryan | Sep 7, 2013 4:41:25 PM

  16. Interesting credits on the youtube description:
    Words and Music by Steve Grand
    Steve Grand: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Synths

    OK, I'm REALLY impressed now. Dude does everything but sound mixing and I'm sure he sits in on that, as well. Bravo.

    Posted by: AriesMatt | Sep 7, 2013 4:56:00 PM

  17. you guys, i've been a down-to-earth adonis my whole life. i'm talking drop dead down-to-earth. and gorgeous. but it galls me that a gay blog would pay any attention to down-to-earth gorgeous gay singers who make enjoyable summer pop songs. is this a new thing? otherwise, great blog, andy. except for the hateful trolls. they make so mad!!!1

    Posted by: gomez | Sep 7, 2013 5:01:52 PM

  18. Andy: the unabashed joyousness of this piece seems to make miserable folks angry. I, for one, am SO friggin' tired of the pall of sadness hanging over mo-ness. Jeebus!! Lighten-up, folks! Maybe Putin should see this, too! Yay! for Steve!!!

    Posted by: Geoff | Sep 7, 2013 6:31:40 PM

  19. The video certainly is very easy on eyes. Both Steve and Jayson (the DC model/Bartender who plays "the boy") are certainly nice to watch. Then I listened to the song without the video (and the pecs, abs and blinding smiles) and honestly... like a few other people on here found the whole "cheating is hot" message ("my old man is out of town for a couple days...") kinda ruined song for me. But hey.. it's a catchy tune and if it sends Tony Perkins and Pat Robertson into conniptions, more power to him.

    Posted by: DaveinUK | Sep 7, 2013 6:32:21 PM

  20. He's incredibly good looking and has spent a lot of time in the gym plus has no or removed body hair, has a perfect pop rock voice and technique, a perfect haircut and writes perfect pop rock very marginally country rock sounding songs. And he's gay and his videos are all about being all that and gay. He seems to have done it all on his own. So, great. He deserves a lot of credit.

    But he would maybe be a bit more likely to to become someone in the biz if he tried having something interesting and maybe just a bit innovative or clever to say musically and lyrically and vocally. He just seems to have spent his life aiming for the commercial totally inoffensive to anyone, except for the increasingly acceptable gay part, MOR product sweet spot, and that's maybe not quite enough unfortunately for even a pop artist in 2013, or ever really. Just sayin'.

    Posted by: emjayay | Sep 7, 2013 6:47:47 PM

  21. Hate all ya want, 94,000 hits in bout 24 hours pretty damn good for an independent artist with no label or pr team.

    Posted by: Lazycrockett | Sep 7, 2013 7:47:11 PM

  22. Video is too Abercrombie for my taste...

    ....but I LOVE the song. He should've released it in June! Great summer song. Godspeed, Steve, and good luck!

    Posted by: DK | Sep 7, 2013 8:02:21 PM

  23. love the chicago lakefront.

    Posted by: m | Sep 7, 2013 9:43:24 PM

  24. old bitter queens to the left, please. just because your life didn't consist of happiness and you're home alone now doesn't mean you crap on the fun of us young life-loving folks.

    Posted by: Reality | Sep 7, 2013 10:33:42 PM

  25. I think this will be the last time I come to Towleroad. It's overrun with propaganda. I am a gay male in his 40s and I don't trust this website anymore.

    Posted by: Bill | Sep 8, 2013 1:15:11 AM

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