This Year’s Anti-LGBT Speakers At The Values Voter Summit Are…

Values Voter Summit

I suppose it would be glib, however accurate, to say, "All of them," but Media Matters highlights some of the more notorious homophobes, many of whom we have covered before.

Speakers at this year's conference include:

Ben_carsonBen Carson – a "conservative hero" who compared gay marriage to NAMBLA and was subsequently forced to step down as a commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins University, despite his backpedaling attempts to apologize.

Jerome Corsi – a Tea Party wingnut and World Net Daily writer who claimed that Obama was "gay married" to his Harvard Pakistani roommate, and issued the usual slew of nonsense about gay marriage leading to polygamy, pedophilia, etc. Rachel Maddow had fun picking his conspiracy theories to pieces.

Mike Huckabee – Governor Huckabee has never been a friend of the gays, but in recent news he slammed the Supreme Court for striking down DOMA, used his Fox News show to lie about transfolk, and is trying to start up an anti-gay alternative to the Boy Scouts called Trail Life USA.

Todd Starnes – the Fox News commentator doesn't seem to like anyone, but especially not Obama and tried to twist the President's support for gay Olympic athletes to him imposing a litmus test and why can't he just support all of our athletes like a real American?

Cal Thomas – a Fox News pundit who snidely commented that Rachel Maddow is herself an argument in favor of contraception, but actually had the sense to realize years ago that the fight against gay marriage was a losing one. He still thinks it's an indicator of the ruin of civilzation, though.

Allen West – the vile former Florida Congressman claimed that anti-gay workplace discrimination doesn't exist, defended calling homosexuality a chosen behavior, and fired an intern for being pro-gay. Naturally, he is now a Fox News contributor.

(image via Media Matters)


  1. walter says

    if i were straight and had kids i wouldn’t let the huckster anywhere near them look at how well his son turned out , a dog torturer who dray put pressure to get it swept under the rug. if that what his straight scouts will turn out to be give me the gay scouts any day.

  2. emjayay says

    Carson is really frightening. Tea Baggers completely eat him up – he’s a top surgeon, black, and far right wing. The Jesus to Obama’s Antichrist. Watch him speak on YouTube and read the comments cumming all over him. He’s like Herman Cain without the stupid and crazy and maybe sexual harassment.

  3. jamal49 says

    It will be interesting to see who of the potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination of 2016 will be invited or show up to speak.

    It was not so very long ago that it was imperative for any big-name, marquee Republican to appear at this extremist gab-fest.

    What is amazing is how one group of people can exalt and celebrate their hatreds in such a public forum.

    I will watch it on C-Span. It pays to know one’s enemies. Remember, we are always one election away from the Republicans returning to complete control in Congress, grabbing even more States’ legislatures and, perish the thought, taking the White House.

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