Thompson to Concede to De Blasio in NYC Mayor’s Primary

DeblasioA news conference has been scheduled for 11 am this morning at City Hall following nearly a week of posturing over ballot-counting by William Thompson, the NYT reports:

Mr. Thompson, a Democrat, will endorse his rival, Bill de Blasio, after making the announcement, these people said. Mr. de Blasio is leading in votes counted thus far from last week’s mayoral primary, with a little more than 40 percent of the vote.

Thousands of ballots remain uncounted, with many of them to be tallied today. But Mr. Thompson realized, those close to him said, that even if he were to qualify for a runoff against Mr. de Blasio, his chances of victory were slim.


  1. ratbastard says

    I guarantee you right now that if DE Blasio wins the general election, and especially if he has a mandate and wins another term, violence crime in the city will EXPLODE to pre-mid 90’s levels. This ALWAYS happens when self described ‘progressives’ [which usually doesn’t mean traditional liberal, it means radical leftwing] take charge. Say what you will about ‘conservatives’, but at least they allow you to defend yourself. WE Americans are stuck between those who on the one side want to enable a soft fascist corporate oligarchy, and engage in a genocide of the middle class, and the goofy Marxist / social democratic leftist who want to make the welfare class the majority.

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