Toronto Mayoral Candidate George Smitherman’s Husband Found Alive

This morning, Towleroad reported that Christopher Peloso, the husband of Toronto mayoral candidate and former Ontario health minister George Smitherman and the father of their two children, had been missing since Monday afternoon.

PelosoHe has been found alive near train tracks in West Toronto, the National Post reports:

Constable Wendy Drummond confirmed that Mr. Peloso has been found near Dupont and Lansdowne, “conscious and breathing.”

“That’s all we’ve got at this point,” said Const. Drummond.

Earlier on Tuesday, an extensive search was underway near the intersection after police triangulated the last known location of Peloso’s cell phone. The ground search, along the railway line behind a GE plant, included police officers from 13 Division and a canine unit.

No further details were disclosed.

Smitherman tweeted: "Thanks to @TorontoPolice, Christopher is alive+ safely in the hands of TO Western Hospital. Love&Thank you to all. George, Michael and Kayla"


  1. Macguffin54 says

    Not to be negative but these mysterious disappearances that have the people found alive days later often turn out to be drug-related. Let’s hope this is more innocent.

  2. bandanajack says

    i wish drug related was the reason i most often see as a reason for someone gay mysteriously disappearing. what most in my experience turn out to be is a hookup gone bad, and in some cases not fully sorted for decades.

  3. says

    And, contrary to some dismissive comments about police intervention in the previous thread, this is exactly why loved ones file a missing person report and why police get involved: so that, hopefully, the loved one is found alive so he can get whatever medical or other attention he needs. Common sense, common compassion.

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