1. Thomas says

    Since when is five inches really small? I’m so over size queen shtick, it’s boring and douchey.

    I expect better from the only contestant on Drag Race who knew who Leigh Bowery was.

  2. Ryan says

    The elites can run every rich or powerful LGBT organization and celebrity they want. It’s not going to make LGBT people vote for Christine Quinn, when she sides with Wall St. and against regular people’s pocketbooks every time.

  3. anon says

    Quinn will win the gay vote, but not the nomination. No doubt she gets endorsements from all the money she’s handed out to gay groups over the years, but it’s not enough to overcome her large negatives.

  4. Putney says

    Another endorsement of Quinn. I have not seen an endorsement of any other candidate on this website. You have lost your reputation and credibility (whatever is left of it) of fair and balanced reporting.